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Abraham, P; (2008) Pol Abraham. [Catalogue]. Editions du Centre Pompidou: Paris.

Anderson, V; (2008) Observatory Project Aims to Shape Estuary - Liverpool Daily Post. Liverpool Daily Post


Barnett, L; (2008) Mersey Plans £11 Beach Tower - The Guardian UK. The Guardian UK

Borden, I; (2008) Can Your Home Survive Children?

Borden, I; (2008) Comment: Sustainability and the Academic Agenda. Blueprint 46 - ?.

Borden, I; (2008) Moving Home: Heaven or Hell. www.liberatethehome.com

Borden, I; (2008) Questioning the Oxford Agenda. Building Design 2 - ?.

Borden, I; (2008) Race Flip: Deep Within the City, Skaters Make Their Own level Playing Field (Interview as part of article by Geoff Griffin). Salt Lake City Weekly 1 - 23.

Borden, I; (2008) Save the Southbank (interview as part of documentary film). UNSPECIFIED

Borden, I; (2008) Shulman's Modernist Utopia. Review of Michael Stern and Alan Hess, Julius Shulman – Palm Springs, (New York: Rizzoli, 2008). Architect's Journal 45 - 47.

Borden, I; (2008) Skate e a Cidade (Interview conducted by Lucas Ribeiro). Vista (15) 36 - 38.

Borden, I; (2008) Sustainability and Architectural Design. Space (492) 20 - 23.

Borden, I; (2008) Televisa television, Spain. UNSPECIFIED

Borden, I; (2008) The Value of Arts and Humanities Research to Life in the UK: Architecture. Architectural Research Quarterly , 12 (3-4) 216 - 221.

Borden, I; (2008) Universities Tempt Students with Radical Architecture. The Guardian

Borden, I; (2008) Performance, Risk and the Public Realm. In: Wolfrum, S and Nerdinger, W and Schaubeck, S, (eds.) Multiple City: Urban Concepts1908-2008,. (154 - 158). Jovis: Berlin.


Castillon, X; (2008) Arquitectura contra els pecats capitals - El Punt Spain. El Punt Spain

Clear, N; (2008) Ballardian.com. UNSPECIFIED

Clear, N; (2008) Post Post, after After Effects. In: (Proceedings) Time and Motion. : CSA, Canterbury.

Clear, N; Stark, GE; (2008) Adjacencies: innovative practices in spatial design and education. Circulating Objects: Vol.3. CSA: Canterbury.

Clear, NWD; (2008) An Animated History of UCL. Nic Clear Projects, UCL, Lord Mayors Show 2008, London.

Conroy Dalton, R; Vaughan, LS; (2008) Teaching space syntax through reflective practice and practica. In: Roaf, S and Bairstow, A, (eds.) The Oxford Conference: A re-evaluation of education in architecture. (211 - 214). WIT Press: Southampton.

Conroy-Dalton, R; Vaughan, L; (2008) Teaching space syntax through reflective practice and practica. In: (Proceedings) The Oxford Conference 2008. Green open access

Cruz, M; (2008) MARCOS CRUZ - FLESH ARCHITECTURE. [Digital scholarly resource].

Cruz, M; (2008) Marcos Cruz- Flesh Architecture. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.interactivearchitecture.org/marcos-cruz-flesh-architecture.html

Cruz, M; (2008) UCL Architect wins President's Award. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/news-articles/0811/08111901

Cruz, M; (2008) Neoplasmatic Design. Architectural Design 78.6. Wiley: Chichester.

Cruz, M; (2008) Flesh Matters. In: Klein, T and Kinugasa Tsui, K, (eds.) OS1 LSBU Lecture Series 2007/08. (20 - 23). London Southbank University: London.

Cruz, M; Collelti, M; (2008) Convoluted flesh. Architectural Design , 78 (4)

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2008) DUNES - Sales Centre for DAMAC. [Design].

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2008) HEATHROW CHRISTMAS TREE. [Design].

