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Al Sayed, K; Turner, A; Hanna, S; (2010) Modelling spatial morphogenesis in cities. In: (Proceedings) 10th International Conference on Design and Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Al-Sayed, K; Dalton, RC; Hölscher, C; (2010) Discursive design thinking: The role of explicit knowledge in creative architectural design reasoning. AI EDAM , 24 , Article 2. 10.1017/S0890060410000065.

AL-SAYED, K; Turner, A; Hanna, S; (2010) Modelling spatial morphogenesis in cities: the dynamics of spatial change in Manhattan. In: (Proceedings) the 10th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DESIGN AND DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS IN ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING.

Al_Sayed, K.; Turner, P.A.; Hanna, S.; (2010) Modelling The Spatial Morphogenesis In Cities: The Dynamics of Spatial Change in Manhattan. In: Timmermans, H.J.P. and de Vries, B., (eds.) 10th International Conference on Design & Decision Support Systems, 19-22 July 2010, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Department of Architecture,Building, and Planning, Eindhoven University of Technology: Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Green open access


Carlson, LA; Hölscher, C; Shipley, TF; Conroy Dalton, R; (2010) Getting lost in buildings. Current Directions in Psychological Science , 19 (5) 284 - 289. 10.1177/0963721410383243.

Conroy Dalton, R; Hölscher, C; Peck, T; Pawar, V; (2010) Judgments of building complexity & navigability in virtual reality. In: (Proceedings) Spatial Cognition 2010. (In press).

Conroy Dalton, R; Hölscher, C; Spiers, H; (2010) Navigating complex buildings: cognition, neuroscience and architectural design. In: (Proceedings) NSF International Workshop on Studying Visual and Spatial Reasoning for Design Creativity SDC'10.

Cook, D; Bartlett, PN; Zhang, W; Levason, W; Reid, G; Ke, J; ... Sazio, P; + view all (2010) The electrodeposition of copper from supercritical CO₂/acetonitrile mixtures and from supercritical trifluoromethane. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 12 11744 - 11752. 10.1039/C004227G.

Csefalvayova, L; Pelikan, M; Cigic, IK; Kolar, J; Strlic, M; (2010) Use of genetic algorithms with multivariate regression for determination of gelatine in historic papers based on FT-IR and NIR spectral data. TALANTA , 82 (5) 1784 - 1790. 10.1016/j.talanta.2010.07.062. Green open access


Dalton, NS; Conroy Dalton, R; (2010) Solutions for visibility-accessibility and signage problems via layered-graphs. Journal of Space Syntax , 1 (1) 164 - 176.

Domenech Aparisi, T.A.; (2010) Social aspects of industrial symbiosis networks. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Fenech, A; Strlic, M; Cigic, IK; Levart, A; Gibson, LT; de Bruin, G; ... Cassar, M; + view all (2010) Volatile aldehydes in libraries and archives. ATMOS ENVIRON , 44 (17) 2067 - 2073. 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.03.021.

Fenech, A; Strlic, M; Degano, I; Cassar, M; (2010) Stability of chromogenic colour prints in polluted indoor environments. POLYM DEGRAD STABIL , 95 (12) 2481 - 2485. 10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2010.08.009.

Fouseki, K; (2010) Community voices, curatorial choices: community consultation for the 1807 exhibitions. Museum and Society , 8 (3) 180 - 192.


Hölscher, C; Brösamle, M; Conroy Dalton, R; (2010) On the role of spatial analysis in design synthesis: the case of wayfinding. In: Gero, J, (ed.) (Proceedings) NSF International Workshop on Studying Visual and Spatial Reasoning for Design Creativity SDC'10. (In press).

Hillier, B.; Raford, N.; (2010) Description and discovery in socio-spatial analysis: the case of space syntax. In: Walford, G. and Tucker, E. and Viswanathan, M., (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Measurement. (pp. 265-282). SAGE Publications Ltd: London, UK.

