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Abbracchio, MP; Caiani, A; Bolego, C; Centemeri, C; Ceruti, S; Cattabeni, F; ... Nicosia, S; + view all (2000) Two distinct purinoceptors are involved in purine- and pyrimidine-evoked Ca<sup>2+ </sup>elevation in mammalian brain astrocytic cultures. In: Drug Development Research. (pp. 91 - ?).

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Cockayne, DA; Zhu, QM; Hamilton, S; Dunn, PM; Zhong, Y; Kassotakis, L; ... Ford, APDW; + view all (2000) P2X<sub>3</sub>-deficient mice display urinary bladder hyporeflexia and reduced nocifensive behavior. In: Drug Development Research. (pp. 50 - ?).

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