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AY Architects,; Manolopoulou, Y; (2006) Shutters, House F. [Artefact]. London.

Ayres, P; (2006) Complexity From the Ordinary. In: (Proceedings) Complexity of the Ordinary.

Ayres, P; (2006) Interfaces for Digital / Analogue Circularity. In: (Proceedings) Spatial Interface.

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Borden, I; (2006) Architecture on Air. UNSPECIFIED

Borden, I; (2006) Aus Liebe zum Automobil. KulturAustausch (August) 53 - 55.

Borden, I; (2006) Drive: Urban Experience and the Automobile (internet publication of public lecture). UNSPECIFIED

Borden, I; (2006) Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body (Japanese Edition). Shin-yo-sha, Translated by Miho Nakagawa, Masako Saito and Tsunehiko Yabe: Tokyo.

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Clear, N; (2006) Architecture and the Filmic Imaginary. In: (Proceedings) Spatial Interface. : University of Westminster, London.

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Clear, N; (2006) Perspectives of London. Nic Clear, JAM, London.

Clear, N; (2006) Synthetic Space. In: (Proceedings) CPH;DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival. : Copenhagen.

Clear, N; (2006) Young Architects of the Year 2006. Nic Clear, Building Design, London.

Cruz, M; (2006) Marcos Cruz and marcosandmarjan. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://designklicks.spiegel.de/


Cruz, M; (2006) Marcos Cruz / marcosandmarjan architects – Corpo Imprevisível / Unpredictable Flesh. Mimesis Arquitectura: Porto, Portugal.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2006) EL CORAL - MEIAC museum extension. [Design].

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Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2006) E-vernadero. E-greenhouse (El Coral). In: Cerveira-Pinto, A, (ed.) META.morfosis: el museo y el arte en la era digital. (136 - 140). Museo Extremeño y Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo.: Badajoz, Spain.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2006) Touching Design Issues - Vision and Creation of the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, UK by Simon Chih-Feng Shu. In: Chiu, M-L, (ed.) Re-imaging Architectural Design Studios. (154 - 171). ARCHIDATA: Taipei, Taiwan.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2006) Intervenções Temporárias na Feira do Livro 2005. In: Vaz Milheiro, A and Afonso, J and Nunes, J, (eds.) Habitar Portugal 2003/2005 – Selecção MAPEI/Ordem dos Arquitectos. (148 - 149). Ordem dos Arquitectos: Lisbon, Portugal.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2006) Intervenções Temporárias na Feira do Livro 2005 / Temporary Interventions for the Lisbon Book Fair 2005. In: Vaz Milheiro, A and Afonso, J and Nunes, J, (eds.) Habitar Portugal 2003/05 Selecção MAPEI/Ordem dos Arquitectos. (148 - 149). Ordem dos Arquitectos: Lisboa.


Diamond, R; (2006) On the demands and needs of cities/ Vom Bedarf und vom Verlangen der Städte. Werk, Bauen+Wohnen


Fatah gen Schieck, A; (2006) Towards an integrated architectural media space. firstmonday , 11 (4)

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Gage, S; Huntington, A; (2006) Interactive Ecological Landscape. UNSPECIFIED, UCL quadrangle June 2006.

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Haralambidou, P; (2006) 3 John Street, 1:50: Mise en Abyme. [Design].

Haralambidou, P; (2006) The Blossoming of Perspective: Duchamp's Given and the Stereoscopic Veil. In: (Proceedings) Spatial Interface. University of Westminster

Haralambidou, P; (2006) ‘The Allegorical Project: Architecture as Figurative Theory’. In: Anstey, T and Grillner, K and Hughes, R, (eds.) Architecture and Authorship: Studies in disciplinary remediation,. Black Dog: London.

Haralambidou, P; Difford, R; (2006) Apparent Tangibility: Stereo-Photography and Architectural Representation. In: (Proceedings) Camera/Constructs. University of East London

Haralambidou, P; Difford, R; (2006) Behind the Photograph: Inhabiting the Space of Stereo-Photography. University of East London

Hawley, C; (2006) Bathing Beauties. [Design].

Hawley, C; Porter, A; (2006) Pangyo Housing Competition. [Design]. Green open access

Hill, J; (2006) Drawing Forth Immaterial Architecture. ARQ , 10 (1) 51 - 55.

Hill, J; (2006) Drawing Research. The Journal of Architecture , 31 (3) 329 - 333.

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Jones, W; (2006) sixteen makers. Blueprint , 248 86 - 90.


Krolikowski, D; (2006) Steel & Orders German Steel Design Award Callwey ISBN 978-3-7667-1687-3. In: Steel & Orders German Steel Design Award. Callwey: Germany.


Lim, CJ; (2006) Aga Khan Trust for Culture Exhibition. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) Battersea Dogs Home. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) CJ Lim Au Frac Centre. Archistorm (18) 55 - 59.

Lim, CJ; (2006) CJ Lim Virtually Venice. [Catalogue]. Fonds Regional D’Art Contemporain Du Centre France: Orleans France.

Lim, CJ; (2006) Hobart Waterfront International Design Competition, Tasmania Australia. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) Hong Kong Design Institute International Competition, Hong Kong. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) LIFT New Parliament Architectural Competition, UK. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) Multi-Cultural Britain. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) Multi-Cultural: Gordon Square – A Cultural Foyer. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) My Kind of Town: The Alhambra. Architecture Today , 170 104 - 104.

Lim, CJ; (2006) New Headquarters Wexford County Council International Competition, Wexford Ireland. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) New National Library International Competition, Prague Czech Republic. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) Stockholm City Library International Architectural Competition, Stockholm Sweden. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2006) Virtually Venice. British Council UK: London, UK.

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Manzi, T.; (2006) Individualism, egalitarianism, hierarchy and fatalism in London housing associations, 1988-2003: A study of housing management and cultural change. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Migayrou, F; (2006) Architectures du corps intensif: Yves Klein: Jalons pour une généalogie. Cahiers du Musee National d'Art Moderne (96) 57 - 69.


Pandya, Samir; Bailey, Joanna; Campkin, Ben; De Graft-Johnson, Ann; Manley, Sandra; Mull, Robert; ... Edwards, Pamela; + view all (2006) CEBE Guide to Supporting Student Diversity in UK Schools of Architecture. CEBE: London, UK. Green open access

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Weber, P; (2006) A Journey Through Utopia. [Design].

Weber, P; (2006) Horizons - a house. [Design].

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