Hosking, J; Macmillan, A; Connor, J; Bullen, C; Ameratunga, S; (2010) Organisational travel plans for improving health. Cochrane Database Syst Rev (3) CD005575 - ?. 10.1002/14651858.CD005575.pub3.


Jones, B; (2010) Quantifying the Performance of Natural Ventilation Windcatchers. Doctoral thesis, Brunel University. Green open access

JONES, B; Kirby, R; (2010) The Performance of Natural Ventilation Windcatchers in Schools - A Comparison between Prediction and Measurement. International Journal of Ventilation , 9 (3) 273 - 286. Green open access


Kavgic, M; Mavrogianni, A; Mumovic, D; Summerfield, A; Stevanovic, Z; Djurovic-Petrovic, M; (2010) A review of bottom-up building stock models for energy consumption in the residential sector. BUILD ENVIRON , 45 (7) 1683 - 1697. 10.1016/j.buildenv.2010.01.021.

Kitazawa, K.; Fujiyama, T.; (2010) Pedestrian vision and collision avoidance behavior: investigation of the information process space of pedestrians using an eye tracker. In: Klingsch, W.W.F. and Rogsch, C. and Schadschneider, A. and Schreckenberg, M., (eds.) Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2008. (pp. pp. 95-108). Springer: London, UK. Green open access


Lopez De Vallejo, I.; (2010) Measuring spatial and temporal features of physical interaction dynamics in the workplace. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

LUXFORD, N; Thickett, D; Wyeth, P; (2010) Applying Preventive Conservation Recommendations for Silk in Historic Houses. In: Janssen, E and Paris, M and Sawicki, M and Seymour, K and Thorn, A, (eds.) Proceedings of the joint interim conference Multidisciplinary Conservation: A Holistic View for Historic Interiors Rome 23-26 March 2010.


Moore, G.E.; (2010) The effectiveness of small-scale urban public open space regeneration processes at delivering sustainable communities: UK Case Study - Groundwork North London. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Saeli, M; Piccirillo, C; Parkin, IP; Ridley, I; Binions, R; (2010) Nano-composite thermochromic thin films and their application in energy-efficient glazing. SOL ENERG MAT SOL C , 94 (2) 141 - 151. 10.1016/j.solmat.2009.08.010.

Strlič, M.; Cséfalvayová, L.; Kolar, J.; Menart, E.; Kosek, J.; Barry, C.; ... Cassar, M.; + view all (2010) Non-destructive characterisation of iron gall ink drawings: not such a galling problem. Talanta , 81 (1-2) pp. 412-417. 10.1016/j.talanta.2009.12.017. Green open access

Strlič, M.; Menart, E.; Cigić, I.K.; Kolar, J.; de Bruin, G.; Cassar, M.; (2010) Emission of reactive oxygen species during degradation of iron gall ink. Polymer Degradation and Stability , 95 (1) pp. 66-71. 10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2009.10.011. Green open access

Summerfield, AJ; Pathan, A; Lowe, RJ; Oreszczyn, T; (2010) Changes in energy demand from low-energy homes. BUILD RES INF , 38 (1) 42 - 49. 10.1080/09613210903262512.


van Ree, H.J.; (2010) Service quality indicators for business support services. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Verri, G; Ambers, J; (2010) Revealing Stratigraphy. In: Ambers, J and Higgitt, C and Saunders, D, (eds.) Italian Renaissance drawings. (? - ?). Archetype Books

Verri, G; Tanimoto, S; Higgitt, C; (2010) Inks and washes (no translator, , Trans.). In: Ambers, J and Higgitt, C and Saunders, D, (eds.) Italian Renaissance drawings. (57 - 76). Archetype Books


Waterton, EW; Smith, L; Wilson, R; Fouseki, K; (2010) Forgetting to Heal: Remembering the Abolition Act. European Journal of English Studies , 14 (1) 23 - 45.

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