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Alrajeh, D; Miller, R; Russo, A; Uchitel, S; (2013) Reasoning about triggered scenarios in logic programming. In: Theory and Practice of Logic Programming. (pp. ? - ?). Cambridge University Press

Ammann, RK; (2013) Weblogs 1994 – 2000: A genealogy. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Avery, N; Campagnolo, A; Caroline, DS; Pal, K; Payne, M; Smith, P; ... Yamada, E; + view all (2013) The Great Parchment Book. Presented at: Digital Humanities 2013, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Barras, W; Beavan, D; Durham, M; Edmonds, F; Lawson, E; Scobbie, J; ... Turk, A; + view all (2013) Seeing Speech. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.seeingspeech.arts.gla.ac.uk/uti/

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Bunn, JJ; (2013) Developing descriptive standards: a renewed call to action. Journal of the Society of Archivists , 34 (2) pp. 235-247. 10.1080/23257962.2013.830066. Green and gold open access


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Campagnolo, A; Carvalho, AM; Giacometti, A; Lewis, R; Romanello, M; Ross, C; Viglianti, R; (2013) Introduction to the Special Section 'InterFace 2011'. LITERARY AND LINGUISTIC COMPUTING , 28 (3) 417 - 424. 10.1093/llc/fqt052.

Campagnolo, A; Giacometti, A; MacDonald, L; Mahony, S; Terras, M; Robson, S; ... Gibson, A; + view all (2013) Documenting and Interpreting Parchment Deterioration by Visual Analysis and Multispectral Imaging. In: Icon PF13, Positive Futures in an Uncertain World.

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Canty, NP; (2013) The Publishing business: From p-Books to e-Books, Kelvin Smith (2013) AVA Publishing. [Review]. Book 2.0 , 3 (1) 79 - 80. 10.1386/btwo.3.1.79_5. Green open access

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Dillon, CJ; Zhang, ZC; Hussain, S; (2013) Procedure to develop and maintain the Label Generation Rules for the DNS root zone in respect of IDNA labels. ICANN: Marina del Rey, California, USA.

Donohue, C; Hobson, B; Stephens, RCM; (2013) An introduction to anaesthesia. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF HOSPITAL MEDICINE. (pp. C71 - C75).

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Eveleigh, A; Jennett, C; Lynn, S; Cox, AL; (2013) "I want to be a Captain! I want to be a Captain!": Gamification in the Old Weather Citizen Science Project. In: Gamification '13: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Gameful Design, Research, and Applications. (pp. 79 - 82). ACM: New York, NY, USA. Green open access


Flinn, AD; (2013) Sharing memories, competing narratives. Online archival heritage and the articulation of individual, community and national identities. In: Velloso de Oliveira, LM and Soares de Mello e Silva, MC, (eds.) Associacao dos Arquivistas Brasileros 5th debases de dados sobre informacoes arcquivisticas: Diferentes Olhares Sobre os Arquivos Online - Digitalizacao, Memoria e Acesso. (pp. 61 - 81). Associacao dos Arquivistas Brasileros: Rio de Janiero.


Gooding, P; Terras, M; Warwick, C; (2013) The myth of the new: Mass digitization, distant reading, and the future of the book. Literary and Linguistic Computing , 28 (4) 629 - 639. 10.1093/llc/fqt051.


Jennett, C; Eveleigh, A; Mathieu, K; Ajani, Z; Cox, AL; (2013) Creativity in citizen science: All for one and one for all. In: (Proceedings) ACM WebSci 2013, 'Creativity and Attention in the Age of the Web' Workshop.


Kirton, I; Terras, M; (2013) Digitisation and Dissemination: A Reverse Image Lookup study to assess the reuse of images of paintings from the National Gallery’s website. Presented at: Digital Humanities 2013, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Kirton, I; Terras, M; (2013) Where do images of art go once they go online? A reverse image Lookup study to assess the dissemination of cultural heritage. Selected papers from Museums and the Web North America, 2013 237 - 248.

