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Al-Sayed, K; (2012) A systematic approach towards creative urban design. In: (Proceedings) Design Computing and Cognition DCC’12. Springer

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Butcher, M; Appleton, Melissa,; (2012) 2EmmaToc/Writtle Calling. [Building]. Writtle, Essex, England.


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Chard, N.J.; (2012) Drawing indeterminate architecture, indeterminate drawings of architecture. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

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Cruz, M; (2012) LIVING BUILDINGS – ARCHITECTURE'S PATH TO ECOLOGY - TED lecture. TEDx UCL, University College London, UK.

Cruz, M; (2012) MARCOS CRUZ – VISÕES FUTURAS - TEDx lecture. TEDx Barcelos, Teatro de Barcelos, Portugal.

Cruz, M; (2012) MARCOS CRUZ by Alexandra Nova. Attitude Magazine (45) 43 - 48.

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Mias Gifre, JM; (2012) iGuzzini Barcelona Corporate Building by Josep Miàs. Actar: Barcelona.

Mias, Josep,; Miàs Arquitectes,; (2012) Banyoles Old Town Refurbishment. [Design].

Moutinho, A; (2012) 3D Multi-touch Library – 3D Sport Museum Collection. Presented at: Opening of the Sport Museum, Palácio Foz, Lisbon.

Moutinho, A; (2012) Performative Interaction – Exploring a prototyping platform as a generator of performative interactions in a museum context. Presented at: EN{code}D MSc Adaptive Architecture & Computation, Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (2011/2012), Royal Ear Hospital, London.


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