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2008) Nurbster IX / Dervishing Table. [Artefact]. University of Westminster, London UK.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2008) Nurbster VIII / Blister Wall. [Artefact]. Bartfest, Slade School of Art UCL, London UK.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2008) Convoluted Flesh - A Synthetic Approach to Analogue and Digital Architecture. In: Sheil, BG-E, (ed.) AD Protoarchitecture - Analogue and Digital Hybrids. (36 - 43). John Wiley & Sons Ltd: London.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; (2008) marcosandmarjan. In: Spiller, N, (ed.) Digital Architecture Now - A Global Survey of Emerging Talent. (218 - 227). Thames & Hudson: London.

Cruz, M; Colletti, M; Perez Arroyo, S; (2008) THE BOOMERANG - Mix-used Tower in Dubai. [Design].


Eylers, EC; (2008) What was new about the hygienic style? Presented at: The critique of the New, Architectural Association, London, UK.


Farrar, L; (2008) Eco-chic: Greening Cities of Tomorrow - CNN.com/Technology. CNN.com/Technology

Fatah, GSA; Penn, A; O'Neill, E; (2008) Mapping, sensing and visualising the digital co-presence in the public arena. In: Timmermans, H and de, VB, (eds.) Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning. (38 - 58). TU/e: Leende, The Netherlands.

Fatah gen Schieck, A; Briones, C; Mottram, C; (2008) The Urban Screen as a socialising platform: exploring the role of place within the urban space. In: Eckardt, F and Geelhaar, J and Colini, L and Willis, KS and Chorianopoulos, K and Hennig, R, (eds.) MEDIACITY. Situations, Practices and Encounters. (285 - 307). Frank & Timme GmbH

Fournier, C; (2008) 'Playing with fire': The biomorphic paradigm (Urbanska, MA, , Trans.). In: Budak, Adam,, (ed.) Co to jest architektura? What is architecture? Vol. 2. (380 - 409). Manggha: Krakow, Poland.

Fraser, M; (2008) Design Research Forum. In: Roaf, S and Bairstow, A, (eds.) The Oxford Conference: A re-evaluation of education in architecture. (349 - 372). Wit Pr/Computational Mechanics: Southampton, UK/Boston, USA.

Fraser, M; (2008) Design Research Forum. In: Roaf, S and Bairstow, A, (eds.) The Oxford Conference: A re-evaluation of education in architecture. (pp. 349 - 372). WIT Press: Southampton, UK/Boston, USA.


Gage, S; (2008) The Naked Scientists. UNSPECIFIED

Gage, S; (2008) The wonder of trivial machines. Architectural Design , 78 (4)

Gage, S; (2008) Today. UNSPECIFIED

Gage, SA; Leung, C; (2008) The Mechanical Homunculus.

Gil, J; Duarte, JP; (2008) Towards an Urban Design Evaluation Framework. In: Architecture in Computro-26th eCAADe Conference Proceedings, Antwerpen. (pp. 257 - 264).

Gil, J; Steinbach, P; (2008) From flood risk to indirect flood impact: evaluation of street network performance for effective management, response and repair. In: First International Conference on Flood Recovery, Innovation and Response. (pp. 335 - 344).

Glanville, R; (2008) All the 8's. Cybernetics and Human Knowing , 15 (1) 86 - 94.

Glanville, R; (2008) Blind. UNSPECIFIED

Glanville, R; (2008) Five Friends. Cybernetics and Human Knowing , 15 (3-4)

Glanville, R; (2008) Pask at the Centre. In: (Proceedings) 19th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research.

Glanville, R; (2008) Statement. In: Furtado, G and Povoas, N, (eds.) Contemporary Architectural Challenges 08: Conception, Production and Performance. (25 - 25). Universidade do Porto: Porto.

Glanville, R; (2008) A Cybernetic Serendipity. In: Glanville, R and Mueller, A, (eds.) Pask Present. (15 - 21). edition echoraum: Vienna.