Kloetzer, L; Schneider, D; Jennett, C; Iacovides, I; Eveleigh, A; Cox, AL; Gold, M; (2013) Learning by volunteer computing, thinking and gaming: What and how are volunteers learning by participating in Virtual Citizen Science? Presented at: ESREA 2013, Berlin, Germany.


Lindsay, T; Liu, A; Geoffrey, R; Sinclair, S; Terras, M; Bielby, J; ... Henseler, C; + view all (2013) 4Humanities: Designing Digital Advocacy. In: (Proceedings) Digital Humanities 2013.


MacDonald, L; Giacometti, A; Gibson, A; Campagnolo, A; Robson, S; Weyrich, T; Terras, M; (2013) Multispectral imaging of degraded parchment. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) , 7786 LNCS 143 - 157. 10.1007/978-3-642-36700-7_12.

Miller, R; Morgenstern, L; Patkos, T; (2013) Reasoning About Knowledge and Action in an Epistemic Event Calculus. In: (Proceedings) 11th International Symposium on Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning. (pp. ? - ?). University of Cyprus: www.commonsense2013.cs.ucy.ac.cy.

Moawad, A; Bikakis, A; Caire, P; Nain, G; Traon, YL; (2013) A Rule-Based Contextual Reasoning Platform for Ambient Intelligence Environments. In: Morgenstern, L and Stefaneas, PS and Lévy, F and Wyner, A and Paschke, A, (eds.) RuleML. (pp. 158 - 172). Springer

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Nyhan, J; (2013) Uncovering the “hidden histories” of computing in the Humanities 1949 – 1980: findings and reflections on the pilot project. In: http://dh2013.unl.edu/abstracts/.

Nyhan, J; (2013) What can modern-day Digital Humanities learn from studying its past? Some recommendations and suggestions. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings of CIDE.16: Dispositifs numériques : contenus, interactivité et visualisation.. http://cide16.sciencesconf.org/: France. (In press).

Nyhan, J; Duke-Williams, O; (2013) Joint and multi-authored publication patterns in the Digital Humanities. In: http://dh2013.unl.edu/abstracts/files/downloads/DH2013_conference_abstracts_web.pdf.

Nyhan, J; Flinn, AD; Welsh, A; (2013) Oral History and the hidden histories project: towards histories of computing in the Humanities. Literary and Linguistic Computing: the journal of digital scholarship in the humanities. 10.1093/llc/fqt044.


Pal, K; Terras, M; Weyrich, T; (2013) 3D reconstruction for damaged documents: imaging of the Great Parchment Book. In: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Historical Document Imaging and Processing. (pp. pp. 14-21). Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) : New York. Green open access

Pal, K; Terras, M; Weyrich, T; (2013) Interactive Exploration and Flattening of Deformed Historical Documents. Computer Graphics Forum , 33 (2pt3) pp. 327-334. 10.1111/cgf.12052. Green open access


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Rayner, SJ; (2013) University Presses and Academic Publishing. In: Squires, C and Nash, A and Willison, I, (eds.) The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Volume VII: the twentieth century and beyond. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. (In press).

Ross, C; Carnall, M; Hudson-Smith, A; Warwick, C; Terras, M; Gray, S; (2013) Enhancing museum narratives: Tales of things and UCL's grant museum. In: UNSPECIFIED (276 - 289).

Ross, C; Gray, S; Warwick, C; Hudson-Smith, A; Terras, M; (2013) Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation. Literary and Linguistic Computing: the journal of digital scholarship in the humanities (In press).

Ross, C; Royston, C; Terras, M; (2013) Digital Innovation and a Squander Bug: Reflections on Digital R&D for Audience Engagement and Institutional Impact. In: (Proceedings) Museums and the Web 2013. (In press).


