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Barwell, J; Pangon, L; Hodgson, S; Georgiou, A; Kesterton, I; Slade, T; ... Morris, JR; + view all (2007) Biallelic mutation of MSH2 in primary human cells is associated with sensitivity to irradiation and altered RAD51 foci kinetics. J MED GENET , 44 (8) 516 - 520. 10.1136/jmg.2006.048660.

Colbourn, T; Asseburg, C; Bojke, L; Philips, Z; Claxton, K; Ades, AE; Gilbert, RE; (2007) Prenatal screening and treatment strategies to prevent group B streptococcal and other bacterial infections in early infancy: cost-effectiveness and expected value of information analyses. Health technology assessment (Winchester, England) , 11 (29)

Costello, A; Filippi, V; Kubba, T; Horton, R; (2007) Research challenges to improve maternal and child survival. LANCET , 369 (9569) 1240 - 1243.

Creeke, PI; Dibari, F; Cheung, E; van den Briel, T; Kyroussis, E; Seal, AJ; (2007) Whole blood NAD and NADP concentrations are not depressed in subjects with clinical pellagra. J NUTR , 137 (9) 2013 - 2017.

Fottrell, E; Byass, P; Ouedraogo, TW; Tamini, C; Gbangou, A; Sombié, I; ... Graham, WJ; + view all (2007) Revealing the burden of maternal mortality: a probabilistic model for determining pregnancy-related causes of death from verbal autopsies. Population Health Metrics , 5 10.1186/1478-7954-5-1. Green and gold open access

Gamlin, J; Hesketh, T; (2007) Child work in agriculture: acute and chronic health hazards. Children, youth and environments , 17 (4) 1 - 23.

Gamlin, J; Romo, PD; Hesketh, T; (2007) Exposure of young children working on Mexican tobacco plantations to organophosphorous and carbamic pesticides, indicated by cholinesterase depression. CHILD CARE HLTH DEV , 33 (3) 246 - 248. 10.1111/j.1365-2214.2006.00702.x.

Gamlin, JB; Hesketh, T; (2007) Children, Youth and Environments 17(4), 2007 Child Work in Agriculture: Acute and Chronic Health Hazards. Children, Youth and Environments , 17 (11)

Goold, R; Hubank, M; Hunt, A; Holton, J; Menon, RP; Revesz, T; ... Matilla-Duenas, A; + view all (2007) Down-regulation of the dopamine receptor D2 in mice lacking ataxin 1. HUM MOL GENET , 16 (17) 2122 - 2134. 10.1093/hmg/ddm162.

Grech, V; Elliott, MJ; DeGiovanni, J; (2007) Stenosis of the upper body arteries in association with coarctation and interrupted aortic arch. Ann Vasc Surg , 21 801 - 803. 10.1016/j.avsg.2007.03.023.

Hawkes, S; Collumbien, M; (2007) What do men want? Understanding what men in South Asia want from sexual health services. International Journal of Sexual Health , 19 (3) 53 - 64. 10.1300/J514v19n03_07.

Henderson, M; Wight, D; Raab, GM; Abraham, C; Parkes, A; Scott, S; Hart, G; (2007) Impact of a theoretically based sex education programme (SHARE) delivered by teachers on NHS registered conceptions and terminations: final results of cluster randomised trial. BRIT MED J , 334 (7585) 133 - 136. 10.1136/bmj.39014.503692.55. Green open access

Hesketh, T; (2007) HIV/AIDS in China: the numbers problem. LANCET , 369 (9562) 621 - 623.

Hesketh, T; (2007) Missing Women and Excess Men. Guanxi (Sep) 16 - 19.

Hesketh, T; Lu, L; Jun, YX; Mei, WH; (2007) Smoking, cessation and expenditure in low income Chinese: cross sectional survey. BMC Public Health , 7 , Article 29. 10.1186/1471-2458-7-29. Green and gold open access

Heys, M; Schooling, CM; Jiang, CQ; Cowling, BJ; Lao, XQ; Zhang, W; ... Leung, GM; + view all (2007) Age of menarche and the metabolic syndrome in China: the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study. EARLY HUM DEV , 83 S73 - S73.

