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Aitken, C; BarrettMuir, W; Hill, S; Jeffries, D; Breuer, J; Parkin, J; (1996) Does the measurement of cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA concentrations using the digene hybrid capture assay predict response to therapy? AIDS , 10 OP32 - OP32.

Aitken, C; Booth, J; Booth, M; Boriskin, Y; Testard, H; Kempley, S; Breuer, J; (1996) Molecular epidemiology and significance of a cluster of cases of CMV infection occurring on a special care baby unit. J HOSP INFECT , 34 (3) 183 - 189.

Akbar, AN; Borthwick, NJ; Pilling, D; Salmon, M; (1996) Interleukin-2 receptor common gamma-chain signalling cytokines regulate activated T cell apoptosis by selectively inducing anti-apoptotic (bcl-2, bcl-x(L)) but not pro-apoptotic gene (bax, bcl-x(S)) expression. FASEB J , 10 (6) 414 - 414.

Akbar, AN; Borthwick, NJ; Wickremasinghe, RG; Panayiotidis, P; Pilling, D; Bofill, M; ... Salmon, M; + view all (1996) Interleukin-2 receptor common gamma-chain signaling cytokines regulate activated T cell apoptosis in response to growth factor withdrawal: Selective induction of anti-apoptotic (bcl-2, bcl-x(L)) but not pro-apoptotic (bax, bcl-x(S)) gene expression. EUR J IMMUNOL , 26 (2) 294 - 299.

Ariyoshi, K; Berry, N; Wilkins, A; Ricard, D; Aaby, P; Naucler, A; ... Whittle, H; + view all (1996) A community-based study of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 provirus load in a rural village in West Africa. J INFECT DIS , 173 (1) 245 - 248.


Banin, S; Gout, I; Truong, O; Waterfield, MD; Brickell, PM; Katz, DR; (1996) Binding protein for c-Src family protein-tyrosine kinases in macrophages is Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein. J LEUKOCYTE BIOL 102 - 102.

Banin, S; Truong, O; Katz, DR; Waterfield, MD; Brickell, PM; Gout, I; (1996) Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASp) is a binding partner for c-Src family protein-tyrosine kinases. CURR BIOL , 6 (8) 981 - 988.

Best, S; Le Tissier, P; Towers, G; Stoye, JP; (1996) Positional cloning of the mouse retrovirus restriction gene Fv1. Nature , 382 (6594) 826 - 829. 10.1038/382826a0.

Binks, M; Hughson, E; Hewison, M; Faulkner, L; Chain, BM; Katz, DR; (1996) Extracellular matrix modulation of homotypic and heterotypic leukocyte clustering. J LEUKOCYTE BIOL 177 - 177.

Borthwick, NJ; Bofill, M; Hassan, I; Panayiotidis, P; Janossy, G; Salmon, M; Akbar, AN; (1996) Factors that influence activated CD8(+) T-cell apoptosis in patients with acute herpesvirus infections: Loss of costimulatory molecules CD28, CD5 and CD6 but relative maintenance of Bax and Bcl-X expression. IMMUNOLOGY , 88 (4) 508 - 515.

Boshell, M; McLeod, J; Walker, L; Hall, N; Patel, Y; Sansom, D; (1996) Effects of antigen presentation on superantigen-induced apoptosis mediated by Fas/Fas ligand interactions in human T cells. Immunology , 87 (4) 586 - 592.


Caldwell, CJ; Barrett, WY; Breuer, J; Farmer, SF; Swash, M; (1996) HTLV-1 polymyositis. NEUROMUSCULAR DISORD , 6 (3) 151 - 154.

Cheshire, JK; Xia, C; Patel, H; Woo, P; (1996) Identification of NFKB & C/EBP sub-units involved in the synergistic induction of SAA gene expression by IL-1 & IL-6. IMMUNOLOGY , 89 F62 - F62.

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Dahl, AM; Beverley, PCL; Stauss, HJ; (1996) A synthetic peptide derived from the tumor-associated protein mdm2 can stimulate autoreactive, high avidity cytotoxic T lymphocytes that recognize naturally processed protein. J IMMUNOL , 157 (1) 239 - 246.

De Souza, JB; Ling, IT; Ogun, SA; Holder, AA; Playfair, JH; (1996) Cytokines and antibody subclass associated with protective immunity against blood-stage malaria in mice vaccinated with the C terminus of merozoite surface protein 1 plus a novel adjuvant. Infect Immun , 64 (9) 3532 - 3536.

Delves, PJ; (1996) The regulation of beta 1,4-galactosyltransferase expression and activity. TRENDS GLYCOSCI GLYC , 8 (44) 377 - 389.

Drew, R; O'Hara, B; Williams, R; (1996) Structure, regulation and functions of the amidase operon of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In: Nakazawa, T and Furukawa, K and Haas, D and Silver, S, (eds.) Pseudomonas: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. (331 - 341). ASM Press: US.


Edelsten, C; Zaman, A; Leak, AM; Muller, S; Graham, EM; Woo, P; (1996) Antibodies against retinal S-antigen in patients with juvenile chronic arthritis-associated uveitis. BRIT J RHEUMATOL , 35 (1) 101 - 102.

Edmead, CE; Patel, YI; Wilson, A; Boulougouris, G; Hall, ND; Ward, SG; Sansom, DM; (1996) Induction of activator protein (AP)-1 and nuclear factor-kappaB by CD28 stimulation involves both phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and acidic sphingomyelinase signals. J Immunol , 157 (8) 3290 - 3297.


