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Alderman, CJJ; Bunyard, PR; Chain, BM; Foreman, JC; Leake, DS; Katz, DR; (2002) Effects of oxidised low density lipoprotein on dendritic cells: a possible immunoregulatory component of the atherogenic micro-environment? CARDIOVASC RES , 55 (4) 806 - 819.

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Boyde, A; (2002) Colour 3D SEM images of intestinal mucosa and osteoporotic bone. UNSPECIFIED, Wellcome Trust Biomedical Imaging Awards, Awards of Excellence.

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Ekong, R; Jeremiah, S; Judah, O; Lehmann, OJ; Mirzayans, F; Walter, MA; ... Wolfe, J; + view all (2002) Clinical application of a high resolution genomic microarray: detection of 6p25 deletions and duplications in patients with eye anomalies. In: American Journal of Human Genetics. (pp. 400 - ?).


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