Salmon, J; Nyhan, J; (2013) Augmented reality potential and hype: towards an evaluative framework. JLTL Journal of Language Teaching and Learning , 3 (1)

Scarman, M; (2013) A Gender Study of the LIS Academics' Productivity in the UK. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Shepherd, EJ; Ray, L; Flinn, A; Ander, E; Laperdrix, M; (2013) Funding archive services in England and Wales: institutional realities and professional perceptions. Archives and Records: The Journal of the Archives and Records Association , 34 (2) pp. 175-199. 10.1080/23257962.2013.822355. Green and gold open access

Stavropoulos, TG; Bassiliades, N; Argyriou, J; Vrakas, D; Vlahavas, I; Kontopoulos, E; Bikakis, A; (2013) Rule-based approaches for energy savings in an ambient intelligence environment. Pervasive and Mobile Computing 10.1016/j.pmcj.2014.05.001.

Stevenson, I; (2013) Academic publishing riposte. Do not shoot the messenger. Prometheus , 31 (3) 265 - 268. 10.1080/08109028.2014.891713.


Terras, MM; Gray, S; Ammann, R; (2013) Textal: a text analysis smartphone app for Digital Humanities. Presented at: Digital Humanities 2013, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Terras, MM; Kirton, I; (2013) Where do images of art go once they go online? A Reverse Image Lookup study to assess the dissemination of digitized cultural heritage. In: (Proceedings) Museums and the Web 2013.

Terras, MM; Priego, E; Liu, A; Rockwell, G; Sinclair, S; Henseler, C; Thomas, L; (2013) The Humanities Matter! Infographic. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://4humanities.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/humanitiesmatter300.pdf Green open access

Tian, L; Wang, H; Yu, Y; Zhang, W; Bikakis, A; Ni, Y; Cao, F; (2013) MeDetect: A LOD-based system for collective entity annotation in Biomedicine. In: Proceedings - 2013 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, WI 2013. (pp. 233 - 240).


van Zundert, J; van den Heuvel, C; brumfield, B; Van Dalem-Oksam, K; Franzini, G; Sahle, P; ... Terras, M; + view all (2013) Text Theory, Digital Documents, and the Practice of Digital Editions. In: (Proceedings) Digital Humanities 2013.


Warwick, CLH; (2013) The Jar of Moles: Twitter celebrities and visitors’ favourite. In: Carnall, M, (ed.) Conversation Pieces: Inspirational objects in UCL's historic collections. (34 - 35). Shire Publications Ltd: Oxford, UK.

Welsh, A; (2013) "Books! -": Pleasures and Speculations in Walter de la Mare's Library. Presented at: Researching the Reading Experience, Oslo. Green open access

Welsh, A; (2013) From digital graveyard to digital libraries. Presented at: Rare Books and Special Collections Group Conference 2013, Canterbury, UK. Green open access

Welsh, A; (2013) It takes a community to raise an information professional. Presented at: Umbrella 13, Manchester.

Welsh, A; (2013) Research and the librarian. Presented at: Innovative Information Technologies for Science, Business and Education 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania. Green open access

Welsh, A; (2013) Teaching RDA in 2013-14. Catalogue and Index (In press). Green open access

Welsh, A; (2013) The poet's poets: collections and anthologies in Walter de la Mare's Working Library. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Williams, PE; (2013) Comparing the efficacy of different web page interface attributes in facilitating information retrieval for people with mild Learning Disabilities. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Williams, S; Terras, M; Warwick, C; (2013) How Twitter Is Studied in the Medical Professions: A Classification of Twitter Papers Indexed in PubMed. In: Medicine 2.0 Congress (World Congress on Social Media in Health, Medicine, Health, and Biomedical Research). : London, UK. Green and gold open access

Williams, S; Terras, M; Warwick, C; (2013) What people study when they study Twitter: Classifying Twitter related academic papers. Journal of Documentation , 69 (3) Green open access

Williams, SA; Terras, MM; Warwick, C; (2013) What do people study when they study Twitter? Classifying Twitter related academic papers. JOURNAL OF DOCUMENTATION , 69 (3) 384 - 410. 10.1108/JD-03-2012-0027.

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