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Borden, I; (2001) The Strangely Familiar City of Macau: Cultural Challenges to the City of Objects. In: The Culture of Metropolis in Macau: Cultural Heritge Strategies for the Twenty-First Century. Cultural Institute: Macau.

Borden, I; (2001) Towers of Seven Joys (and One Hell). In: Supermanual: the Incomplete Guide to the SuperChannel. (36 - 40). Cornerhouse Publications

Borden, I; (2001) Stairway Architecture: Transformative Cycles in the Golden Lane. In: Hill, J, (ed.) Architecture: the Subject is Matter. (119 - 130). Routledge

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Borden, I; Rendell, J; Kerr, J; Pivaro, A; (2001) Another Pavement, Another Beach: Skateboarding and the Performative Critique of Architecture. In: The Unknown City Contesting Architecture and Social Space. (pp. 178-199). MIT Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts US | London, England. Green open access

Borden, IM; (2001) Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body. Berg: Oxford.


Callicott, N; (2001) Shorting the Automation Circuit. In: Computer-Aided Manufacture in Architecture -The Pursuit of Novelty. (79 - 88). Architectural Press: London.

Callicott, N; (2001) Making Buildings. In: Computer-Aided Manufacture in Architecture -The Pursuit of Novelty. (95 - 97). Architectural Press: London.

Callicott, N; (2001) The Myth of Standardisation. In: Computer-Aided Manufacture in Architecture -The Pursuit of Novelty. (89 - 94). Architectural Press: London.

Clear, N; (2001) Bookshop. [Building]. Somerset House, London.

Clear, N; (2001) Corporate Offices. [Building]. New Oxford Street, London.

Clear, N; (2001) Departure Lounge 2010. [Building]. Heathrow Airport.

Clear, N; (2001) Walking 1 to 10. Nic Clear, London.

Clear, N; (2001) We Like Technology. In: Speed, C and Grinsted, G, (eds.) VO1D. (40 - 49). iDAT: Plymouth.

Cruz, M; (2001) Hyperdermis. In: Langenhuizen, A and Van Ouwerkerk, M and Rosemann, J, (eds.) (Proceedings) Research by Design International Conference Faculty of architecture Delft University of Technology in Co-opeartion with the EAAE/AEEA November 1-3 2000 Conference Proceedings B Transactions on Architectural Education No 11. (pp. 94 - 98). DUP Sience (imprint of Delft University Press): Delft, Holland.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2001) SLEEPING VESSEL / New England Biolabs. [Design].

Cruz, M.; Colletti, M.; (2001) Interfaces/intrafaces. [Design]. Green open access


Dolev, D; (2001) Architecture and nationalist identity; the case of the architectural master plans for the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1919-1974) and their connections with nationalist ideology. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Fatah gen Schieck, A; (2001) Interactive Form Generation Using multiple input devices:Using multiple input devices. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Fournier, C; (2001) Webbed Babylon. Architectural Design: New Babylonians , 71 (3) 74 - 77.


Gage, S; Olsen, L; (2001) The Sensational Time Machine. Advances in Science and Technology 204 - 218.

Glanville, R; (2001) And He was Magic. Kybernetes , 30 (5-6)

Glanville, R; (2001) Between Now and Then: the Auto-Interview of a Lapsed Musician. Leonardo Music Journal , 11

Glanville, R; (2001) Constructing My Cybernetic World. Cybernetics and Human Knowing , 8 (1-2)

Glanville, R; (2001) Triads. In: Jahraus, O and Ort, N, (eds.) Bewusstsein-Kominikation-Zeichen. Max Niemeyer Verlag: Tuebingen.

Glanville, R; (2001) Afterthought and Future Scenerio. In: Stellingwerff, M and Verbeke, J, (eds.) Accolade: European Workshop. Delft University Press: Delft.

Glanville, R; (2001) Not Aping the Past: Mirror Men. In: Stellingwerff, M and Verbeke, J, (eds.) Accolade: European Workshop. Delft University Press: Delft.

Glanville, R; (2001) The Man in the Train: Complexity, UnManageability, Conversation and Trust. In: Würtrich, H and Winter, W and Philipp, A, (eds.) Grenzen Ökonomischen Denkens. Wiesbaden: Gabler.

