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Agar, JN; (2004) Remembrance of Health Lost: Dis/Figuring Africa in European AIDS Writing. In: Worton, M and Wilson-Tagoe, N, (eds.) National Healths: Gender, Sexuality and Health in a Cross-Cultural Context. (97 - 108). UCL Press: London.

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Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; (2004) The “Jewish Nation” of Livorno: A Port Jewry on the Road to Emancipation. Jewish Culture and History , Special Issue, Jews and Port Cities, 1590-1990. Commerce, Community and Cosmopolitanism (7 (1-2)) 157 - 170.

Foot, J; (2004) 'A micro-history of horror. Notes after the Crandell case'. Domus , 866 (Januar) 93 - 94.

Foot, J; (2004) 'Case ... di ringhiera'. ChiamaMilano , 3, 22 (Octobe) 6 - 6.

Foot, J; (2004) 'Milano e la sua memoria. Cortili'. ChiamaMilano , 3, 21 (Septem) 6 - 6.

Foot, J; (2004) 'Milano e la sua memoria. Gli ultimi lamponi della Bovisa'. ChiamaMilano , 3,20 (June) 5 - 5.

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Foot, J; (2004) <i>Ringhiera. Storia di una casa</i> Documentary. 53 minutes (Photography and Editing by Dan Sayer; Music by Alberto Morelli). UNSPECIFIED

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Hilson, M; (2004) The Nordic Countries. UNSPECIFIED


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