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Alcock, GA; More, NS; Patil, S; Porel, M; Vaidya, L; Osrin, D; (2009) Community-based health programmes: role perceptions and experiences of female peer facilitators in Mumbai's urban slums. HEALTH EDUC RES , 24 (6) 957 - 966. 10.1093/her/cyp038. Gold open access

Ashine, M; Sikorski, C; Fuller, LC; Davey, G; (2009) Effectiveness of a simple foot hygiene treatment package in podoconiosis (endemic nonfilarial elephantiasis) management. BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY , 160 (4) 918 - 918.


Bax, DA; Gaspar, N; Little, SE; Marshall, L; Perryman, L; Regairaz, M; ... Jones, C; + view all (2009) EGFRvIII Deletion Mutations in Pediatric High-Grade Glioma and Response to Targeted Therapy in Pediatric Glioma Cell Lines. CLIN CANCER RES , 15 (18) 5753 - 5761. 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-08-3210.

Behague, D; Tawiah, C; Rosato, M; Some, T; Morrison, J; (2009) Evidence-based policy-making: The implications of globally-applicable research for context-specific problem-solving in developing countries. SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE , 69 (10) 1539 - 1546. 10.1016/j.socscimed.2009.08.006.

Buse, K; Lalji, N; Mayhew, SH; Hawkes, SJ; Imran, M; (2009) Political feasibility of scaling-up five evidenceinformed HIV interventions in Pakistan: A policy analysis. Sexually Transmitted Infections , 85 (SUPPL. 2) 10.1136/sti.2008.034058.


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Darmstadt, GL; Lee, ACC; Cousens, S; Sibley, L; Bhutta, ZA; Donnay, F; ... Lawn, JE; + view all (2009) 60 million non-facility births: Who can deliver in community settings to reduce intrapartum-related deaths? INT J GYNECOL OBSTET , 107 S89 - S112. 10.1016/j.ijgo.2009.07.010.

Daruwalla, N; Fernandez, A; Salam, J; Shaikh, N; Osrin, D; (2009) Conflict, Crisis, and Abuse in Dharavi, Mumbai: Experiences from Six Years at a Centre for Vulnerable Women and Children. PLOS MED , 6 (7) , Article e1000088. 10.1371/journal.pmed.1000088. Green and gold open access

Das, S; More, NS; Bapat, UA; Costello, A; Fernandez, A; Osrin, D; (2009) 13-07 Inequalities in maternity care and newborn mortality among slum residents in Mumbai: A prospective study. In: Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine.

Drake, KM; Ruteshouser, EC; Natrajan, R; Harbor, P; Wegert, J; Gessler, M; ... Aldred, MA; + view all (2009) Loss of Heterozygosity at 2q37 in Sporadic Wilms' Tumor: Putative Role for miR-562. CLIN CANCER RES , 15 (19) 5985 - 5992. 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-09-1065.


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Fottrell, E; Enquselassie, F; Byass, P; (2009) The distribution and effects of child mortality risk factors in Ethiopia: A comparison of estimates from DSS and DHS. ETHIOP J HEALTH DEV , 23 (2) 163 - 168. Gold open access

Frigiola, A; Nordmeyer, J; Bonhoeffer, P; (2009) Percutaneous pulmonary valve replacement. CORONARY ARTERY DIS , 20 (3) 189 - 191. 10.1097/MCA.0b013e328326c718.


Gaillard, J-C; Orillos, MF; Kelman, I; (2009) US-philippines military relationsafter the mt pinatubo eruption in 1991: A disaster diplomacy perspectivel. European Journal of East Asian Studies , 8 (2) 301 - 330. 10.1163/156805809X12553326569515.

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Hawkes, S; Collumbien, M; Platt, L; Lalji, N; Rizvi, N; Andreasen, A; ... Bokhari, A; + view all (2009) HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among men, transgenders and women selling sex in two cities in Pakistan: A cross-sectional prevalence survey. Sexually Transmitted Infections , 85 (SUPPL. 2) 10.1136/sti.2008.033910.

Hawkes, S; Collumbien, M; Platt, L; Lalji, N; Rizvi, N; Andreasen, A; ... Bokhari, A; + view all (2009) HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among men, transgenders and women selling sex in two cities in Pakistan: a cross-sectional prevalence survey. Sex Transm Infect , 85 Suppl 2 ii8 - i16. 10.1136/sti.2008.033910.

