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An, X; Xu, S; Mu, Y; Wang, W; Bai, XY; Dawson, A; Han, H; (2012) Meta-synthetic support frameworks for reuse of government information resources on city travel and traffic: The case of Beijing. Program , 46 (1) 5 - 20.


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Caire, P; Efthymiou, V; Bikakis, A; (2012) Conviviality by design. In: AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012: Social Computing, Social Cognition, Social Networks and Multiagent Systems, Social Turn - SNAMAS 2012, Part of Alan Turing Year 2012. (pp. 24 - 29).

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Gauntlett, D; Dwyer, P; Kavada, A; Ozkul, D; Steemers, J; Terras, M; Warwick, C; (2012) Community‐Powered Transformations. A research network exploring digital transformations in the creative relationships between cultural and media organisations and their users. Final Report to AHRC. (In press).

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Inskip, C; Macfarlane, A; Rafferty, P; (2012) Towards the disintermediation of creative music search: Analysing queries to determine important facets. International Journal on Digital Libraries , 12 (2-3) 137 - 147. 10.1007/s00799-012-0084-1.


Korjonen, M.H.; (2012) Clinical trial information: developing an effective model of dissemination and a framework to improve transparency. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


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Siemens, R; Welsh, A; Nyhan, J; Salmon, J; (2012) Video-gaming, Paradise Lost and TCP/IP: an Oral History Conversation between Ray Siemens and Anne Welsh. Digital Humanities Quarterly

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Terras, MM; (2012) Keynote: Digital Humanities and the Crowd: the potential for digital engagement and outreach. In: (Proceedings) Exploring Digital Humanities.

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Terras, MM; (2012) On not being Superwoman. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.theukrc.org/blogs/getset-women/2012/10/melissa-terras-on-not-being-superwoman

Terras, MM; (2012) Review of "I Digital: Personal Collections in the Digital Era", Lee, C. Society of American Archivists: Chicago, 2011. Journal of the Society of Archivists , 33 (2)

Terras, MM; (2012) The Beauty of Speed: Articulating the Benefits of Digital Humanities. [Lecture]. Presented at: Lustrum 25 years of Alfa Informatica - Informatiekunde at the University of Groningen, Groningen. (In press).

Terras, MM; (2012) The Bentham Papers Transcription Initiative: Transcribe Bentham. [Lecture]. Presented at: Guest Seminar Series, University Library, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh. (In press).

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Terras, MM; (2012) The superwoman fallacy: what it really takes to be an academic and parent. UNSPECIFIED, Guardian Higher Education Network.

Terras, MM; (2012) The superwoman fallacy: what it really takes to be an academic and parent. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.guardian.co.uk/higher-education-network/blog/2012/aug/17/academic-careers-work-life-balance

Terras, MM; (2012) The verdict: is blogging or tweeting about research papers worth it? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2012/04/19/blog-tweeting-papers-worth-it/

Terras, MM; (2012) The Vision After the Sermon: Establishing an Institutional Digital Humanities Presence. [Lecture]. Presented at: Opening Keynote, "DigitalHSS - A Day of Ideas", University of Edinburgh. (In press).

Terras, MM; (2012) Transcribe Bentham: Crowd-sourcing or crowd-sifting? [Lecture]. Presented at: Community-powered digital transformations in learning workshop, Digital Transformations, UCL. (In press).

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Terras, MM; (2012) Virtual Visitors: What Do We Know About Use of the British Museum’s Collection Database Online? [Lecture]. Presented at: DigitalHSS Guest Seminar, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh. (In press).

Terras, MM; (2012) Virtual Visitors: Why would anyone want to visit the virtual British Museum collections online? [Lecture]. Presented at: Lunch Hour Lectures on tour at the British Museum, British Museum, London. (In press).

Terras, MM; (2012) Visions and Sermons: The Digital Transformation of the Humanities. Presented at: Opening Keynote, L'image-document face au numerique: mise en crise ou mise en lumiere?, Institut national d'histoire de l'art, Paris. (In press).

Terras, MM; (2012) Whispers into the Void: Personal Reflections on Academic Blogging. Invited paper. [Lecture]. Presented at: Weblogs in den Geisteswissenschaften, Munich. (In press).

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Unsworth, J; Welsh, A; Nyhan, J; Salmon, J; (2012) Postmodern Culture and more: an Oral History Conversation between John Unsworth and Anne Welsh. Digital Humanities Quarterly , 6 (3)

Unsworth, J; Welsh, A; Nyhan, J; Salmon, J; (2012) Postmodern Culture and More: an Oral History Conversation between John Unsworth and Anne Welsh. Digital Humanities Quarterly , 6 (3)


Warwick, CLH; (2012) Inaugural Lecture. The monologue in a crowdsourced world: have digital resources rendered the inaugural lecture obsolete? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://clairewarwick.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/inaugural-lecture.html

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Yeo, GE; (2012) Bringing things together: aggregate records in a digital age. Archivaria , 74 43 - 91.

Yeo, GE; (2012) The conceptual fonds and the physical collection. Archivaria , 73 43 - 80.

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