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Armenatzoglou, N; Marketakis, Y; Kriara, L; Apostolopoulos, E; Papavasiliou, V; Kampas, D; ... Antoniou, G; + view all (2009) FleXConf: A Flexible Conference Assistant Using Context-Aware Notification Services. In: Meersman, R and Herrero, P and Dillon, T, (eds.) ON THE MOVE TO MEANINGFUL INTERNET SYSTEMS: OTM 2009 WORKSHOPS. (pp. 108 - 117). SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN


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Bikakis, A; Antoniou, G; Hassapis, P; (2009) Alternative Strategies for Conflict Resolution in Multi-Context Systems. In: ILiadis, L and Vlahavas, I and Bramer, M, (eds.) ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPLICATIONS AND INNOVATIONS III. (pp. 31 - 40). SPRINGER

Boyle, F; Eveleigh, A; Needham, H; (2009) Preserving local archival heritage for ongoing accessibility. Ariadne (58)

Broda, K; Clark, K; Miller, R; Russo, A; (2009) SAGE: A Logical Agent-Based Environment Monitoring and Control System. In: Tscheligi, M and Markopoulos, P and Wichert, R and Mirlacher, T and Meschterjakov, A and Reitberger, W, (eds.) Lecture Notes in Computer Science. (pp. 112 - 117). Springer

Brown, S; Nonnecke, B; Ruecker, S; Warwick, C; (2009) Studying Orlando’s Interfaces. In: (Proceedings) Society for Digital Humanities/Société pour l'étude des médias interactifs (SDH/SEMI) 2009, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, May 25 - 27..


Crane, G; Seales, B; Terras, M; (2009) Cyberinfrastructure for Classical Philology. Digital Humanities Quarterly , 3 (1) Green open access


Dawson, A; (2009) Digital Relationships. UNSPECIFIED

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Dawson, A; (2009) How to Use Web 2.0 in Your Library by Phil Bradley. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science , 41 (4) 246 - 247.

Dawson, A; (2009) Why do computers hate us? UNSPECIFIED

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Duke-Williams, OW; (2009) Internal migration and inter-household relationships. In: Stillwell, J, (ed.) Understanding Population Trends and Processes Volume 1: Fertility, Living Arrangements, Mobility and Care. Springer


Feng, H; An, X; Liu, Y; Dawson, A; (2009) Challenges to e-Government: Managing Electronic Records in China. In: (Proceedings) 9th European Conference on e-Government ECEG 2009. (pp. 269 - 274).

Flinn, A; (2009) ‘Mothers for Peace’. Co-operation, feminism and peace: the Women’s Co-operative Guild and the anti-war movement between the wars. In: Black, L and Roberts, N, (eds.) Taking Stock: The Co-operative Movement in Twentieth Century Britain,. (138 - 154). MUP: Manchester.

Flinn, A; Jones, H; (2009) 'The Freedom of Information Act in practice: the historian’s perspective'. In: Flinn, A and Jones, H, (eds.) Freedom of Information. Open Access, Empty Archives? (33 - 53). Routledge: Abingdon.

Flinn, A; Stevens, M; (2009) '“It is noh mistri, wi mekin histri” . Telling Our Own Story: Independent and Community Archives in the United Kingdom, Challenging and Subverting the Mainstream.'. In: Bastian, J and Alexander, B, (eds.) Community Archives. The shaping of memory. Facet Publishing: London.

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Flinn, AD; (2009) Invited paper, '"A frontal attack on professionalism, standards and scholarship"?. Democratising archives and the production of knowledge',. Presented at: Archives 2.0 Shifting Dialogues between Users and Archivists, CRESC, University of Manchester.

Flinn, AD; Pick, G; (2009) ‘Diversifying and democratising archive collections – an agenda for transformation’. In: Embedding shared heritage: the Heritage Diversity Task Force report. GLA: London.


Galina Russell, I.; (2009) Electronic resources and institutional repositories in informal scholarly communication and publishing. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Gunter, B; Rowlands, I; Nicholas, D; (2009) Is there a Google Generation?: Information Search Behaviour Developments and the Future Learner. Chandos Publishing Ltd: Oxford.


Hunt, R; Williams, P; Nicholas, D; Rowlands, I; (2009) Copycats? Digital consumers in the online age.


Inskip, C; Macfarlane, A; Rafferty, P; (2009) Towards the disintermediation of creative music search: analysing queries to determine important facets. Presented at: ECDL Workshop on Exploring Musical Information Spaces, Corfu, Greece.