Glanville, R; (2008) All the 8's. In: Glanville, R and Mueller, A, (eds.) Pask Present. (83 - 98). edition echoraum: Vienna.

Glanville, R; (2008) Introduction. In: Glanville, R and Mueller, A, (eds.) Pask Present. (9 - 13). edition echoraum: Vienna.

Glanville, R; (2008) Slow. In: Glanville, R and Mueller, A, (eds.) Pask Present. (48 - 51). edition echoraum: Vienna.

Glanville, R; (2008) Reflecting and Acting: reflecting on acting and acting on reflecting. In: Janssens, N and Verbeke, J, (eds.) Reflections 7. (99 - 103). Sint Lucas: Brussels.

Glanville, R; (2008) Conversation and Design. In: Luppicini, R, (ed.) Handbook of Conversation Design for Instructional Applications. (59 - 79). IGI Group: Hershey NY.

Glanville, R; (2008) The Edge of Stillness. In: Worden, S, (ed.) (Proceedings) Computers in Art and Design Education. (pp. 68 - 74).

Griffiths, S; Jones, CE; Haklay, M; Vaughan, L; (2008) Some Theoretical and Methodological Implications of Space Syntax Methodology for Historical GIS: the example of Greater London's suburban town centres. In: (Proceedings) Historical GIS 2008. : University of Essex, UK.

Guillery, P; Temple, P; (2008) Northern Clerkenwell and Pentonville. Survey of London: Vol.47. Yale University Press

Guillery, P; Temple, P; (2008) South and East Clerkenwell. Survey of London: Vol.46. Yale University Press


Haklay, M; Sahbaz, O; Vaughan, L; (2008) The Application of GISience in Space Syntax Analysis of the Charles Booth Maps of Poverty. In: (Proceedings) Historical GIS 2008. : University of Essex, UK.

Haklay, M; Vaughan, L; (2008) The Geography of Suburban Space (conference session). In: (Proceedings) RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2008. : Royal Geographical Society, London.

Haklay, M; Vaughan, L; Jones, CE; Griffiths, S; (2008) Towards a Spatial Understanding of Suburbs As Being Adaptable to Change. In: (Proceedings) RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2008. : London, UK.

Hanna, S; (2008) Numerical approaches in modelling design. In: Gero, J, (ed.) (Proceedings) NSF International Workshop on Studying Design Creativity '08.

Hill, JM; (2008) An Infinity of Interpretations. In: Athens by Sound: Venice Architecture Biennale. (61 - 63). Hellenic Ministry of Culture: Athens.

Hillier, B; (2008) Space is the Machine, (Chinese translation).

Hillier, B; (2008) The new science of space and the art of place. In: Haas, T, (ed.) New Urbanism and Beyond. (30 - 39). Rizzoli: New York.

Hillier, B; Karimi, K; Stonor, T; (2008) Using Space Syntax to Regenerate the Historic Centre of Jeddah’. In: (Proceedings) UIA World Congress, Tools for Governance.

Hillier, B; Stonor, T; Karimi, K; (2008) Using space syntax to regenerate the historic cores of cities: the case of Jeddah; or, why we need architectural models of whole cities. In: (Proceedings) World Congress of Architecture. : Turin. Green open access


Jones, CE; Haklay, M; Griffiths, S; Vaughan, L; (2008) Visualising London's Suburbs. In: (Proceedings) GISRUK 2008. : Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Green open access

Julius, C; (2008) Beijing Bling - Evening Standard UK. Evening Standard UK


Kanellos, A; Hanna, S; (2008) Topological Self-Organisation: Using a particle-spring system to generate structural space-filling lattices. In: (Proceedings) 26th eCAADe Conference: architecture 'in computro'.

KARIMI, K; (2008) Unlocking Spatial Potentials and Preserving Legacy: Evidence Based Approach for Planning Nan Shi District, Yi Ning. In: Proceedings of the Symposium of the Academic Committee of Foreign Studies in Urban Planning (ACoFSUP) & The Journal of Urban Planning International (UPI).

