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Number of items: 200.


Antonsson, H; (2013) The Norwegian Domination and the Norse World, ca. 1100-ca. 1400 – by Steinar Imsen (ed). The English Historical Review (In press).

Antonsson, HT; (2013) The Becket Corpus and Early Saga Writing in Iceland. Presented at: Le saghe Islandesi e la storiografia medievale Europea, Sapienza University, Rome.

Antonsson, HT; (2013) The Sagas of Icelanders: their Reflections and Uses of the Past. Presented at: The Uses of the Past in Past Societies: A Global Perspective, The British Academy, London.


Beebe, J; Falzeder, E; (2013) The Question of Psychological Types. Princeton University Press

Beniston, J; (2013) Hans Müller's war: interrogating Krausian perspectives. Austrian Studies , 21 24 - 45.

Biedermann, ZA; (2013) Imagining Asia from the Margins: Early Portuguese Mappings of the Continent’s Architecture and Space. In: Rujivacharakul, V and Hahn, HH and Oshima, KT and Christensen, P, (eds.) Architecturalized Asia. Mapping the Continent through Architecture and Geography. (35 - 51). Hong Kong University Press: Hong Kong.

Borch-Jacobsen, M; Shamdasani, S; (2013) Dossier Freud. L'invenzione della leggenda psicoanalitica.

Bowersox, J; (2013) Raising Germans in the age of empire: Youth and colonial culture in Germany, 1871-1914. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Brodie, GS; (2013) Translating identities on stage and screen: pragmatic perspectives and discoursal tendencies. Perspectives: Studies in Translatology , 21 (3) 479 - 481. 10.1080/0907676X.2013.779134.

Brodie, GS; (2013) Metaphor, mud and melancholy: Ostermeier's 'Hamlet' in translation. Platform: Journal of Theatre and Performing Arts , 7 (2) 77 - 79. Gold open access

Brodie, GS; (2013) Schiller’s 'Don Carlos' in a version by Mike Poulton, directed by Michael Grandage: the multiple names and voices of translation. In: Jansen, H and Wegener, A, (eds.) Authorial and editorial voices in translation: collaborative relationships between authors, translators, and performers. Éditions québécoises de l'oeuvre: Montréal.


Chaney, S; (2013) Self-mutilation and psychiatry: impulse, identity and the unconscious in British explanations of self-inflicted injury, c. 1864 - 1914. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Chang, M; (2013) Growing a Commons Food Regime: Theory and Practice. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


D'Auria, M; (2013) ‘Against the State’: Carlo Rosselli and the Social Space of European Federalism. In: D'Auria, M and Dini, V, (eds.) The Space of Crisis. Images and Ideas of Europe in the Age of its Crisis. 1914-1945. Peter Lang: Bruxelles.

D'Auria, M; Dini, V; (2013) Spatial Crisis and Ideas of Europe: 1914-1945. In: D'Auria, M and Dini, V, (eds.) The Space of Crisis. Images and Ideas of Europe in the Age of its Crisis. 1914-1945. Peter Lang: Bruxelles.

De Francisci, E; (2013) ‘A Different Leone in Il giuoco delle parti’. The Journal of The Pirandello Society of America , 26 33 - 48.

De Francisci, E; (2013) ‘Six Characters in an Italian Space’. Le Notizie

De Francisci, E; (2013) ‘The Female Voice: From Quando si è capito il giuoco to Il giuoco delle parti’. Pirandello Studies , 33 79 - 90.

De Francisci, E; (2013) ‘The Lionesses in Liolà’. Liolà by Luigi Pirandello in a new version by Tanya Ronder

De Francisci, E; (2013) Review of Phantoms and the Effects of an Interrupted Dream, by Enzo Lauretta and Terry d’Alfonso, and scenes from Six Characters in Search of an Author and Il berretto a sonagli, by Manuela Ruggiero, the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, Saturday 10 November 2012. Pirandello Studies , 33 141 - 144.

De Francisci, E; (2013) Review of Six Characters in Search of an Author, by Anthony Khaseria and Manuela Ruggiero, the Rose Theatre, Bankside, Thursday 8 April 2013. Pirandello Studies , 33 145 - 147.

De Francisci, E; (2013) Women in Verga and Pirandello: From Page to Stage. Doctoral thesis, University College London.

Dickie, J; (2013) Historicizing Italy’s Other Mafias: Some Considerations. The Italianist , 33 (2) 201 - 203. 10.1179/0261434013Z.00000000044.

Dickie, J; (2013) Mafia Republic. Hodder & Stoughton: London.


Eames, IW; Tierney, M; der Pal, MV; Reay, D; (2013) Editorial. International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies , 8 (SUPPL1) 10.1093/ijlct/ctt044.

