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Berkowitz, M; (2001) 'Jewish criminals' as types and citizens: Belongingness, alienation, and being hip in the United States and Britain. Anglo-Saxonica: Revista do centro de estudos anglisticos da universidade de Lisboa , II (14-15) 39 - 50.

Berkowitz, M; (2001) A people apart: The Jews in Europe, 1789-1939. INT HIST REV , 23 (1) 152 - 153.

Berkowitz, M; (2001) Documents on the Holocaust: Selected sources on the destruction of the Jews in Germany and Austria, Poland and the Soviet Union. SLAVON E EUR REV , 79 (3) 551 - 552.

Berkowitz, M; (2001) review of Jewish Thought and Theology. European Legacy , 6 (3) 373 - 375.

de Blois, F; (2001) M. Ruthven, Islam, a very short introduction; M. Cook, The Koran, a very short introduction; J. Riches, The Bible, a very short introduction. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 266 - 268.

Geller, M; (2001) Ancestor of the West: Writing, Reasoning, and Religion in Mesopotamia, Elam, and Greece, transl. Teresa Lavendar Fagan. Bottero,J.; Herrenschmidt,C.;Vernant, J.P.;. The Library , 7.2.4 398 - 400.

Geller, M; (2001) Reading Sumerian Poetry, Black,J. Journal of Semitic Studies , 46 132 - 137.

Geller, M; (2001) The Aramaic Incantation in Cuneiform Script. Jaarbericht ex Oriente Lux 127 - 146.

Guesnet, F; (2001) Polin. Studies in Polish Jewry, vol 12, Focusing on Galicia: Jews, Poles and Ukrainians 1772-1918. JAHRB GESCH OSTEUR , 49 (2) 309 - 310.

Klier, JD; (2001) The Jew as Russifier: Lev Levanda's Hot Times. Jewish Culture and History , IV (1) 31 - 52.

Lochery, N; (2001) Allow the PLO and Arafat to Go Under. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Another Forum for Arab Bashing. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Arafat and Sharon Too Insecure for Peace. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Arafat Unmasked. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Arafat up Against the Iron Wall. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Beating Palestinian Swords into Fence Posts. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Before Peace Democracy. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Bush Can't Fight Terror by Appeasing Arafat. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Don't Pay with Israeli Currency. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Hamas Ceasefire is Only Tactical. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Hamas Hates America Too. United Press International

Lochery, N; (2001) Israel Backs Palestinian Doves. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Israel Comes Full Circle. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Israel Has Let Down Its Guard. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Israel Strikes Back. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Israel Turns its Attention to Plan B. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Israel under Sharon. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Jerusalem the Heart of the Matter. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Landslide Buries Barak's Promises. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Making a Fragile Ceasefire Permanent. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Middle East Quagmire May Draw in Moderates. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) New Levels of Terrorism. Montreal Gazette

Lochery, N; (2001) Now We'll See Who Controls the Palestinians. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Partition the Only Way to Defuse Israel's Demographic Time Bomb. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Peacekeepers Don't Belong in Israel. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Revolutionary Goals-Conservative Strategies. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Scholarship or Propaganda: The Arab-Israeli Conflict. Middle Eastern Studies , 37 (4) 219 - 237.

Lochery, N; (2001) Sometimes Fighting is the Only Answer. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Spilling Fire on the Oils of Gaza. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Strategic Dogma: Tactical Flexibility. United Press International

Lochery, N; (2001) Terrorism and Arafatism. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Terrorism Hits Home. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) The Arab Strategy to Isolate Israel. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) The Message to Sharon to form Ze'evi's killers. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) The Road to War. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) The Settlement Issue is a Red Herring. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) U.S. Middle East Policy Stuck in Oslo Mode. National Post

Lochery, N; (2001) Works on Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Middle East Studies , 37 (4) 219 - 237.

Lochery, N; (2001) Zionism Equals Racism? National Post

Smelik, W; (2001) Hoe de rabbijnen zich verzoenden met Jethro en Zipporah. Schrift (194) 43 - 46.

Smelik, W; (2001) Language, Locus and Translation Between the Talmudim. Journal for the Aramaic Bible , 3 199 - 224.


Rapoport-Albert, A; Greenberg, G; (2001) Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Texts. Essays in Memory of Michael P. Weitzman. Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement. Sheffield Academic Press: Sheffield.

Schulte, J; (2001) Europa Erlesen: Belgrad.

Stern, SD; (2001) Calendar and Community. A History of the Jewish Calendar, Second Century BCE - Tenth Century CE. (1 vols). Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Book chapter

BERKOWITZ, M; (2001) Embarrassing relations: myths and realities of the Ashkenazi influx, 1650-1750 and beyond. In: Vigne, R and Littleton, C, (eds.) From strangers to citizens: The integration of immigrant communities in Britain, Ireland and Colonial America, 1550-1750. (247 - 253). Sussex Academic Press: Brighton, UK and Portland, Oregon, US.