Jamali, H; Nicholas, D; (2009) E-print depositing behaviour of physicists and astronomers: An intradisciplinary study. The Journal of Academic Librarianship , 35 (2) 117 - 125.

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Kritsotakis, M; Michou, M; Nikoloudakis, E; Bikakis, A; Patkos, T; Antoniou, G; Plexousakis, D; (2009) Design and implementation of a semantics-based Contextual Navigation Guide for Indoor Environments. J AMB INTEL SMART EN , 1 (3) 261 - 285. 10.3233/AIS-2009-0033.


Leonidis, A; Baryannis, G; Fafoutis, X; Korozi, M; Gazoni, N; Dimitriou, M; ... Antoniou, G; + view all (2009) AlertMe: A Semantics-based Context-Aware Notification System. In: Proceedings - International Computer Software and Applications Conference. (pp. 200 - 205).

Li, L; Law, C; Lo Conte, R; Power, C; (2009) Intergenerational influences on childhood body mass index: the effect of parental body mass index trajectories. AM J CLIN NUTR , 89 (2) 551 - 557. 10.3945/ajcn.2008.26759.


McGovern, N.Y.; (2009) Technology responsiveness for digital preservation: a model. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


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Nyhan, J; (2009) An introduction to TextGrid and the Text-Image-Link-Editor. In: (Proceedings) NEH funded TILE symposium.

Nyhan, J; (2009) Review of Deep time of the Media. Toward an Archaeology of Hearing and Seeing by Technical Means, by S. Zelinski, trans. by Gloria Custance. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews , 34.1 123 - 125.

Nyhan, J; (2009) Some Digital Humanities methodologies and their importance to Irish Studies. In: LULCL II - Lesser Used Languages & Computer Linguistics II. Proceedings of the Second Colloquium on Lesser Used Languages and Computer Linguistics. (135 - 150). : Bolzano: Italy.

Nyhan, J; (2009) Teaching and Learning TEI: an introduction to TEI-EJ. In: (Proceedings) TEI Praxis Symposium.

Nyhan, J; Schmidt O,; (2009) TextGrid tools and concepts: present and future. In: (Proceedings) Tools for Collaborative Scholarly Editing over the Web.


Opas-Hanninen, LL; Ore, ES; Warwick, C; (2009) Special Issue 'Selected papers from Digital Humanities 2008, University of Oulu,Finland,June 25-29' Introduction. LIT LINGUIST COMPUT , 24 (2) 127 - 128. 10.1093/llc/fqp013.

UNSPECIFIED (Ed). (2009) Special issue: Selected Papers from Digital Humanities 2008. [Whole issue]. Literary and Linguistic Computing , 24 (2).


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Rayner, SJ; (2009) Death and the 'grimly voice' in David Jones's In Parenthesis. In: Cherewatuk, K and Whetter, KS, (eds.) The Arthurian way of death. (226 - 240). Ds Brewer: Woodbridge, UK.

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Rowlands, I; Nicholas, D; Huntington, P; (2009) E-journals: Their Use, Value and Impact: Interim Project Report. Research Information Network

Rowlands, I; Nicholas, D; Jubb, M; (2009) Does e-journal investment lead to greater academic productivity? Library and Information Update 45 - 47.


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Siemens, L; Cunningham, R; Duff, W; Warwick, C; (2009) “It challenges members to think of their work through another kind of specialist's eyes”: Exploration of the benefits and challenges of diversity in digital project teams. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology , 46 (1) 1 - 14.

Siemens, L; Cunningham, R; Duff, W; Warwick, C; (2009) “More minds are brought to bear on a problem”: Methods of Interaction and Collaboration within Digital Humanities Research Teams. In: (Proceedings) Society for Digital Humanities/Société pour l'étude des médias interactifs (SDH/SEMI) 2009, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, May 25 - 27..

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Siemens, R; Warwick, C; Cunningham, R; Dobson, T; Galey, A; Ruecker, S; ... INKE-Team,; + view all (2009) Codex Ultor: Toward a Conceptual and Theoretical Foundation for New Research on Books and Knowledge Environments. Digital Studies / Le Champ Numerique. , 1 (2)

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Terras, M; (2009) CIRCAH Research in Digital Humanities, an Overview. In: (Proceedings) UCL Digital Humanities Town Meeting, UCL, March 2009.

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Yeo, G; (2009) Custodial history, provenance, and the description of personal records. Libraries and the Cultural Record , 44 (1) 50 - 64.

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