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Al-Sayed, K; (2011) Parametric Urban Design with Space Syntax. Presented at: Fall 2011 International Conference, Portland, Oregon.

Augusto, JC; Kameas, A; Callaghan, V; Lotfi, A; Hanna, S; Egerton, S; (2011) Proceedings - 2011 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, IE 2011: Preface. Proceedings - 2011 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, IE 2011 10.1109/IE.2011.4.


Behrens, MM; (2011) Swipe ‘I like’: location based digital narrative through embedding the ‘Like’ button in the real world. Presented at: 5th International Conference on Communities & Technologies - Digital Cities 7, Brisbane, Australia. Green open access

Brösamle, M; Hölscher, C; Conroy Dalton, R; (2011) From here to there: diagrammatic analysis of multi-modal transcripts in wayfinding desig. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing (AIEDAM) , 25 (3)


Cortesi, A; Merrifield, MR; Arnaboldi, M; Gerhard, O; Martinez-Valpuesta, I; Saha, K; ... Freeman, KC; + view all (2011) Unravelling the origins of S0 galaxies using maximum likelihood analysis of planetary nebulae kinematics. \mnras , 414 642-651 - 642-651. 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2011.18429.x.

Cannon-Brookes, SWA; (2011) New advances in daylighting. Museum Practice

Carlos Augusto, J; Hanna, S; Kameas, A; Lotfi, A; (2011) The Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Environments: A Report. AI MAGAZINE , 32 (4) 112 - 113.

Cassar, M; (2011) Energy Reduction and the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: a Review of Past, Present and Forthcoming Initiatives. International Preservation News , 55 6 - 9. Green open access

Chrysikou, E.; (2011) Architecture for the mentally ill: analysis of therapeutic spaces for clients with severe conditions. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Csefalvayova, L; Strlic, M; Karjalainen, H; (2011) Quantitative NIR Chemical Imaging in Heritage Science. ANAL CHEM , 83 (13) 5101 - 5106. 10.1021/ac200986p.


Das, P; Gerhard, O; Mendez, RH; Teodorescu, AM; de Lorenzi, F; (2011) Using NMAGIC to probe the dark matter halo and orbital structure of the X-ray bright, massive elliptical galaxy, NGC 4649. \mnras 715-+ - 715-+. 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2011.18771.x.

Dalton, N.S.C.; (2011) Synergy, inteligibility and revelation in neighbourhood places. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Davies, H; Palmer, J; Mumovic, D; Dasgupta, A; (2011) CIBSE Response to Implementation of 2010-2011 Review of Education: Consultation Document, Department for Education, London. CIBSE: London.

Davoudian, N; (2011) Visual saliency of urban objects at night: Impact of the density of background light patterns. LEUKOS , 8 (2) 137 - 152. 10.1582/LEUKOS.2011.08.02.004.

Domenech, T; Davies, M; (2011) Structure and morphology of industrial symbiosis networks: The case of Kalundborg. In: 4TH AND 5TH UK SOCIAL NETWORKS CONFERENCES.

Domenech, T; Davies, M; (2011) The Role of Embeddedness in Industrial Symbiosis Networks: Phases in the Evolution of Industrial Symbiosis Networks. BUS STRATEG ENVIRON , 20 (5) 281 - 296. 10.1002/bse.695.

DOMENECH APARISI, T; Davies, M; (2011) Structure and morphology of industrial symbiosis networks. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences , 10 79 - 89.


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Fenech, A; Strlic, M; Ntanos, K; Bell, N; Cassar, M; (2011) Lifetime of Chromogenic Colour Photographs in Mixed Archival Collections. In: (Proceedings) 16th Triennial Conference ICOM-CC.

Fenech, A.; (2011) Lifetime of colour photographs in mixed archival collections. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Fidler, D; (2011) A Recurrence for Bounds on Dominating Sets in -Majority Tournaments. Electr. J. Comb. -1--1 - -1--1.


Gil, J; Almeida, J; Duarte, JP; (2011) The backbone of a City Information Model (CIM): Implementing a spatial data model for urban design. In: 29th eCAADe.

Griffiths, S; (2011) Editorial. Urban Design International , 16 (4) 239 - 241. 10.1057/udi.2011.17.

GRIFFITHS, S; (2011) Historical Space in Alnwick – possibilities for thinking across disciplines. In: (Proceedings) 18th International Seminar on Urban Form.

GRIFFITHS, S; (2011) Temporality in Hillier and Hanson's Theory of Spatial Description: Some Implications Of Historical Research For Space Syntax. Journal of Space Syntax , 2 (1) 73 - 96.

GRIFFITHS, S; (2011) The possibilities of space and place in industrial Sheffield c.1750-1910. In: (Proceedings) 30th International Human Research Sciences Conference.

Griffiths, S; (2011) Untitled. URBAN DES INT , 16 (2) 73 - 75. 10.1057/udi.2011.5.


Hamilton, IG; Davies, M; Ridley, I; Oreszczyn, T; Barrett, M; Lowe, R; ... Chalabi, Z; + view all (2011) The impact of housing energy efficiency improvements on reduced exposure to cold - the 'temperature take back factor'. BUILD SERV ENG RES T , 32 (1) 85 - 98. 10.1177/0143624410394532.

Hanna, S; (2011) Digital Tools for Creative Hinges. In: Distributed Intelligence in Design. (pp. 106 - 122).

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HANNA, S; (2011) Philippe Blanchard and Dimitri Volchenkov's 'Mathematical Analysis of Urban Spatial Networks'. The Journal of Space Syntax , 2 (1) 115 - 117.