Berkowitz, M; Brenner, D; (2001) German history, Jewish history, German-Jewish Studies: old wine in new bottles? In: Benseler, D and Nickisch, C and Nollendorfs, C, (eds.) Teaching German in Twentieth-Century America. (79 - 88). University of Wisconsin Press: Madison, Wisconsin and London.

de Blois, F; (2001) The Turfan fragment M 28 I. In: Tafazzoli memorial volume. (9 - 15).

de Blois, F; (2001) Waw. In: Encyclopaedia of Islam (2nd edition).

de Blois, F; (2001) Wis u Ramin. In: Encyclopaedia of Islam (2nd edition).

de Blois, F; (2001) Ya'. In: Encyclopaedia of Islam (2nd edition).

Greenberg, G; (2001) Some Secondary Expansions in the Masoretic Text of Jeremiah: Retroversion is perilous, but the risk may be worthwhile. In: Rapoport-Albert, A and Greenberg, G, (eds.) Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Texts. Essays in Memory of Michael P. Weitzman. (222 - 243). Sheffield Academic Press: Sheffield.

Guesnet, F; (2001) Khevres and Akhdes: the Change in Jewish Self-Organization in the Kingdom of Poland before 1900 and the Bund. In: Jacobs, J, (ed.) Jewish politics in Eastern Europe: The Bund at 100. (3 - 13). Palgrave: Basingstoke, UK.

Guesnet, F; (2001) Juden aus dem östlichen Europa in Mittel- und Westeuropa. In: Kotowski, EV and Schoeps, JH and Wallenborn, H, (eds.) Handbuch zur Geschichte der Juden in Europa: Religion, Kultur, Alltag. (69 - 78). Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft: Darmstadt, Germany.

Klier, JD; (2001) Manuscripts Don't Burn: The Significance of Open Archives in the FSU. In: Kuperminc, JC and Arditt, A, (eds.) Preserving Jewish Archives as Part of the European Cultural Hertitage. (76 - 82). : Paris.

Lochery, N; (2001) The Netanyahu Era: From Crisis to Crisis. In: Karsh, E, (ed.) Israel: The First Hundred Years: Volume Two From War to Peace. (221 - 237). Frank Cass: London and Portland.

Rapoport-Albert, A; (2001) Al ha-nashim ba-hasidut: S.A. Horodetzky u-masoret ha-betulah mi-ludmir. In: Assaf, A, (ed.) Zaddik ve-Edah: Hebetim historiyim ve-hevratiyim be-heker ha-hasidut. (496 - 528). Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History: Jerusalem.

Rapoport-Albert, A; (2001) Ha-tenu'ah ha-hasidit aharey shenat 1772: retsef mivni u-temurah. In: Assaf, D, (ed.) Zaddik ve-Edah: Hebetim historiyim ve-hevratiyim be-heker ha-hasidut (=Zaddik and Devotees: Historical and Sociological Aspects of Hasidism). (210 - 272). Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History: Jerusalem.

Rapoport-Albert, A; (2001) Al ma'amad ha-nashim ba-Shabbeta'ut [= On the Position of Women in Sabbateanism]. In: Elior, R, (ed.) The Sabbatian Movement and its Aftermath: Messianism. Sabbatianism, and Frankism. (143 - 329). The Institute of Jewish Studies, The Gershom Scholem Center for the Study of Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah: Jerusalem.

Rapoport-Albert, A; (2001) Hasidism. In: Jones, D, (ed.) Censorship: A World Encyclopedia. Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers: London-Chcago.

Rapoport-Albert, A.; (2001) On the position of women in Sabbatianism. In: Elior, R., (ed.) The Sabbatian Movement and Its Aftermath: Messianism,Sabbatianism and Frankism. (pp. 143-328). The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies: Jerusalem, Israel.

Smelik, W; (2001) Twin Targums: Psalms 18 and 2 Samuel 22. In: Rapoport-Albert, A and Greenberg, G, (eds.) Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Texts: Essays in Memory of Michael P. Weitzman. (244 - 281). Sheffield Academic Press: Sheffield.

Conference item

de Blois, F; (2001) A Persian chess book. [Lecture]. Presented at: Symposium on the manuscript collections of the Royal Asiatic Society, London.

de Blois, F; (2001) New light on the sources of the Fihrist. [Lecture]. Presented at: Fifth international congress for Manichaean studies, Naples.


(2001) Jewish Autonomy in Inter-War Lithuania: An Interview with Yudl Mark (Beer, HT, Trans.). The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, Oxford, Portland, Oregon.

Proceedings paper

BERKOWITZ, M; (2001) Between Orthodoxy and modernism: Hermann Struck's influence on the countenance and soul of Zion. In: Greenspoon, L, (ed.) "A land flowing with milk and honey": Visions of Israel from Biblical to modern times. (pp. 261 - 284). Creighton University Press: Omaha, Nebraska, US.

Working / discussion paper

Smelik, W; (2001) Sources for manuscripts of Targumic literature in public collections. Selective bibliography: catalogues. Bibliography. UCL: London. Green open access

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