Kaye, A.; Gage, S.A.; Leung, C.; (2008) Technical & Practice: Pavilion tests shuttered external insulation. Architects' Journal , 227 (24) p. 43. Green open access

Krolikowski, D; (2008) 'My Favourite Chair' Callwey ISBN 978-3766717399. In: UNSPECIFIED


Lim, C; (2008) China: An International Perspective. In: (Proceedings) World Architecture Festival 2008, Barcelona Spain. World Architecture Festival + Architecture Review: Barcelona Spain.

Lim, C; (2008) Guangming Sustainable Park. In: Heinel, M and van Uffelen, C, (eds.) 1000 x Landscape Architecture. Verlagshaus-Braun: Germany.

Lim, CJ; (2008) A Tale of Two Cities. Architecture Asia Malaysia , 1 (1)

Lim, CJ; (2008) Darwin’s Island. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Designing for China. In: (Proceedings) China + the Creative Industries. V+A Museum: London UK.

Lim, CJ; (2008) Dream Isle. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Four Square House: Homage to John Hedjuk Shinkenchiku International Competition, Japan. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) GuangMing Central Park. Landscape Architecture China , 74 (March 2008)

Lim, CJ; (2008) GuangMing Smart-city. Architecture Asia Malaysia (2)

Lim, CJ; (2008) Guangming Sustainable Centre Park (2.4km sq) International Competition, PR China. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Magok Waterfront (1.1km sq) Masterplan International Competition, Seoul. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Matters of the Art. Design Weekly , 23 (15)

Lim, CJ; (2008) Mobile Floating Architecture: The Lawn House, International Competition, Germany. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) NanYu Shopping Park (0.5 km sq) International Competition, PR China. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) New Urban China/CJ Lim Profile. Architecture Design (September 2008)

Lim, CJ; (2008) Nordhavnen Eco-city (1.72km2) Masterplan International Competition, Denmark. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Poetic Sustainable Technologies. In: (Proceedings) Sustainability International Forum 08. ASA Bangkok Thailand: Bamngkok Thailand.

Lim, CJ; (2008) River Douglas Bridge International Competition, Lancashire UK. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Seasons Through the Looking Glass. Frame (64/Sept 2008)

Lim, CJ; (2008) Sichuan Earthquake Memorial Landscape International Competition, PR China. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Subterranean City. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Tangshan Memorial Park. Landscape Architecture China , 75 (April 2008)

Lim, CJ; (2008) The Baker’s Garden. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) The Mersey Observatory, Liverpool UK International Competition. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Through the Looking Glass. EastWest , 25 (Summer 2008)

Lim, CJ; (2008) Tunnel Vision. V+A Magazine (16/Summer 2008)

Lim, CJ; (2008) Un’Arcadia In Veste Di Citta: GuangMing Smart-city. Casamica Italy (Oct 2008)

Lim, CJ; (2008) We could plant a house, we could build a tree. Art-4D , 147 (April 2008)

Lim, CJ; (2008) West Cork Arts Centre International Competition, Ireland. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Drawing: The Motive Force of Architecture. In: Cook, P, (ed.) Drawing: The Motive Force of Architecture. (48 - 146).

Lim, CJ; (2008) Representational Techniques. In: Farrelly, L, (ed.) Representational Techniques. (102 - 171). AVA Publishing: Switzerland.

Lim, CJ; (2008) Dream Isle. In: Ito, T, (ed.) New Trend for Architecture in Europe + Asia Pacific. (14 - 19). Art Front Gallery Tokyo: Tokyo, Japan.

Lim, CJ; (2008) New Trends in Architecture. In: Ito, T, (ed.) (Proceedings) New Trends in Architecture in Europe + Asia Pacific 2008 -10. ArtFront Gallery Tokyo: Tokyo Japan.

Lim, CJ; (2008) A Green Masterplan is Still A Masterplan. In: Ruby, I and Ruby, A, (eds.) Urban Transformation. (22 - 29). Ruby Press/Holcim Foundation: Netherlands.