Edoff, M; Abou-Ras, D; Scragg, J; Romeo, A; Scheer, R; Katagiri, H; Shafarman, W; (2013) Preface. In: UNSPECIFIED

Evans, J; (2013) Vacas/Cows (dir Julio Medem): from Goya’s dining room via Apocalypse Now. In: Delgado, M and Fiddian, R, (eds.) Spanish Cinema 1973-­‐2010: Auteurism, Politics, Landscape and Memory. Manchester University Press: Manchester.

Evans, JM; (2013) Icíar Bollaín’s ‘Carte de Tendre’: mapping female subjectivity for the turn of the millennium. In: Hispanic and Lusophone Women Filmmakers: Critical Discourses and Cinematic Practices. Manchester University Press: Manchester.


Feigenbaum, J; (2013) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED

Fenoulhet, J; (2013) Nomadic Literature. Cees Nooteboom and his Writing. European connections. Peter Lang: Oxford/Bern. (In press).

Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; (2013) Gli ebrei nell'Italia contemporanea. Nuova Informazione Bibliografica , 10 (4)

Fisher, GC; (2013) Presselandschaft in der Bukowina und den Nachbarregionen: Akteure – Inhalte – Ereignisse (1900-1945). Edited by MARKUS WINKLER. Pp. 251. Munich: IKGS Verlag. 2011. €19.50. Hardback. ISBN: 9783981169492. [Review]. Slovo , 25 (1) 86 - 87. Green open access

Foster, KAG; (2013) Chinese Literature and the Child: Children and Childhood in Late-Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction. Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke, UK.

Fulbrook, M; (2013) Becoming East German: Socialist Structures and Sensibilities after Hitler.


Gerardi Arauz, G; (2013) Travel Writing: The Work of Roberto Bolaño and Juan José Saer. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Goeres, EM; (2013) How to do Things with Tears: The Funeral of Magnús inn góði. Saga-Book of the Viking Society for Northern Research , 37 5 - 26.

Goeres, EM; (2013) Rev. of 'Ideology and Power in the Viking and Middle Ages: Scandinavia, Iceland, Ireland, Orkney and the Faeroes', ed by Gro Steinsland et al. Early Medieval Europe , 21 (2) 236 - 237.

Grieb,; (2013) Bürokratische Bewältigung: Entschädigung für Nationalsozialistische Verfolgte im Regierungsbezirk Münster, Klartext Verlag Essen, 2012 Julia Volmer-Naumann Reviewed by Christiane Grieb, University College London. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://historicaldialogues.org/2013/02/08/book-reviewbook-review-burokratische-bewaltigung-entschadigung-fur-nationalsozialistische-verfolgte-im-regierungsbezirk-munster/

Grieb,; (2013) Emotions, Crime and Justice Edited by Susanne Karstedt, Ian Loader and Heather Strang Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2011. Pp. 380. Hardcover Reviewed by Christiane Grieb, University College London, UK. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://historicaldialogues.org/2013/05/08/book-review-emotions-crime-and-justice/

Grieb, C; (2013) Bürokratische Bewältigung: Entschädigung für Nationalsozialistische Verfolgte im Regierungsbezirk Münster, Klartext Verlag Essen, 2012 Julia Volmer-Naumann Reviewed by Christiane Grieb, University College London. Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory , Vol. 2 (Feb. 2013)

Grieb, C; (2013) Genocide by Attrition: The Nuba Mountains of Sudan by Samuel Totten. New Brunswick (USA), and London (UK): Transaction Publishers, 2012. Pp. 156. Hardcover. Reviewed by CHRISTIANE GRIEB, University College London. Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory


Hanrahan, MMC; (2013) Espèces de travestissements et travestissement de l’espèce dans l’écriture de Genet. Modern Language Notes , 128 (4)

Hanrahan, MMC; (2013) Writing Symptomatically. Paragraph , 36 (2) (In press).

Hanrahan, MMC; Prenowitz, E; Dawson, M; (2013) Cixous, Derrida, Psychoanalysis. Paragraph: a journal of modern critical theory , 36 (2) 155 - 160. 10.3366/para.2013.0085.

Hart, S; (2013) Cesar Vallejo: A Literary Biography. (1st ed.). Boydell and Brewer: Woodbridge.

Hart, S; (2013) Cesar Vallejo avec ses deux Otilias. In: Hart, SM, (ed.) Politics, Poetics, Affect. (159 - 174). Cambridge Scholars Pub

HART, S; (2013) How popular is Cuban Popular Culture? In: Kantaris, G, (ed.) Latin American Popular Culture: Politics, Media, Affect. (92 - 112). Tamesis: Woodbridge.

