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Alagona, G; Germano, G; Ghio, C; (2000) Theoretical study of the stability of myrsinone in vacuo and in solution. THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY ACCOUNTS , 104 (3-4) 210 - 217. 10.1007/s002140000135.

Alexander, DC; Gee, JC; (2000) Elastic matching of diffusion tensor images. Computer Vision and Image Understanding , 77 (2) 233 - 250.

Alexandris, N; Burmester, M; Chrissikopoulos, V; Desmedt, Y; (2000) Secure linking of customers, merchants and banks in electronic commerce. FUTURE GENER COMP SY , 16 (4) 393 - 401.

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Arking, DE; Krebsova, A; Macek, M; Macek, M; Arking, A; Mian, IS; ... Dietz, HC; + view all (2000) Mutations in Klotho are associated with survival in diverse human populations. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS , 67 (4) 227 - 227.

Arridge, SR; Dehghani, H; Schweiger, M; Okada, E; (2000) The finite element model for the propagation of light in scattering media: A direct method for domains with nonscattering regions. MED PHYS , 27 (1) 252 - 264.

Arridge, SR; Hebden, JC; Schwinger, M; Schmidt, FEW; Fry, ME; Hillman, EMC; ... Delpy, DT; + view all (2000) A method for three-dimensional time-resolved optical tomography. INT J IMAG SYST TECH , 11 (1) 2 - 11.

Basdogan, C; Ho, C; Srinivasan, MA; Slater, M; (2000) An experimental study on the role of touch in shared virtual environments. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI) , 7 (4) 443 - 460.

Basdogan, C; Ho, C-H; Srinivasan, MA; Slater, M; (2000) An experimental study on the role of touch in shared virtual environments. ACM Trans. Comput.-Hum. Interact. , 7 , Article 4. 10.1145/365058.365082.

Baumela, L; Agapito, L; (2000) Motion estimation using the differential epipolar equation. Proceedings - International Conference on Pattern Recognition , 15 (3) 840 - 843.

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Bentley, P; (2000) Special section: Evolutionary design. AI EDAM , 14 (1) 1 - 1.

Bentley, PJ; (2000) Creative evolution. UCL Science , 14 14 - 15.

Bentley, PJ; (2000) Special Section: Evolutionary Design (Guest Editorial). AI EDAM , 14 , Article 1.

Bosco, C; Iacovelli, M; Tsarpela, O; Cardinale, M; Bonifazi, M; Tihanyi, J; ... Viru, A; + view all (2000) Hormonal responses to whole-body vibration in men. Eur J Appl Physiol , 81 (6) 449 - 454. 10.1007/s004210050067.

Bryson, K; Greenall, RJ; (2000) Binding sites of the polyamines putrescine, cadaverine, spermidine and spermine on A- and B-DNA located by simulated annealing. J Biomol Struct Dyn , 18 (3) 393 - 412. 10.1080/07391102.2000.10506676.

Bryson, K; Luck, M; Joy, M; Jones, DT; (2000) Applying agents to bioinformatics in GeneWeaver. COOPERATIVE INFORMATION AGENTS IV , 1860 60 - 71.

Butterworth, R; Blandford, A; Duke, D; (2000) Demonstrating the cognitive plausibility of interactive system specifications. Formal Aspects of Computing , 12 (4) 237 - 259.

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Ciancarini, P; Franze, F; Mascolo, C; (2000) Using a coordination language to specify and analyze systems containing mobile components. ACM T SOFTW ENG METH , 9 (2) 167 - 198.

Cox, IJ; Miller, ML; Minka, TP; Papathomas, TV; Yianilos, PN; (2000) The Bayesian image retrieval system, PicHunter: Theory, implementation, and psychophysical experiments (vol 9, pg 20, 2000). IEEE T IMAGE PROCESS , 9 (3) 524 - 524.

de Souza, AF; Rounce, P; (2000) Dynamically scheduling VLIW instructions. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing , 60 1480 - 1511.

Dehghani, H; Arridge, SR; Schweiger, M; Delpy, DT; (2000) Optical tomography in the presence of void regions. J OPT SOC AM A , 17 (9) 1659 - 1670.

Deol, KK; Steed, A; Hand, C; Istance, H; Tromp, J; (2000) Usability evaluation for virtual environments: methods, results and future directions (part 1). Interfaces , 43 4 - 8.

