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Ahmed, S; Meghji, S; Williams, RJ; Henderson, B; Brock, JH; Nair, SP; (2001) Staphylococcus aureus fibronectin binding proteins are essential for internalization by osteoblasts but do not account for differences in intracellular levels of bacteria. INFECT IMMUN , 69 (5) 2872 - 2877.


Burns, S; Thrasher, AJ; Blundell, MP; Machesky, L; Jones, GE; (2001) Configuration of human dendritic cell cytoskeleton by Rho GTPases, the WAS protein, and differentiation. BLOOD , 98 (4) 1142 - 1149.


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Cooke, EL; Uings, IJ; Xia, CLL; Woo, P; Ray, KP; (2001) Functional analysis of the interleukin-1-receptor-associated kinase (IRAK-1) in interleukin-1 beta-stimulated nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kappa B) pathway activation: IRAK-1 associates with the NF-kappa B essential modulator (NEMO) upon receptor stimulation. BIOCHEM J , 359 403 - 410.

Crawley, E; Kon, S; Woo, P; (2001) Hereditary predisposition to low interleukin-10 production in children with extended oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis. RHEUMATOLOGY , 40 (5) 574 - 578.


Davies, K; Stiehm, ER; Woo, P; Murray, KJ; (2001) Juvenile idiopathic polyarticular arthritis and IgA deficiency in the 22q11 deletion syndrome. J Rheumatol , 28 (10) 2326 - 2334.


Enjuanes, L; Sola, I; Almazan, F; Ortego, J; Alonso, S; Gonzalez, JM; ... Plana-Duran, J; + view all (2001) Interference with viral infection by transgenesis or tissue specific expression. In: Toutant, JP and Balazs, E, (eds.) MOLECULAR FARMING. (pp. 39 - 51). INST NATL RECHERCHE AGRONOMIQUE

Enjuanes, L; Sola, I; Almazan, F; Ortego, J; Izeta, A; Gonzalez, JM; ... Sanchez, C; + view all (2001) Coronavirus derived expression systems. J BIOTECHNOL , 88 (3) 183 - 204.

Escors, D; Camafeita, E; Ortego, J; Laude, H; Enjuanes, L; (2001) Organization of two transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus membrane protein topologies within the virion and core. J VIROL , 75 (24) 12228 - 12240.

Escors, D; Ortego, J; Enjuanes, K; (2001) The membrane M protein of the transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus binds to the internal core through the carboxy-terminus. NIDOVIRUSES (CORONAVIRUSES AND ARTERIVIRUSES) , 494 589 - 593.

Escors, D; Ortego, J; Laude, H; Enjuanes, L; (2001) The membrane M protein carboxy terminus binds to transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus core and contributes to core stability. J VIROL , 75 (3) 1312 - 1324.


Fazli, A; Bradley, SJ; Kiefel, MJ; Jolly, C; Holmes, IH; von Itzstein, M; (2001) Synthesis and biological evaluation of sialylmimetics as rotavirus inhibitors. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry , 44 (20) 3292 - 3301. 10.1021/jm0100887.


Gadhavi, PL; Greenwood, MD; Strom, M; King, IA; Buxton, RS; (2001) The regulatory region of the human desmocollin 3 promoter forms a DNA four-way junction. BIOCHEM BIOPH RES CO , 281 (2) 520 - 528.

Gadhavi, PL; Howell, S; Magee, AI; Buxton, RS; (2001) Nucleolin binds to a cis-active region in the human desmocollin 2 promoter. PROTEIN PEPTIDE LETT , 8 (5) 349 - 356.


Hinds, J; Vass, JK; Mangan, JA; Laing, KG; Waddell, SJ; Al-Ghusein, H; ... Butcher, PD; + view all (2001) Design, construction and validation of a whole genome DNA microarray for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In: (Proceedings) Keystone Symposium: Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Tuberculosis Research in the Post Genomic Era. Keystone Symposia: Taos, New Mexico.

Hopkins, S; Lyons, F; Mulcahy, F; Bergin, C; (2001) The great pretender returns to Dublin, Ireland. Sex Transm Infect , 77 (5) 316 - 318.

Hopkins, S; McKenna, F; Lyons, F; Bergin, C; Mostashari, F; (2001) Syphilis outbreak: Searching for risk factors through a case control study. CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES , 33 (7) 1247 - 1247.

Hunt, DM; Rickman, L; Whittock, NV; Eady, RA; Simrak, D; Dopping-Hepenstal, PJC; ... Buxton, RS; + view all (2001) Spectrum of dominant mutations in the desmosomal cadherin desmoglein 1, causing the skin disease striate palmoplantar keratoderma. EUR J HUM GENET , 9 (3) 197 - 203.


Isenberg, DA; Katz, D; Maddison, P; Watts, R; Tucker, L; Cooke, A; (2001) Induction of anti-DNA antibodies: commentary on article by Satake et al. Lupus , 10 63 - 65.


Jeffery, RC; Luong, L; Fishman, D; Xia, C; Humphries, S; Woo, P; (2001) Functional interleukin-6 (IL-6) polymorphisms in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA): The G/C polymorphism at-174 has a dominant influence on transcription. RHEUMATOLOGY , 40 47 - 48.