HANNA, S; Oxman, N; (2011) Q&A: Neri Oxman / Sean Hanna. In: Sheil, B and Glynn, R, (eds.) Fabricate: Making Digital Architecture. (144 - 151). Riverside Architectural Press

Brown, DC (Ed). (2011) Representing and Reasoning About 3D Space. [Whole issue]. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing , 25 (4). (In press).

Hanna, S; Regli, W; (2011) Representing and reasoning about three-dimensional space. AI EDAM-ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR ENGINEERING DESIGN ANALYSIS AND MANUFACTURING , 25 (4) 315 - 316. 10.1017/S0890060411000187.

Hillier, WRG; (2011) History and the Form of Cities. South Architecture: Paper Selection for the 5th International Conference on Chinese Architectural History , 144 10 - 18.

Hillier, WRG; (2011) Is architectural form meaningless: a configurational theory of generic meaning in architecture, and its limits. Journal of Space Syntax 2 , 2 125 - 153. Green open access

Hillier, WRG; (2011) Is architectural form meaningless: a configurational theory of generic meaning in architecture, and its limits. Journal of Space Syntax 2 , 2 (2) 125 - 153.

Hillier, WRG; (2011) Space syntax: eine Denkmaschine fur die Architektur (Space syntax: a thinking machine for architecture). In: Faschingeder, K, (ed.) Die Architektur der neuen Weltordnung (Architecture in the Age of Empire). (201 - 207). Publishing House of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar: Weimar.

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Keable, E; Marmot, AF; (2011) Evolution of the Workplace. In: Coles, D, (ed.) Work on the Move: Driving strategy and change in workplaces. (38 - 52). IFMA Foundation

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Lindsay, G; Macmillan, A; Woodward, A; (2011) Moving urban trips from cars to bicycles: impact on health and emissions. Aust N Z J Public Health , 35 (1) 54 - 60. 10.1111/j.1753-6405.2010.00621.x.

LUXFORD, N; Thickett, D; (2011) Designing accelerated ageing experiments to study silk deterioration in historic houses. Journal of the Institute of Conservation , 34 115 - 127.

LUXFORD, N; Thickett, D; Wyeth, P; (2011) Non-destructive testing of silk: problems and possibilities. In: Preprints ICOM-CC 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon. Criterio: Portugal.


MAFAKHERI, F; NASIRI, F; (2011) Coordination in Reverse Supply Chains. In: (Proceedings) The OR Society 53rd Annual Conference (OR53).

Maliene, V; Grigonis, V; Palevicius, V; Griffiths, S; (2011) Geographic information system: Old principles with new capabilities. URBAN DES INT , 16 (1) 1 - 6. 10.1057/udi.2010.25.

Mavrogianni, A; Davies, M; Batty, M; Belcher, SE; Bohnenstengel, SI; Carruthers, D; ... Ye, Z; + view all (2011) The comfort, energy and health implications of London's urban heat island. BUILD SERV ENG RES T , 32 (1) 35 - 52. 10.1177/0143624410394530.

Mavrogianni, A; Raslan, R; Oreszczyn, T; (2011) Modelling the uptake of low carbon technologies in the UK residential building sector. In: (Proceedings) CISBAT 11 International Conference. (In press).

McAndrew, C; (2011) The new and the young: Kuhn revisited. The Psychologist , 24 (8) 620 - 621.

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Mumovic, D; (2011) CIBSE School Design Group Bulletin No.4, 54 pages, June 2011, London (electronic version accessible via CIBSE website). [Digital scholarly resource].

Myeda, ME; Kamaruzzaman, SN; PITT, M; (2011) Measuring the performance of office buildings maintenance management in Malaysia. Journal of Facilities Management , 9 (3) 181 - 199.


Napolitano, NR; Romanowsky, AJ; Capaccioli, M; Douglas, NG; Arnaboldi, M; Coccato, L; ... Freeman, KC; + view all (2011) The PN.S Elliptical Galaxy Survey: a standard ΛCDM halo around NGC 4374? \mnras , 411 2035-2053 - 2035-2053. 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2010.17833.x.

Namdar, D; Verri, G; Stacey, RJ; Middleton, A; Simpson, SJ; (2011) A New Application of Fiber-Optic Reflection Spectroscopy (FORS): Characterization of Low-Temperature Alteration of Chlorite Schist and Implications for Understanding Ancient Stone Cooking Vessels. APPL SPECTROSC , 65 (1) 43 - 51. 10.1366/10-05996.

NASIRI, F; Savage, T; Wang, R; Barawid, N; Zimmerman, J; (2011) Municipal Water System Planning and Optimization: Exploring Water Reclamation and Reuse from Water Utilities’ Perspectives. In: (Proceedings) The 29th International Conference of The System Dynamics Society.

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Oriola, M; Strlic, M; Csefalvayova, L; Odlyha, M; Campo, G; (2011) Non-destructive Condition Assessment of Painting Canvases Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy. In: (Proceedings) 16th Triennial Conference ICOM-CC.

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Pankhurst, LJ; Akeel, U; Hewson, C; Maduka, I; Pham, P; Saragossi, J; ... Lai, KM; + view all (2011) Understanding and mitigating the challenge of bioaerosol emissions from urban community composting. ATMOS ENVIRON , 45 (1) 85 - 93. 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.09.044.

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Sharma, A; Marshall, RJ; Macmillan, AK; Merrie, AE; Reid, P; Bissett, IP; (2011) Determining levels of fecal incontinence in the community: a New Zealand cross-sectional study. Dis Colon Rectum , 54 (11) 1381 - 1387. 10.1097/DCR.0b013e31822dd0f0.

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