Deol, KK; Steed, A; Hand, C; Istance, H; Tromp, J; (2000) Usability evaluation for virtual environments: methods, results and future directions (part 2). Interfaces , 44 4 - 7.

Durlach, N; Slater, M; (2000) Presence in shared virtual environments and virtual togetherness. PRESENCE-TELEOPERATORS AND VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS , 9 (2) 214 - 217.

Estrin, D; Handley, M; Heidemann, JS; McCanne, S; Xu, Y; Yu, H; (2000) Network Visualization with Nam, the VINT Network Animator. IEEE Computer , 33 , Article 11. 10.1109/2.881696.

Evgeniou, T; Pontil, M; Poggio, T; (2000) Regularization networks and support vector machines. ADV COMPUT MATH , 13 (1) 1 - 50.

Evgeniou, T; Pontil, M; Poggio, T; (2000) Statistical learning theory: A primer. INT J COMPUT VISION , 38 (1) 9 - 13.

Fortunelli, A; Germano, G; (2000) Ab initio study of the intra- and intermolecular bonding in AuCl(CO). JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A , 104 (46) 10834 - 10841. 10.1021/jp000976y.

Gabrielli, S; Rogers, Y; Scaife, M; (2000) Young Children's Spatial Representations Developed through Exploration of a Desktop Virtual Reality Scene. Education and Information Technologies , 5 (4) 251 - 262.

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Griffin, LD; (2000) Psychological Colour Space is Physical Colour Space. Perception , 29 (1) 119 - 119.

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Hirsch, R; Hodkinson, I; (2000) Relational algebras with n-dimensional bases. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic , 101 227 - 274.

Hirsch, R; Hodkinson, IM; (2000) Relation Algebras with n-Dimensional Relational Bases. Ann. Pure Appl. Logic , 101 , Article 2-3. 10.1016/S0168-0072(99)00022-6.

Ho, CH; Basdogan, C; Srinivasan, MA; (2000) Ray-based haptic rendering: Force and torque interactions between a line probe and 3D objects in virtual environments. INT J ROBOT RES , 19 (7) 668 - 683.

Hunter, A; (2000) Merging potentially inconsistent items of structured text. DATA KNOWL ENG , 34 (3) 305 - 332.

Hunter, A; (2000) Ramification Analysis Using Causal Mapping. Data Knowl. Eng. , 32 , Article 1. 10.1016/S0169-023X(99)00030-0.

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Hunter, A; (2000) Reasoning with inconsistency in structured text. KNOWL ENG REV , 15 (4) 317 - 337.

Jones, DT; (2000) A practical guide to protein structure prediction. Methods Mol Biol , 143 131 - 154. 10.1385/1-59259-368-2:131.

Jones, DT; (2000) Protein structure prediction in the postgenomic era. Curr Opin Struct Biol , 10 (3) 371 - 379.

Julier, S; Uhlmann, J; Durrant-Whyte, HF; (2000) A new method for the nonlinear transformation of means and covariances in filters and estimators. IEEE T AUTOMAT CONTR , 45 (3) 477 - 482.

Kolehmainen, V; Arridge, SR; Vauhkonen, M; Kaipio, JP; (2000) Simultaneous reconstruction of internal tissue region boundaries and coefficients in optical diffusion tomography. PHYS MED BIOL , 45 (11) 3267 - 3283.

Kolehmainen, V; Vauhkonen, M; Kaipio, JP; Arridge, SR; (2000) Recovery of piecewise constant coefficients in optical diffusion tomography. OPT EXPRESS , 7 (13) 468 - 480. Gold open access

Langdon, W; (2000) Size fair and homologous tree genetic programming crossovers. Journal of Genetic Programming and Evolutionary Machines , 1 95 - 119. 10.1023/A:1010024515191.

Langdon, WB; (2000) GECCO’99 Student Workshop. Robotica , 18 , Article 1. 10.1017/S0263574799002507.

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Moler, EJ; Radisky, DC; Mian, IS; (2000) Integrating naive Bayes models and external knowledge to examine copper and iron homeostasis in S. cerevisiae. Physiol Genomics , 4 (2) 127 - 135.

Moravec, KL; Harvey, R; Bangham, JA; (2000) Scale trees for stereo vision. IEE Proceedings - Vision, Image and Signal Processing , 147 (4) 363 - 370.