Lim, CJ; (2008) Seasons through the Looking Glass. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2008) Guangming Smartcity. In: Zhang, H and Parker, L, (eds.) China Design Now. (136 - 136). The Victoria + Albert Museum: London, UK.


Migayrou, F; (2008) Centre Pompidou. A + U-Architecture and Urbanism (451) 106 - 107.

Mueller, M; (2008) Auf Wasser Gebaut - Sueddeutsche Zeitung Germany. Sueddeutsche Zeitung Germany


Papapavlou, K; Linardou, O; Fatah gen Schieck, A; Turner, A; (2008) Mapping and visualising digital presence. In: 4th IET International Conference on Intelligent Environments, University of Washington in Seattle, USA, July 21 to July 22, 2008. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET): Stevenage, UK.

PSARRA, S; (2008) Invisible Surface – Reflections in Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion. 66 - 69.


Rendell, J; (2008) Art’s Use of Architecture: Place, Site and Setting. In: PsychoBuilding. Hayward Gallery: London.

Rendell, J; (2008) Critical Spatial Practice. In: Art Incorporated. Denmark: Kunstmuseet Koge Skitsesamling.

Rendell, J; (2008) Noughts and Crosses. In: Michael Pinsky: monograph. : London.

Rendell, J; (2008) Paradise Lost. In: Petites Terres. Barthete: France.

Rendell, J; (2008) Refunctioning the Infrastructure. In: Gaasitoru/Gas Pipe, Estonian Exposition at the 11th International Venice Architecture Biennale. Estonian Exposition at the 11th International Venice Architecture Biennale: Venice.

Rendell, J; (2008) Something is Not Quite Right. In: Daniel Arsham, monograph. Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin: Miami and Paris.

Rendell, J; (2008) Space, Place, Site: Critical Spatial Practice. In: Cartiere, C, (ed.) The Practice of Public Art,. Routledge: London.

Rendell, J; (2008) Site-Writing. In: Jormakka, K and Laaksonen, E, (eds.) Building, Designing, Thinking: conference proceedings for Building, Designing, Thinking, 3rd International Alvar Aalto Meeting on Modern Architecture, Alvar Aalto Akatemia Academy, Tiilimäki, Helsinki, Finland. Alvar Aalto Academy / Alvar Aalto Foundation: Helsinki.

Rendell, J; (2008) You tell Me. In: Miles, M and Harutyunyan, A, (eds.) Public Spheres After Socialism. Intellect: Bristol.


Spiller, N; (2008) sixteen*(makers). In: Spiller, N, (ed.) Digital Architecture Now. Thames & Hudson: London.

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Sykes, C; (2008) Mersey Observatory Plans - BBC Liverpool. BBC Liverpool

Sykes, C; (2008) Observatory Plans goes on Display - BBC News England. BBC News England


Taylor, J; Fatah gen. Schieck, A; Macknight, K; O'Neill, E; (2008) Tracking tourists to discover patterns of movement in heritage sites. In: (Proceedings) Cultural Heritage Research Meets Practice, 8th European conference on Research for Protection, Conservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

Temple, P; Guillery, P; (2008) Northern Clerkenwell and Pentonville. Survey of London: Vol.47. Yale University Press

Temple, P; Guillery, P; (2008) South and East Clerkenwell. Survey of London: Vol.46. Yale University Press


Vaughan, L; (2008) Mapping the East End 'Labyrinth'. UCL with Museum of London Docklands, London.

Vaughan, L; (2008) Mapping the East End 'Labyrinth'. In: Werner, A, (ed.) Jack the Ripper and the East End Labyrinth. (218 - 237). Random House: London. Green open access

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Vaughan, L; Haklay, M; Griffiths, S; Jones, CE; (2008) Towards an holistic understanding of suburban space. In: (Proceedings) Securing Successful Densification in our Suburbs. : Building Centre, London..

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