Heys, M; Schooling, CM; Jiang, CQ; Cowling, BJ; Lao, XQ; Zhang, WS; ... Leung, GM; + view all (2007) Age of Menarche and the Metabolic Syndrome in China. EPIDEMIOLOGY , 18 (6) 740 - 746. 10.1097/EDE.0b013e3181567faf.

Heys, M; Schooling, CM; Jiang, CQ; Zhang, W; Cheng, KK; Adab, R; ... Leung, GM; + view all (2007) Childhood growth and adulthood cognition in a rapidly developing Southern Chinese population: the Guangzhou Cohort Biobank Project Study. EARLY HUM DEV , 83 S116 - S116.

Hill, Z; Kirkwood, B; Kendall, C; Adjei, E; Arthur, P; Agyemang, CT; (2007) Factors that affect the adoption and maintenance of weekly vitamin A supplementation among women in Ghana. Public Health Nutr , 10 (8) 827 - 833. 10.1017/S1368980007382554.

Hossain, M; Broutet, N; Hawkes, S; (2007) The elimination of congenital syphilis: A comparison of the proposed world health organization action plan for the elimination of congenital syphilis with existing national maternal and congenital syphilis policies. Sexually Transmitted Diseases , 34 (7 SUPPL.) 10.1097/01.olq.0000261049.84824.40.

Hossain, M; Broutet, N; Hawkes, S; (2007) The elimination of congenital syphilis: a comparison of the proposed World Health Organization action plan for the elimination of congenital syphilis with existing national maternal and congenital syphilis policies. Sex Transm Dis , 34 (7 Suppl) S22 - S30. 10.1097/01.olq.0000261049.84824.40.

Huggett, JF; Taylor, MS; Kocjan, G; Evans, HE; Morris-Jones, S; Gant, V; ... Miller, RF; + view all (2007) Development of a real time PCR assay for detection of Pneumocystitis jirovecii DNA in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of HIV-infected patients. Thorax

Kidane, AG; Edirisinghe, MJ; Bonhoeffer, P; Seifalian, AM; (2007) Flow behaviour of a POSS biopolymer solution. BIORHEOLOGY , 44 (4) 265 - 272.

Kocyildirim, E; Kanani, M; Bonhoeffer, P; Elliott, MJ; (2007) Amplatzer device embolization: hazards of multiple attempts at catheter retrieval. ANADOLU KARDIYOL DER , 7 (3) 329 - 330. Gold open access

Lawn, JE; Costello, A; Mwansambo, C; Osrin, D; (2007) Countdown to 2015: will the Millennium Development Goal for child survival be met? ARCH DIS CHILD , 92 (6) 551 - 556. 10.1136/adc.2006.099291.

Li, L; Wang, HM; Ye, XJ; Jiang, MM; Lou, QY; Hesketh, T; (2007) The mental health status of Chinese rural-urban migrant workers. SOC PSYCH PSYCH EPID , 42 (9) 716 - 722. 10.1007/s00127-007-0221-0.

Michod, D; Widmann, C; (2007) DNA-damage sensitizers: Potential new therapeutical tools to improve chemotherapy. CRIT REV ONCOL HEMAT , 63 (2) 160 - 171. 10.1016/j.critrevonc.2007.04.003.

Nambiar, B; Lewycka, S; Mwansambo, C; Costello, A; (2007) Planning health care in developing countries. ANAESTHESIA , 62 5 - 10.

Natrajan, R; Williams, RD; Grigoriadis, A; Mackay, A; Fenwick, K; Ashworth, A; ... Jones, C; + view all (2007) Delineation of a IMb breakpoint region at IpI3 in Wilms tumors by fine-tiling oligonucleotide array CGH. GENE CHROMOSOME CANC , 46 (6) 607 - 615. 10.1002/gcc.20446.

Nkonki, LL; Doherty, TM; Hill, Z; Chopra, M; Schaay, N; Kendall, C; (2007) Missed opportunities for participation in prevention of mother to child transmission programmes: simplicity of nevirapine does not necessarily lead to optimal uptake, a qualitative study. AIDS Research and Therapy , 4 (27) 10.1186/1742-6405-4-27.