Jolly, C; Beisner, BM; Ozser, E; Holmes, IH; (2001) Non-lytic extraction and characterisation of receptors for multiple strains of rotavirus. Archives of Virology , 146 (7) 1307 - 1323. 10.1007/s007050170093.

Jolly, C; Huang, JA; Holmes, IH; (2001) Selection of rotavirus VP4 cell receptor binding domains for MA104 cells using a phage display library. Journal of Virological Methods , 98 (1) 41 - 51. 10.1016/S0166-0934(01)00357-3.


Katz, DR; (2001) Autopsy. In: Howarth, G and Leaman, O, (eds.) Encyclopedia of Death and Dying. (45 - 47). Routledge: London and New York.


Lacy-Hulbert, A; Thomas, R; Li, XP; Lilley, CE; Coffin, RS; Roes, J; (2001) Interruption of coding sequences by heterologous introns can enhance the functional expression of recombinant genes. GENE THER , 8 (8) 649 - 653.

Lilley, CE; Groutsi, F; Han, ZQ; Palmer, JA; Anderson, PN; Latchman, DS; Coffin, RS; (2001) Multiple immediate-early gene-deficient herpes simplex virus vectors allowing efficient gene delivery to neurons in culture and widespread gene delivery to the central nervous system in vivo. J VIROL , 75 (9) 4343 - 4356.


Modesto, C; Woo, P; Garcia-Consuegra, J; Merino, R; Garcia-Granero, M; Arnal, C; Prieur, AM; (2001) Systemic onset juvenile chronic arthritis, polyarticular pattern and hip involvement as markers for a bad prognosis. Clin.Exp.Rheumatol. , 19 (2) 211 - 217.

Murray, KJ; Woo, P; (2001) Benign joint hypermobility in childhood. RHEUMATOLOGY , 40 (5) 489 - 491.


Nugent, J; Grainger, J; Machado, C; Sawhney, S; Woo, P; Murray, KJ; ... Roland, M; + view all (2001) The British version of the Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire (CHAQ) and the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ). Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology , 19 (4 SUPPL. 23)

Nugent, J; Ruperto, N; Grainger, J; Machado, C; Sawhney, S; Baildam, E; ... Paediatric Rheumatology International Trials Organisation,; + view all (2001) The British version of the Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire (CHAQ) and the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ). Clin Exp Rheumatol , 19 (4 Suppl 23) S163 - S167.

Nugent, J; Ruperto, N; Grainger, J; Machado, C; Sawhney, S; Baildam, E; ... PRINTO,; + view all (2001) The British version of the Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire (CHAQ) and the Child Health Questionnaire (CHQ). CLIN EXP RHEUMATOL , 19 (4) S163 - S167.


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Rothschild, BM; Martin, LD; Lev, G; Bercovier, H; Bar-Gal, GK; Greenblatt, C; ... Brittain, D; + view all (2001) Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex DNA from an extinct bison dated 17,000 years before the present. CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES , 33 (3) 305 - 311. 10.1086/321886. Green open access


Sawhney, S; Woo, P; Murray, KJ; (2001) Macrophage activation syndrome: a potentially fatal complication of rheumatic disorders. Arch Dis Child , 85 (5) 421 - 426.

Spigelman, M; Donoghue, HD; (2001) Brief communication: Unusual pathological condition in the lower extremities of a skeleton from ancient Israel. AM J PHYS ANTHROPOL , 114 (1) 92 - 93. Green open access

Spigelman, M; Donoghue, HD; Fletcher, HA; (2001) Cure from the crypt. UNSPECIFIED


Ward, J; Fletcher, J; Nair, SP; Wilson, M; Williams, RJ; Poole, S; Henderson, B; (2001) Identification of the exported proteins of the oral opportunistic pathogen Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans by using alkaline phosphatase fusions. INFECT IMMUN , 69 (4) 2748 - 2752.

Wedderburn, LR; Jeffery, R; White, H; Patel, A; Varsani, H; Linch, D; ... Woo, P; + view all (2001) Autologous stem cell transplantation for paediatric-onset polyarteritis nodosa: changes in autoimmune phenotype in the context of reduced diversity of the T- and B-cell repertoires, and evidence for reversion from the CD45RO(+) to RA(+) phenotype. RHEUMATOLOGY , 40 (11) 1299 - 1307.

Wedderburn, LR; Patel, A; Varsani, H; Woo, P; (2001) Divergence in the degree of clonal expansions in inflammatory T cell subpopulations mirrors HLA-associated risk alleles in genetically and clinically distinct subtypes of childhood arthritis. INT IMMUNOL , 13 (12) 1541 - 1550.

Wedderburn, LR; Patel, A; Varsani, H; Woo, P; (2001) The developing human immune system: T-cell receptor repertoire of children and young adults shows a wide discrepancy in the frequency of persistent oligoclonal T-cell expansions. IMMUNOLOGY , 102 (3) 301 - 309.

Woo, P; (2001) Diagnosis and management of juvenile idiopathic arthritis: Current status. Indian Pediatrics , 38 (10) 1083 - 10902. Gold open access

Woo, P; (2001) Mediators of Inflammation. In: Cassidy, JT and Petty, RE, (eds.) Textbook fo Paediatric Rheumatology. (68 - 80). W.B. Saunders Company: Philadelphia.

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