Fassati, A; Wells, DJ; Walsh, FS; Dickson, G; (1996) Transplantation of retroviral producer cells for in vivo gene transfer into mouse skeletal muscle. HUM GENE THER , 7 (5) 595 - 602.

Ferns, RB; Tuke, PW; Sweenie, CH; (1996) Characterisation of a panel of monoclonal antibodies raised against recombinant HCV core protein. J MED VIROL , 50 (3) 221 - 229.


Gaken, JA; Tavassoli, M; Gan, SU; Vallian, S; Giddings, I; Darling, DC; ... Farzaneh, F; + view all (1996) Efficient retroviral infection of mammalian cells is blocked by inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity. Journal of Virology , 70 (6) 3992-4000 - ?.

Galea-Lauri, J; Richardson, AJ; Latchman, DS; Katz, DR; (1996) Increased heat shock protein 90 (hsp90) expression leads to increased apoptosis in the monoblastoid cell line U937 following induction with TNF-alpha and cycloheximide: a possible role in immunopathology. J Immunol , 157 (9) 4109 - 4118.

GaleaLauri, J; Latchman, DS; Katz, DR; (1996) The role of the 90-kDa heat shock protein in cell cycle control and differentiation of the monoblastoid cell line U937. EXP CELL RES , 226 (2) 243 - 254.

Gilson, RJC; Chopra, K; Murray-Lyon, I; Newell, M; Nelson, M; Tedder, RS; ... Weller, IVD; + view all (1996) A placebo-controlled phase I/II study of adefovir dipivoxil (bis-POM-PMEA) in patients with chronic hepatitis B infection. In: (Proceedings) 36th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, New Orleans, USA..

Gilson, RJC; Chopra, K; MurrayLyon, I; Newell, A; Nelson, M; Tedder, RS; ... Weller, IVD; + view all (1996) Placebo-controlled phase I/II study of adefovir dipivoxil (bis-POM PMEA) in patients with chronic hepatitis B infection. In: HEPATOLOGY. (pp. 620 - 620). W B SAUNDERS CO

Goebel, FD; Mannhalter, JW; Eibl, MM; Belshe, RB; Grob, P; Erfle, V; ... Engl, W; + view all (1996) Multicenter study of safety and immunogenicity of HIV-1 rgp160 candidate vaccine in seropositive HIV-1 volunteers. AIDS , 10 OP64 - OP64.

Goldstein, RA; BornbergBauer, E; (1996) Biopolymer structure: Where do they come from? Where are they going? Evolutionary perspectives on biopolymer structure and function. In: PACIFIC SYMPOSIUM ON BIOCOMPUTING '97. (pp. 14 - 15).

Gombert, W; Borthwick, NJ; Wallace, DL; Hyde, H; Bofill, M; Pilling, D; ... Akbar, AN; + view all (1996) Fibroblasts prevent apoptosis of IL-2-deprived T cells without inducing proliferation: A selective effect on Bcl-x(L) expression. IMMUNOLOGY , 89 (3) 397 - 404.

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Harwood, CA; Spink, PJ; Breuer, J; Proby, CM; Leigh, IM; Raftery, MJ; Cunningham, J; (1996) Human papillomavirus (HPV) carriage in renal transplant recipients (RTRS) at high risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC). J AM SOC NEPHROL , 7 (9) A3428 - A3428.

Hawkins, AE; Gilson, RJC; Gilbert, N; Wreghitt, TG; Gray, JJ; AhlersdeBoer, I; ... Alexander, GJM; + view all (1996) Hepatitis B virus surface mutations associated with infection after liver transplantation. J HEPATOL , 24 (1) 8 - 14.

Hawkins, AE; Zuckerman, MA; Briggs, M; Gilson, RJC; Goldstone, AH; Brink, NS; Tedder, RS; (1996) Hepatitis B nucleotide sequence analysis: Linking an outbreak of acute hepatitis B to contamination of a cryopreservation tank. J VIROL METHODS , 60 (1) 81 - 88.

Hawkins, AE; Zuckerman, MA; Goldstone, AH; Gilson, RJC; Heptonstall, J; Tedder, RS; (1996) Identification of a common source outbreak of hepatitis B infection in a bone marrow transplant facility by nucleotide sequence analysis. In: (Proceedings) Xth International Congress of Virology.

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Hewison, M; Dabrowski, M; Vadher, S; Faulkner, L; Cockerill, FJ; Brickell, PM; ... Katz, DR; + view all (1996) Antisense inhibition of vitamin D receptor expression induces apoptosis in monoblastoid U937 cells. J IMMUNOL , 156 (11) 4391 - 4400.

Hoque, S; Kelsey, S; vanderWalt, JD; Breuer, J; (1996) Experience of human lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) in an east London hospital. J INFECTION , 32 (1) 33 - 39.


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Maini, MK; Gilson, RJC; Chavda, N; Gill, S; Fakoya, A; Ross, EJ; ... Weller, IVD; + view all (1996) Reference ranges and sources of variability of CD4 counts in HIV-seronegative women and men. GENITOURIN MED , 72 (1) 27 - 31.

Marcinkiewicz, J; Grabowska, A; Chain, B; (1996) Is there a role for nitric oxide in regulation of T cell secretion of IL-2'? JOURNAL OF LEUKOCYTE BIOLOGY 79 - 79.

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Mier, R; Ansell, B; Hall, MA; Hasson, N; Levinson, J; Lovell, D; ... Woo, P; + view all (1996) Long term follow-up of children with mixed connective tissue disease. Lupus , 5 (3) 221 - 226.


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