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Ahmed, S; Hammond, J; Ibarrola, R; Shackley, S; Haszeldine, S; (2012) The potential role of biochar in combating climate change in Scotland: an analysis of feedstocks, life cycle assessment and spatial dimensions. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management , 55 (4) 487 - 505. 10.1080/09640568.2011.608890.

Ahmed, SJ; Bramley, G; Dewan, AM; (2012) Exploratory growth analysis of a mega-city through different spatial metrics: a case study on Dhaka, Bangladesh (1960-2005). URISA Journal , 24 (1) 5 - 20.

Boano, C; Hunter, W,; (2012) Architecture at Risk (?): The Ambivalent Nature of Post-disaster Practice. Architectoni.ca , 1 (1) 1 - 13. 10.5618/arch.2012.v1.n1.1.

Broto, VC; (2012) Social housing and low carbon transitions in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions , 2 82 - 97. 10.1016/j.eist.2012.01.001.

Broto, VC; Allen, A; Rapoport, E; (2012) Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Metabolism. JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY , 16 (6) 851 - 861. 10.1111/j.1530-9290.2012.00556.x.

Broto, VC; Allen, A; Rapoport, E; (2012) Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Metabolism. Journal of Industrial Ecology , 16 (6) 851 - 861. 10.1111/j.1530-9290.2012.00556.x.

Bulkeley, H; Castán Broto, V; Edwards, G; (2012) Bringing climate change to the city: towards low carbon urbanism? Local Environment: the international journal of justice and sustainability , 17 (5) 545 - 551. 10.1080/13549839.2012.681464.

Cabannes, Y; (2012) Financing urban agriculture. Environment and Urbanization , 24 (2) 665 - 683. 10.1177/0956247812456126. Green open access

Careri, F; Rocco, M; Talocci, G; (2012) A Parábola do São Cosme na Vila Paraíso. ReDobra , 10 94 - 100.

Castán Broto, V; (2012) Environmental conflicts, research projects and the generation of collective expectations: A case study of a land regeneration project in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Public Understanding of Science , 21 (4) 432 - 446. 10.1177/0963662510385310.

Castán Broto, V; (2012) Exploring the lay/expert divide: The attribution of responsibilities for coal ash pollution in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Local Environment , 17 (8) 879 - 895. 10.1080/13549839.2012.714753.

Davila, JD; (2012) Nuevos transportes y movilidad urbana. Revista Bitacora , 21 (2) 58 - 60. Green open access

Davila, JD; Brand, P; (2012) La gobernanza del transporte público urbano: Indagaciones alrededor de los Metrocables de Medellín. Revista Bitacora , 21 (2) 85 - 96. Green open access

Griffin, L; (2012) Making Communities Resilient To Crisis. CSD Bullitin , Forthcoming

Griffin, L; (2012) Where is Power in Governance? Why Geography Matters in the Theory of Governance. Political Studies Review , 10 (2) 208 - 220. 10.1111/j.1478-9302.2012.00260.x.

Johnson, C; Lizarralde, G; (2012) Post-disaster housing and reconstruction. International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home 340 - 346. 10.1016/B978-0-08-047163-1.00046-1.

Johnson, CA; (2012) Los riesgos de desastre a través de la planificación, uso del suelo y reglamentos de edificación. Medio Ambiente y Urbanización , 75 (1) 71 - 90.

Juan, PBS; Daniel, ROH; (2012) Transport accessibility and social inequities: a tool for identification of mobility needs and evaluation of transport investments. Journal of Transport Geography , 24 10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2011.12.004.

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Marx, C; Halcli, A; Barnett, C; (2012) Locating the global governance of HIV and AIDS: Exploring the geographies of transnational advocacy networks. Health and Place , 18 (3) 490 - 495. 10.1016/j.healthplace.2012.02.006.

Mitlin, D; Satterthwaite, D; (2012) Editorial: Addressing poverty and inequality; new forms of urban governance in Asia. Environment and Urbanization , 24 (2) 395 - 401. 10.1177/0956247812458062.

Newton, C; (2012) Victoria Mxenge: a Story About More Than Women Building Their Community. Urban Forum , 23 , Article 2. 10.1007/s12132-012-9150-4.

Palttala, P; Boano, C; Lund, R; Vos, M; (2012) Communication Gaps in Disaster Management: Perceptions by Experts from Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations. JOURNAL OF CONTINGENCIES AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT , 20 (1) 2 - 12. 10.1111/j.1468-5973.2011.00656.x.

Patel, K; (2012) The Value of Secure Tenure: Ethnographic Accounts of How Tenure Security is Understood and Realised by Residents of Low-Income Settlements in Durban, South Africa. Urban Forum 1 - 19.