Hart, S; (2013) How popular is Cuban popular culture? In: Kantaris, K, (ed.) Latin American Popular Culture: Politics, Media, Affect. (93 - 112). Tamesis: Woodbridge.

Hart, SM; (2013) Politics, Poetics, Affect: Re-visioning Cesar Vallejo. Cambridge Scholars Pub

Hermans, T; (2013) Tre saggi sul tradurre. Strumenti. Mucchi Editore: Modena.

Hermans, T; (2013) What is (not) translation? In: Millán, C and Bartrina, F, (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies. (75 - 87). Routledge

Hewitson, M; (2013) Belligerence, Patriotism and Nationalism in the German Public Sphere, 1792-1815. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW , 128 (533) 839 - 876. 10.1093/ehr/cet125.

Hewitson, M; (2013) Moeller van den Bruck: Life and Work. JOURNAL OF MODERN HISTORY , 85 (2) 469 - 471.

Hewitson, M; (2013) Princes' Wars, Wars of the People or Total War? Mass Armies and the Question of a Military Revolution in Germany, 1792-1815. War in History , 20 (4) 452 - 490. 10.1177/0968344513483071. Green open access

Hewitson, M; (2013) Societies, Armies and Warfare. Presented at: Violence in Modern Wars, UCL.

Hewitson, M; (2013) The History of Nationalism. [Lecture]. Presented at: Nationalism and Transnational History, LSE.

Hilson, M; (2013) Consumer Co-operation and Economic Crisis: The 1936 Roosevelt Inquiry on Co-operative Enterprise and the Emergence of the Nordic 'Middle Way'. CONTEMPORARY EUROPEAN HISTORY , 22 (2) 181 - 198. 10.1017/S0960777313000040.

Hilson, M; Stadius, P; (2013) Helsinki is like Oslo! Nordic co-operation in theory and practice: Reflections from a collaborative teaching project. Scandinavica , 52 (1) 141 - 151.

Hilson, MK; Neunsinger, S; (2013) Samarbete över gränsar. Reflektioner och erfarenheter från ett kollektivt forskningsprojekt om konsumentkooperationens globala historia. Historisk Tidskrift , 133 (3) 452 - 473.

Horan, G; (2013) 'You taught me language; and my profit on't/Is, I know how to curse': cursing and swearing in foreign language learning. Language and Intercultural Communication , 13 (3) 283 - 297. 10.1080/14708477.2013.804533. Green open access

Hung, J; (2013) Die Konstruktion des offentlichen Sports und seiner Helden in der Tagespresse der Weimarer Republik. German History , 31 (4) 590 - 591. 10.1093/gerhis/ght040.

Hung, JB; (2013) "Die Zeitung der Zeit" : The newspaper Tempo, 1928-1933. Discourses on democracy, consumption, youth and women at the end of the Weimar Republic. Doctoral thesis, University of London.


Ibbett, K; Bjornstad, H; (2013) Introduction: Calling on the Grand siècle with Walter Benjamin. Yale French Studies , 124 1 - 9.

Ibbett, K and Bjornstad, H (Eds). (2013) Walter Benjamin's Hypothetical French Trauerspiel. [Whole issue]. Yale French Studies , 124

Ibbett, KM; (2013) A Classicism of the Creaturely: Pierre Corneille’s Polyeucte. Yale French Studies , 124 108 - 120.

Inston, K; (2013) Nathalie Kremer, Vraisemblance et representation au XVIII Siecle. French Studies , 67 (1) (In press).


Jung, CG; Shamdasani, S; Babka, P; (2013) Červená kniha.


Keen, C; (2013) Florence and faction in Dante's lyric poetry: framing the experience of exile. In: Honess, CE and Treherne, M, (eds.) "Se mai continga che il poema sacro...": exile, politics and theology in Dante. (63 - 83). Longo: Ravenna, Italy.

Knox, D; (2013) Bruno: Immanence and Transcendence in De la causa, principio et uno, Dialogue ii. Bruniana and Campanelliana , 19 (2) 463 - 482. Green open access

Knox, JD; (2013) Copernico e la dottrina di gravità. Fabrizio Serra: Pisa.

Kord, S; (2013) Murderesses in German Writing, 1720-1860. Cambridge University Press

Kord, ST; (2013) Child Gangs and Guilt Trips: Towards a new theory of horror film. In: (Proceedings) Dynamics of Exemption: 'Gang' ethos in Literature and Film.

Kord, ST; (2013) Fear and Identification in Horror Films. In: (Proceedings) UCLU Mind Society Halloween Panel.

Kord, ST; (2013) Hollywood Masculinities: Gender, Genre, and Politics. Palgrave Macmillan: New York.