Paz-Bailey, G; Ramaswamy, M; Hawkes, SJ; Geretti, AM; (2007) Herpes simplex virus type 2: epidemiology and management options in developing countries. SEX TRANSM INFECT , 83 (1) 16 - 22. 10.1136/sti.2006.020966.

Schensul, SL; Burleson, JA; Hawkes, S; Saggurti, N; Narvekar, SS; Verma, RK; ... Risbud, A; + view all (2007) Sexually transmitted infections in men in Mumbai slum communities: The relationship of prevalence to risk behavior. Sexually Transmitted Diseases , 34 (7) 444 - 450. 10.1097/01.olq.0000249776.92490.32.

Schmid, GP; Stoner, BP; Hawkes, S; Broutet, N; (2007) The need and plan for global elimination of congenital syphilis. Sexually Transmitted Diseases , 34 (7 SUPPL.) 10.1097/01.olq.0000261456.09797.1b.

Schooling, CM; Jiang, C; Lam, TH; Thomas, GN; Heys, M; Lao, X; ... Leung, GM; + view all (2007) Height, its components, and cardiovascular risk among older Chinese: A cross-sectional analysis of the Guangzhou biobank cohort study. AM J PUBLIC HEALTH , 97 (10) 1834 - 1841. 10.2105/AJPH.2006.088096.

Schooling, CM; Jiang, CQ; Heys, M; Zhang, WS; Peymane, A; Cheng, KK; ... Leung, GM; + view all (2007) Are height and leg length universal markers of childhood conditions? The Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study. EARLY HUM DEV , 83 S85 - S85.

Schooling, CM; Lam, TH; Thomas, GN; Cowling, BJ; Heys, M; Janus, ED; ... Hong Kong Cardiovasc Risk Factor P,; + view all (2007) Growth Environment and Sex Differences in Lipids, Body Shape and Diabetes Risk. PLOS ONE , 2 (10) , Article e1070. 10.1371/journal.pone.0001070. Green and gold open access

Seal, AJ; Creeke, PI; Dibari, F; Cheung, E; Kyroussis, E; Semedo, P; van den Briel, T; (2007) Low and deficient niacin status and pellagra are endemic in postwar Angola. AM J CLIN NUTR , 85 (1) 218 - 224.

Skordis-Worrall, J; Chalabi, Z; (2007) Can Decision Field Theory Improve Our Understanding of Health Seeking Behaviour? A Demonstration using Data from Cape Town, South Africa. A Demonstration using Data from Cape Town, South Africa. iHEA 2007 6th World Congress: Explorations in Health Economics Paper

Book chapter

Costello, A; Osrin, D; (2007) Current status and future challenges for neonatal health in developing countries. In: Guha, D, (ed.) Guha's neonatalogy: principles and practice. (11 - 20). Jaypee Brothers: New Delhi.

Rowson, M; (2007) Economic change, incomes and health. In: Douglas, J and Earle, S and Handley, S and Lloyd, C and Spurr, S, (eds.) A reader in promoting public health: challenge and controversy. Open University and Sage: Milton Keynes and London.

Proceedings paper

Getachew, A; Desta, A; Lemma, H; Fottrell, E; Bamabas, G; Bamabas, G; ... Toma, L; + view all (2007) Deployment of artemether lumefantrine (AL) at community level and its impact on malaria specific death rate during an epidemic year. In: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE. (pp. 206 - 206). AMER SOC TROP MED & HYGIENE

Skordis-Worrall, J; Chalabi, Z; (2007) Can Decision Field Theory Improve Our Understanding of Health Seeking Behaviour? A Demonstration using Data from Cape Town, South Africa. In: (Proceedings) International Health Economics Association 6th World Congress.

Skordis-Worrall, J; Martin, S; Hanson, K; (2007) How is multiple care seeking behaviour likely to impact the delivery of structured treatment packages and the equity of treatment outcomes? In: (Proceedings) The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. One hundred years of Tropical Medicine: Meeting the millennium development goals.


Seal, AJ; Prudhon, C; (2007) Assessing micronutrient deficiencies in emergencies: current practice and future directions. (Nutrition information in crisis situations ). United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition: Geneva.


Skordis-Worrall, J; (2007) Understanding The Demand For Health Services In Cape Town, South Africa: Implications For Health Equity And Effective TB Care Delivery. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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