Rydin, Y; Bleahu, A; Davies, M; Dávila, JD; Friel, S; De Grandis, G; ... Wilson, J; + view all (2012) Shaping cities for health: complexity and the planning of urban environments in the 21st century. Lancet , 379 (9831) 2079 - 2108. 10.1016/S0140-6736(12)60435-8. Gold open access

Rydin, Y; Davila, JD; Davies, M; Hallal, P; Hamilton, I; Lai, KM; Wilkinson, P; (2012) Healthy communities. Local Environment: the international journal of justice and sustainability , 17 (5) 553 - 560. 10.1080/13549839.2012.681465. Green open access

Sanyal, R; (2012) Refugees and the City: An Urban Discussion. Geography Compass , 6 (11) 633 - 644. 10.1111/gec3.12010.

Schuermans, N; Newton, C; (2012) Being a young and foreign researcher in South Africa: Towards a postcolonial dialogue. SINGAPORE JOURNAL OF TROPICAL GEOGRAPHY , 33 (3) 295 - 300. 10.1111/sjtg.12005_4.

Talocci, G; (2012) Learning from Mobility: the field as a condition of empowered nomadism. The case of the Baan Mankong programme, Thailand. San Rocco , 2 - The Even Covering of the Field

Walls, M; Kibble, S; (2012) Somalia: oil and (in)security. REVIEW OF AFRICAN POLITICAL ECONOMY , 39 (133) 525 - 535. 10.1080/03056244.2012.711079.


Davila, JD; (2012) Movilidad urbana y pobreza: Aprendizajes de Medellín y Soacha, Colombia. Development Planning Unit, UCL & Universidad Nacional de Colombia: London.

Mitlin, D; Satterthwaite, D; (2012) Urban poverty in the global south: Scale and nature.

Book chapter

Allen, A; (2012) Water provision for and by the peri-urban poor: Public-community partnerships or citizens co-production? In: Vojnovic, I and Vojnovic, I, (eds.) Sustainability: A Global Urban Context. (309 - 340). Michigan State University (MSU) Press: Lansing MI.

Davila, JD; (2012) Bogotá. In: Beavis, SG and Braun, R and Fogel, D, (eds.) Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: The Americas and Oceania: Assessing Sustainability. Berkshire Publishing Group: Great Barrington, MA, US.

De Decker, P; Newton, C; (2012) Waarom de leeuw aan het bouwen sloeg. Bouwstenen voor een zoektocht naar de grondslagen van het Belgisch/Vlaamse woonmodel. In: De Decker, P and Hubeau, B and Loots, I and Pannecoucke, I, (eds.) Zolang de leeuw kan bouwen. (71 - 107). Garant: Antwerpen-Apeldoorn.

Frediani, AA; Boano, C; (2012) Processes for Just Products: The Capability Space of Participatory Design. In: Oosterlaken, I and Hoven, JVD, (eds.) The Capability Approach, Technology and Design. (? - ?). Springer Verlag

FREDIANI, AA; BOANO, C; (2012) Processes for Just Products: The Capability Space of Participatory Design. In: Oosterlaken, I and Hoven, JVD, (eds.) The Capability Approach, Technology and Design. (? - ?). Springer Verlag

Griffin, L; (2012) Codyssey. In: ATLAS: Geography, Architecture and Change in an Interdependent World.

Johnson, CA; Lizarralde, G; (2012) Post-disaster housing and reconstruction. In: International Encyclopaedia of Housing and Home. Elsevier: Oxford.

Pak, B; Newton, C; Verbeke, J; (2012) Virtual Worlds and Architectural Education: A Typological Framework. In: Achten, H and Pavlicek, J and Hulin, J and Matejdan, D, (eds.) Digital Physicality - Proceedings of the 30th eCAADe Conference - Volume 1. (739 - 746). : Prague.

Satterthwaite, D; Sverdlik, A; (2012) Energy access and housing for low-income groups in urban areas. In: UNSPECIFIED (73 - 94).

Talocci, G; (2012) Occupying and the New Monuments. In: Boano, C and Hunter, W and Talocci, G, (eds.) DPU summerLab 2012 series - Rome Occupation City. (4 - 9). DPU: London.

Talocci, G; (2012) Kampala Case Study. In: Cabannes, Y, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED (74 - 75). Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations: Rome.

Walls, M; Elmi, H; (2012) Indigenous Forms and External Interventions in a Somali Context. In: Fadal, M, (ed.) Reflections and Lessons of Somaliland’s two Decades of Sustained Peace, State-building and Democratization. (70 - 86). SORADI/Heinrich Böll Stiftung: Hargeisa/Nairobi.

Walls, M; Kibble, S; (2012) Lessons From Somaliland’s 2010 Presidential Elections: What Democratic Spaces, What Opportunities? In: Fadal, M, (ed.) Reflections and Lessons of Somaliland’s two Decades of Sustained Peace, State-building and Democratization. (23 - 43). SORADI/Heinrich Böll Stiftung: Hargeisa/Nairobi.

Zhang, L; (2012) Does Climate Change Make Industrialization An Obsolete Development Strategy for Cities in the South? In: Hoornweg, D and Frieire, M and Lee, JM and Bpada-Tata, P and Yueh, B, (eds.) Cities and climate change : responding to an urgent agenda. Vol.2. (564 - 581). The World Bank: Washington, DC, USA.