Lack, R; (2013) Topografia filmu Vojna sa skončila: Priestory, miesta, ne-miesta a iné priestory (Michalovič, M, Trans.). In: Čeněk, D and Kaňuch, M and Michalovič, M, (eds.) Alain Resnais – Kinematografia mozgu. (93 - 107). SFI (Slovak Film Institute): Bratislava.

Lack, RF; (2013) Irma Vep poste une lettre. Le Tigre (34) 36 - 40. Green open access

Leak, A; (2013) A Vain Fascination: Writing from and about Haiti after the Earthquake. BULLETIN OF LATIN AMERICAN RESEARCH , 32 (4) 394 - 406. 10.1111/blar.12072. Green open access

Leak, A; (2013) A vain fascination: Writing from and about Haiti after the earthquake. Bulletin of Latin American Research , 32 (4) 394 - 406. 10.1111/blar.12072.

Leask, P; (2013) Losing trust in the world: Humiliation and its consequences. Psychodynamic Practice , 19 (2) 129 - 142. 10.1080/14753634.2013.778485. Green open access

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Lindsay, CR; (2013) Anita Brenner and Illustrated Travel Magazines of Mexico (1995-1971). Presented at: Harry Ransom Center Research Fellows' Brown-Bag Seminar, HRC, University of Texas, Austin, USA.

Lindskog, AE; (2013) Narrating place and perspective: Frederick Delius and Ibsen's "Paa Vidderne". Scandinavica

Lumley, R; (2013) Habitable Art: In and Around Piero Gilardi. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.nottinghamcontemporary.org/writing/lumley

Lumley, R; (2013) Michelangelo Pistoletto: Stepping Sideways, Changing Direction. In: Pistoletto Politico. (8 - 16 +62, 63). Luxembourg & Dayan: London.

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Marliere, P; (2013) 'Avec “Lincoln”, Spielberg blanchit le combat abolitionniste'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/070213/avec-lincoln-spielberg-blanchit-le-combat-abolitionniste

Marliere, P; (2013) 'Déconstruire le mythe Thatcher'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/160413/deconstruire-le-mythe-thatcher

Marliere, P; (2013) 'Il y a du rouge sur les bonnets rouges'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/071113/il-y-du-rouge-sur-les-bonnets-rouges

Marliere, P; (2013) 'La laïcité comme principe de non-domination’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.mouvements.info/La-laicite-comme-principe-de-non.html

Marliere, P; (2013) 'Les terribles aveux de Jérôme Cahuzac'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/090113/les-terribles-aveux-de-jerome-cahuzac

Marliere, P; (2013) 'The French Left strikes back'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/05/07/the-french-left-strikes-back/

Marliere, P; (2013) 'The radical Left in Europe : An outline'. Transform! (13) 68 - 73.

Marliere, P; (2013) ‘ "The Spirit of ‘45": Ken Loach, bâtisseur d’humanité'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/010313/spirit-45-ken-loach-batisseur-dhumanite

Marliere, P; (2013) ‘After the Cahuzac Scandal, the Hollande presidency is in tatters’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.newstatesman.com/austerity-and-its-discontents/2013/04/after-cahuzac-scandal-hollande-presidency-tatters

Marliere, P; (2013) ‘Alexis Tsipras – between radicalism and realism’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.opendemocracy.net/philippe-marli%C3%A8re/alexis-tsipras-between-radicalism-and-realism

Marliere, P; (2013) ‘Alexis Tsipras entre radicalisme et “réalisme”.’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/220313/alexis-tsipras-entre-radicalisme-et-realisme

Marliere, P; (2013) ‘Christiane Taubira, une lueur d’espoir’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/260813/christiane-taubira-une-lueur-despoir

Marliere, P; (2013) ‘Edouard Martin: après l’acier capitaliste, l’airain de l’oligarchie politique’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/191213/edouard-martin-apres-l-acier-capitaliste-l-airain-de-l-oligarchie-politique

Marliere, P; (2013) ‘France’s Front National and Front de Gauche are both labelled as populist. But they are far from two sides of the same coin’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/2013/06/05/france-populism/

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Marliere, P; (2013) ‘La gauche socialiste renaît à chaque dérive droitière du Parti socialiste’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/170513/la-gauche-socialiste-renait-chaque-derive-droitiere-du-parti-socialiste

Marliere, P; (2013) ‘La sinistra francese colpisce ancora’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.controlacrisi.org/notizia/Politica/2013/5/8/33434-la-sinistra-francese-colpisce-ancora/

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Marliere, P; (2013) ‘Manuel Valls nourrit la bête immonde'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/240913/manuel-valls-nourrit-la-bete-immonde

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Marliere, P; (2013) ‘The demophobes and the great fear of populism’. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.opendemocracy.net/philippe-marli%C3%A8re/demophobes-and-great-fear-of-populism

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