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Banin, S; Gout, I; Truong, O; Waterfield, MD; Brickell, PM; Katz, DR; (1996) Binding protein for c-Src family protein-tyrosine kinases in macrophages is Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein. J LEUKOCYTE BIOL 102 - 102.

Banin, S; Truong, O; Katz, DR; Waterfield, MD; Brickell, PM; Gout, I; (1996) Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASp) is a binding partner for c-Src family protein-tyrosine kinases. CURR BIOL , 6 (8) 981 - 988.


Cheshire, JK; Xia, C; Patel, H; Woo, P; (1996) Identification of NFKB & C/EBP sub-units involved in the synergistic induction of SAA gene expression by IL-1 & IL-6. IMMUNOLOGY , 89 F62 - F62.

Collins, JE; Fleming, TP; Buxton, RS; (1996) Transcriptional studies of the mouse desmocollin (DSC2) gene. In: MOL BIOL CELL. (pp. 494 - 494). AMER SOC CELL BIOLOGY


Drew, R; O'Hara, B; Williams, R; (1996) Structure, regulation and functions of the amidase operon of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In: Nakazawa, T and Furukawa, K and Haas, D and Silver, S, (eds.) Pseudomonas: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. (331 - 341). ASM Press: US.


Edelsten, C; Zaman, A; Leak, AM; Muller, S; Graham, EM; Woo, P; (1996) Antibodies against retinal S-antigen in patients with juvenile chronic arthritis-associated uveitis. BRIT J RHEUMATOL , 35 (1) 101 - 102.


Galea-Lauri, J; Richardson, AJ; Latchman, DS; Katz, DR; (1996) Increased heat shock protein 90 (hsp90) expression leads to increased apoptosis in the monoblastoid cell line U937 following induction with TNF-alpha and cycloheximide: a possible role in immunopathology. J Immunol , 157 (9) 4109 - 4118.

GaleaLauri, J; Latchman, DS; Katz, DR; (1996) The role of the 90-kDa heat shock protein in cell cycle control and differentiation of the monoblastoid cell line U937. EXP CELL RES , 226 (2) 243 - 254.

Greenwood, MD; Marsden, MD; Buxton, RS; (1996) Structure and expression of the human desmocollin type 2 gene. In: MOL BIOL CELL. (pp. 495 - 495). AMER SOC CELL BIOLOGY


Hewison, M; Dabrowski, M; Vadher, S; Faulkner, L; Cockerill, FJ; Brickell, PM; ... Katz, DR; + view all (1996) Antisense inhibition of vitamin D receptor expression induces apoptosis in monoblastoid U937 cells. J IMMUNOL , 156 (11) 4391 - 4400.


King, IA; OBrien, TJ; Buxton, RS; (1996) Expression of the ''skin-type'' desmosomal cadherin DSC1 is closely linked to the keratinization of epithelial tissues during mouse development. J INVEST DERMATOL , 107 (4) 531 - 538.


Lovell, DJ; Prieur, AM; Woo, P; Martini, A; (1996) Results of a survey of pediatric rheumatologists in North America (NA) and Europe concerning therapeutic trials in pediatric rheumatology (PR). ARTHRITIS RHEUM , 39 (9) 1252 - 1252.


McCullough, B; Peppa, D; Monk, PN; Skubitz, KM; Partridge, LJ; (1996) A role for CD63 in signal transduction. IMMUNOLOGY , 89 OM114 - OM114.

Mier, R; Ansell, B; Hall, MA; Hasson, N; Levinson, J; Lovell, D; ... Woo, P; + view all (1996) Long term follow-up of children with mixed connective tissue disease. Lupus , 5 (3) 221 - 226.


Patel, H; Bramall, J; Waters, H; DeBeer, MC; Woo, P; (1996) Expression of recombinant human serum amyloid A in mammalian cells and demonstration of the region necessary for high-density lipoprotein binding and amyloid fibril formation by site-directed mutagenesis. BIOCHEM J , 318 1041 - 1049.


Rayment, N; Miller, RF; Ali, N; Binks, MH; Katz, DR; (1996) Synthesis of tumor necrosis factor-alpha mRNA in bronchoalveolar lavage cells from human immunodeficiency virus-infected persons with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. J INFECT DIS , 174 (3) 654 - 659.

Rayment, NB; Moss, E; Faulkner, L; Brickell, PM; Davies, MJ; Woolf, N; Katz, DR; (1996) Synthesis of TNF alpha and TGF beta mRNA in the different micro-environments within atheromatous plaques. CARDIOVASC RES , 32 (6) 1123 - 1130.

Rogers, NJ; Katz, DR; (1996) Role of adhesion molecules in binding of malaria gametocytes to bone marrow derived stromal cells. TISSUE ANTIGENS , 48 (4-II) AS508 - AS508.


Stonehouse, T; Brown, TRP; Brickell, PM; Katz, DR; (1996) Regulatory role of RXRa in macrophage differentiation and activation. J LEUKOCYTE BIOL 105 - 105.

Stonehouse, TJ; Branch, JS; Brown, TRP; Brickell, PM; Katz, DR; (1996) Expression and function of myeloid cell antigens on RXR alpha U937 transfectants. TISSUE ANTIGENS , 48 (4-II) MC406 - MC406.

Symmons, DP; Jones, M; Osborne, J; Sills, J; Southwood, TR; Woo, P; (1996) Pediatric rheumatology in the United Kingdom: data from the British Pediatric Rheumatology Group National Diagnostic Register. J.Rheumatol. , 23 (11) 1975 - 1980.


Temperton, NJ; Wilkinson, SR; Kelly, JM; (1996) Cloning of an Fe-superoxide dismutase gene homologue from Trypanosoma cruzi. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology , 76 339 - 343.


Vancheeswaran, R; Black, CM; David, J; Hasson, N; Harper, J; Atherton, D; ... Woo, P; + view all (1996) Childhood-onset scleroderma - Is it different from adult-onset disease? ARTHRITIS RHEUM , 39 (6) 1041 - 1049.


Woo, P; (1996) A proposal for the development of classification criteria for the idiopathic arthritides of childhood. Rheumatology in Europe , 25 (4) 152 - 154.

Woo, P; (1996) AA Amyloidosis. Topical Reviews , 3 (8) 1 - 5.


Xia, C; Cheshire, JK; Woo, P; (1996) Interaction of transcription factors NF-kappa B and CEBPB with a set of general transcription factors in synergistic induction of SAA gene expression by interleukin 6. IMMUNOLOGY , 89 F63 - F63.

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