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Leon, E; Kelman, I; Kennedy, J; Ashmore, J; (2009) Per dešimt metu{ogonek} išmoktos potencialo didinimo pamokos aprūpinant laikinosiomis gyvenamosiomis vietomis ir suteikiant prieglauda{ogonek}. International Journal of Strategic Property Management , 13 (3) 247 - 265. 10.3846/1648-715X.2009.13.247-265.

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More, N; Porel, M; Vaidya, L; Patil, S; Osrin, D; Costello, A; Fernandez, A; (2009) 04-03 Being the change: A participatory women’s group intervention to improve maternal and newborn health and survival in the slums of Mumbai. In: Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine.

More, NS; Alcock, G; Bapat, U; Das, S; Joshi, W; Osrin, D; (2009) Tracing pathways from antenatal to delivery care for women in Mumbai, India: cross-sectional study of maternity in low-income areas. Int Health , 1 (1-24) 71 - 77. 10.1016/j.inhe.2009.02.004. Gold open access

Myatt, M; Duffield, A; Seal, A; Pasteur, F; (2009) The effect of body shape on weight-for-height and mid-upper arm circumference based case definitions of acute malnutrition in Ethiopian children. ANN HUM BIOL , 36 (1) 5 - 20. 10.1080/03014460802471205.


Osrin, D; Azad, K; Fernandez, A; Manandhar, DS; Mwansambo, CW; Tripathy, P; Costello, AM; (2009) Ethical challenges in cluster randomized controlled trials: experiences from public health interventions in Africa and Asia. 772 - 779.

Osrin, D; Azad, K; Fernandez, A; Manandhar, DS; Mwansambo, CW; Tripathy, P; Costello, AM; (2009) Ethical challenges in cluster randomized controlled trials: experiences from public health interventions in Africa and Asia. B WORLD HEALTH ORGAN , 87 (10) 772 - 779. 10.2471/BLT.08.051060. Gold open access


Pagel, C; Lewycka, S; Colbourn, T; Mwansambo, C; Meguid, T; Chiudzu, G; ... Costello, AML; + view all (2009) Estimation of potential effects of improved community-based drug provision, to augment health-facility strengthening, on maternal mortality due to post-partum haemorrhage and sepsis in sub-Saharan Africa: an equity-effectiveness model. LANCET , 374 (9699) 1441 - 1448. 10.1016/S0140-6736(09)61566-X.

Paz-Bailey, G; Sternberg, M; Markowitz, LE; Ballard, R; Nwanyanwu, O; Ryan, C; ... Hawkes, S; + view all (2009) Improvement in healing and reduction in HIV shedding with episodic acyclovir therapy as part of syndromic management among men: A randomized, controlled trial. Journal of Infectious Diseases , 200 (7) 1039 - 1049. 10.1086/605647.

Platt, L; Vickerman, P; Collumbien, M; Hasan, S; Lalji, N; Mayhew, S; ... Hawkes, S; + view all (2009) Prevalence of HIV, HCV and sexually transmitted infections among injecting drug users in Rawalpindi and Abbottabad, Pakistan: evidence for an emerging injection-related HIV epidemic. Sex Transm Infect , 85 Suppl 2 ii17 - ii22. 10.1136/sti.2008.034090.

Powell-Jackson, T; Morrison, J; Tiwari, S; Neupane, BD; Costello, AM; (2009) The experiences of districts in implementing a national incentive programme to promote safe delivery in Nepal. BMC Health Services Research , 9 , Article 97. 10.1186/1472-6963-9-97. Green and gold open access

Powell-Jackson, T; Neupane, BD; Tiwari, S; Tumbahangphe, K; Manandhar, D; Costello, AM; (2009) The impact of Nepal's national incentive programme to promote safe delivery in the district of Makwanpur. Adv Health Econ Health Serv Res , 21 221 - 249.


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Wickenden, M; (2009) Talking to Teenagers: Using Anthropological Methods to Explore Identity and the Lifeworlds of Disabled Young People Who Use AAC. Communication Disorders Quarterly , 32 (3) 151 - 163. 10.1177/1525740109348792.


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Zhu, WX; Lu, L; Hesketh, T; (2009) China's excess males, sex selective abortion, and one child policy: analysis of data from 2005 national intercensus survey. BRIT MED J , 338 , Article b1211. 10.1136/bmj.b1211.

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