Conference item

Allen, AE; (2012) Activating the right to water in the Americas. Presented at: 6th World Water Forum, Marseille.

Allen, AE; (2012) From water poverty to water justice in the urban context: Challenges and transformative alternatives in Latin America. Presented at: De la pobreza del agua a la justicia hídrica en el ámbito urbano: Desafíos y alternativas de cambio en el contexto latinoamericano, CIDER, Bogota (Colombia).

Digital scholarly resource

Boano, C; (2012) Reading Harvey in Bangkok. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/dpublog/2012/05/12/reading-harvey-in-bangkok/

Boano, C; PPRD south,; (2012) Civil Protection Operational Manual. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.euromedcp.eu/en/general-news/general-news/795-pprd-south-civil-protection-manual-available-now-for-download.html

Boano, C; Talocci, G,; Wade, A.,; (2012) Il muro di Metropoliz. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://eddyburg.it/article/articleview/18417/0/124/

Griffin, L; (2012) Privatising the Common Fisheries Policy. [Digital scholarly resource].

Griffin, L; (2012) The New Fishing Imperialism. [Digital scholarly resource].

Griffin, L; Mahony, N; Clarke, J; Pell, S; (2012) Creating Publics, Creating Democracies. [Digital scholarly resource].

Lipietz, B; (2012) Hidden Journeys - Johannesburg and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://hiddenjourneys.co.uk/Dar-Johannesburg/Johannesburg-1.aspx

Talocci, G; (2012) On Not Doing: Negligence and Play, Myths and Rites. The work of Laboratorio Arti Civiche in Salvador de Bahia. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/dpublog/2012/07/14/on-not-doing-negligence-and-play-myths-and-rites-the-work-of-laboratorio-arti-civiche-in-salvador-de-bahia/

Walls, M; (2012) International engagement in Somalia: lessons from Somaliland? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/dpublog/2012/02/29/international-engagement-in-somalia/

Walls, M; (2012) Somaliland: proof that aid doesn’t work … or lessons on some of the kinds that do (sometimes). [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/dpublog/2012/02/02/somaliland/

Walls, M; (2012) Where to for Somali State-Building Since London and Istanbul Conferences? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.e-ir.info/2012/07/28/where-to-for-somali-state-building-since-london-and-istanbul-conferences/


Allen, AE; Von Bertrab, E; Frediani, A; Lambert, R; Hofmann, P; Wood-Hill, M; (2012) Trajectories of change: Land, Urbanisation and Urban Agriculture in Accra. UNSPECIFIED

Von Bertrab, E; Allen, A; Frediani, AA; Wood-Hill, M; Lambert, R; (2012) Trajectories of change: land, urbanisation and urban agriculture in Accra. DPU TV, DPU TV.

Proceedings paper

Davila, JD; (2012) Poverty, participation and aerial cable-cars: A case study of Medellin. In: (Proceedings) 12th NAERUS Annual Conference ‘The city at a human scale’. (pp. ? - ?). (In press).

Hasan, MM; Davila, JD; (2012) The politics of (im)mobility and the decision to restrict rickshaw circulation in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In: (Proceedings) 32nd International Geographical Congress. (In press).

Zhang, L; (2012) Does climate change make industrialization an obsolete development strategy for cities in the South? In: Cities and climate change : responding to an urgent agenda (Vol. 2 of 2) : Cities and the urgent challenges of climate change. (pp. 1 - 17). The World Bank


Allen, AE; Castan Broto, V; Godfrey, N; Savage, R; (2012) Future Proofing Cities: Risks and opportunities for inclusive growth in developing countries. Atkins: London.

Blackburn, S; Johnson, CA; (2012) Making cities resilient report 2012: a global snapshot of how local governments reduce disaster risk. United Nations: Geneva.

Kibble, S; Walls, M; (2012) Preparing for Local Elections in Somaliland: Plans, challenges and progress. Progressio: London.

Meikel, S; Chambers, T; Frediani, AA; Goodfellow, T; (2012) Global Urban Market Based Livelihoods in Oxfam-GB: Lessons and Experiences from Kenya, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Colombia, Haiti and Russia. OXFAM-GB: London.

Walker, JH; (2012) SDC South Caucasus Regional Programme Gender Backstopping Mandate: Final Report. Swiss Development Co-operation SDZ/ DEZA: Tbilisi.


Allen Brunet, A.E.; (2012) Neoliberal restructuring at work in the urban South: the production and re-production of scarcity and vulnerability in the Argentine fisheries sector. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Cooper, R; (2012) A slum assemblage in Mumbai: emergence, organization and sociospatial morphology. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Patel, K; (2012) Tenure and Vulnerability: The effects of changes to tenure security on the identity and social relationships of the urban poor. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Verissimo, CF; (2012) Visioning the agrocity – the significance of Outdoor Domestic Space to an ecodevelopment model of medium size cities, the case study of Dondo, Mozambique. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Working / discussion paper

Lipietz, B; (2012) 'Managing the Global Commons’ - An interview with Alain Lipietz.

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