Glanville, R; Scott, B; (2001) About Gordon Pask. Kybernetes , 30 (5-6)


Hawley, CE; (2001) Kitagata Housing Reconstruction, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. [Design].

HILL, J; (2001) A Doctorate in Architectural Design. In: (Proceedings) EAAE/AEEA Research through Design. (pp. 150 - 155). DUP Science: Delft.

HILL, J; (2001) Archititektura v Ilegalite. Architekt

HILL, J; (2001) Introduction. In: Architecture-The Subject is Matter. (1 - 7). Routledge: London.

HILL, J; (2001) Weather Architecture. In: New Babylonians. (56 - 59). Wiley/ Academy: London and New York.

HILL, J; (2001) Weather Architecture (Berlin 192901930, Barcelona 1986-, Barcelona 1999-). In: Architecture-The Subject is Matter. (57 - 71). Routledge: London and New York.

Hillier, B; (2001) A theory of the city as object:or, how spatial laws mediate the social construction of urban space. In: Peponis, J and Wineman, J and Bafna, S, (eds.) (Proceedings) 3rd International Space Syntax Symposium. : Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Hillier, B; Netto, V; (2001) Society seen through the prism of space:outline of a theory of society and space. In: (Proceedings) 3rd International Space Syntax Symposium. : Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Hillier, WRG; (2001) Is there a social device? a reflection on the work of Basil Bernstein. In: A Tribute to Basil Bernstein. (54 - 59). Institute of Education, University of London: London.


Lim, CJ; (2001) How Green: 3 Acres on the Lake: DuSable Park Proposal Project Chicago. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2001) How Green: Accommodating Change – Circle 33 Innovation in Housing Competition. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2001) How Green: Central Glass International Architectural Competition Japan: GlassHouse. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2001) ShunDe Shopping Village Development, ShunDe China. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2001) Guest House. In: Brayer, M and Migayrou, F, (eds.) ArchiLab: Radical Experiments in Global Architecture. (250 - 257). Thames + Hudson: London + New York.

Lim, CJ; (2001) Ephemeral Fields. In: Burry, M, (ed.) Cyberspace: The World of Digital Architecture. (62 - 63). Images Publishing Australia: Melbourne.

Lim, CJ; Hawley, C; (2001) How Green: Aqua Centre International Competition, Aalborg Denmark. [Design].


Manolopoulou, Y; Tessera,; (2001) Two Squares. In: Places of Nomadic Dwelling: Third Biennale of Young Greek Architects. Hellenic Institute of Architecture: Athens.


Penner, B; (2001) "Female Urinals: Taking a Stand". Room 5 (2) 24 - 379.

Penner, B; (2001) A World of Unmentionable Suffering: Women's Public Conveniences in Victorian London. Journal of Design History , 14 (1) 35 - 52.

PSARRA, S; GRAJEWSKI, T; (2001) Describing Shape and Shape Complexity Using Local Properties. In: PEPONIS, J and WINEMAN, J, (eds.) (Proceedings) 3RD International Space Syntax Symposium. : ATLANTA, USA.


Rendell, J; (2001) White Papers, Black Marks, Review of Lokko,L. (ed.).

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Spiller, N; (2001) Animation. In: Trasi, N, (ed.) Interdisciplinary Architecture. (59 - 65). Wiley: London.

Stonor, T; Karimi, K; (2001) Unlocking the past. Urban Design Quarterly (70)


Till, J; Sheil, R; Callicott, N; (2001) sixteen*(makers). In: Young Blood. Wiley


Vaughan, L; Penn, A; (2001) The Jewish 'ghetto': formation and spatial structure. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings of the Third International Space Syntax Symposium. (pp. 55.1 - 55.16). : Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Green open access


Weber, P; (2001) "A house in the Black Forest". UNSPECIFIED

Weber, P; (2001) 'Reflexionen/Neuland', Weissenhof Architektur Foerderpreis. [Catalogue]. Deutscher Spurbuchverlag, Baunach, Germany: Stuttgart.

Weber, P; (2001) House 28/33. [Building]. Schlosshoehe 28, 77815 Buehl, Germany.

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