Nentwich, C; Emmerich, W; Finkelstein, A; Zisman, A; (2000) BOX: Browsing objects in XML. SOFTWARE PRACT EXPER , 30 (15) 1661 - 1676.

O'Hearn, PW; Reynolds, JC; (2000) From Algol to polymorphic linear lambda-calculus. J. ACM , 47 , Article 1. 10.1145/331605.331611.

Ono, M; Kashio, Y; Schweiger, M; Dehghani, H; Arridge, SR; Firbank, M; Okada, E; (2000) Topographic distribution of photon measurement density functions on the brain surface by hybrid radiosity-diffusion method. OPT REV , 7 (5) 426 - 431.

Parker, GJM; Schnabel, JA; Symms, MR; Werring, DJ; Barker, GJ; (2000) Nonlinear smoothing for reduction of systematic and random errors in diffusion tensor imaging. JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING , 11 (6) 702 - 710.

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Prince, SJD; Eagle, RA; (2000) Weighted directional energy model of human stereo correspondence. VISION RES , 40 (9) 1143 - 1155.

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Rielgelsberger, J; Sasse, MA; (2000) Trust me, I'm a .com. InterMedia , 28 (4) 23 - 27.

Riley, J; Dehghani, H; Schweiger, M; Arridge, SR; Ripoll, J; Nieto-Vesperinas, M; (2000) 3D optical tomography in the presence of void regions. OPT EXPRESS , 7 (13) 462 - 467. Gold open access

Ripoll, J; Nieto-Vesperinas, M; Arridge, SR; Dehghani, H; (2000) Boundary conditions for light propagation in diffusive media with nonscattering regions. J OPT SOC AM A , 17 (9) 1671 - 1681.

Sadagic, A; Slater, M; (2000) Dynamic polygon visibility ordering for head-slaved viewing in virtual environments. COMPUT GRAPH FORUM , 19 (2) 111 - 122.

Schmidt, FEW; Hebden, JC; Hillman, EMC; Fry, ME; Schweiger, M; Dehghani, H; ... Arridge, SR; + view all (2000) Multiple-slice imaging of a tissue-equivalent phantom by use of time-resolved optical tomography. APPL OPTICS , 39 (19) 3380 - 3387.

Slater, M; (2000) Guest Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue: The First Workshop on Presence. Presence , 9 , Article 2.

Slater, M; (2000) Special issue: The first workshop on presence - Guest editor's introduction. PRESENCE-TELEOP VIRT , 9 (2) III - III.

Slater, M; Sadagic, A; Usoh, M; Schroeder, R; (2000) Small-group behavior in a virtual and real environment: A comparative study. PRESENCE-TELEOP VIRT , 9 (1) 37 - 51.

Slater, M; Steed, A; (2000) A virtual presence counter. PRESENCE-TELEOP VIRT , 9 (5) 413 - 434.

Smith, W; Dowell, J; (2000) A case study of co-ordinative decision-making in disaster management. ERGONOMICS , 43 (8) 1153 - 1166.

Usoh, M; Catena, E; Arman, S; Slater, M; (2000) Using presence questionnaires in reality. PRESENCE-TELEOP VIRT , 9 (5) 497 - 503.

Usoh, M; Catena, S; Arman, M; Slater, M; (2000) Presence questionaires in reality. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments 497 - 503.

van Lamsweerde, A; Letier, E; (2000) Handling obstacles in goal-oriented requirements engineering. IEEE T SOFTWARE ENG , 26 (10) 978 - 1005.

Vekaria, K; Clack, C; (2000) Royal road encodings and schema propagation in selective crossover. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing , 39 281 - 292.

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Wann, JP; Swapp, D; Rushton, SK; (2000) Heading perception and the allocation of attention. VISION RES , 40 (18) 2533 - 2543.

Wessberg, J; Stambaugh, CR; Kralik, JD; Beck, PD; Laubach, M; Chapin, JK; ... Nicolelis, MAL; + view all (2000) Real-time prediction of hand trajectory by ensembles of cortical neurons in primates. NATURE , 408 (6810) 361 - 365.

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Book chapter

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Journal (full / special issue)

UNSPECIFIED (Ed). (2000) Implementation of Functional Languages: Proceedings of IFL'99,. [Whole issue].


Langdon, WB; (2000) Trends in Evolutionary Data Mining. UNSPECIFIED

Proceedings paper

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