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Bouma, G; Burns, S; Thrasher, AJ; (2007) Impaired T-cell priming in vivo resulting from dysfunction of WASp-deficient dendritic cells. BLOOD , 110 (13) 4278 - 4284. 10.1182/blood-2007-06-096875.

Burns, D; Hurst, JR; Hopkins, S; Patch, D; Burroughs, AK; Agarwal, B; (2007) Purpura fulminans associated with Lactobacillus paracasei liver abscess. Anaesth Intensive Care , 35 (1) 121 - 123.

Burns, S; Hardy, S; Klein, N; Thrasher, A; (2007) CD18 is required for normal podosome formation during adhesion and migration of human dendritic cells. In: Medical Research Society Clinical Scientists Day February 07.


Chua, F; Dunsmore, SE; Clingen, PH; Mutsaers, SE; Shapiro, SD; Segal, AW; ... Laurent, GJ; + view all (2007) Mice lacking neutrophil elastase are resistant to bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis. AM J PATHOL , 170 (1) 65 - 74. 10.2353/ajpath.2007.060352.

Crawford, H; Prado, JG; Leslie, A; Hue, S; Honeyborne, I; Reddy, S; ... Goulder, PJR; + view all (2007) Compensatory mutation partially restores fitness and delays reversion of escpe mutation within the immunodominant HLA-B*5703-restricted Gag epitope in chronic human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection. J VIROL , 81 (15) 8346 - 8351. 10.1128/JVI.00465-07.


Depledge, DP; Lower, RP; Smith, DF; (2007) RepSeq--a database of amino acid repeats present in lower eukaryotic pathogens. BMC Bioinformatics , 8 122 - ?. 10.1186/1471-2105-8-122. Gold open access

Dye, C; Temperton, N; Siddell, SG; (2007) Type I feline coronavirus spike glycoprotein falls to recognize aminopeptidase N as a functional receptor on feline cell lines. J GEN VIROL , 88 1753 - 1760. 10.1099/vir.0.82666-0.


Escors, D; Lopes, L; Collins, MK; (2007) Modulation of the immune response by lentivector targeting of intracellular pathways. In: HUMAN GENE THERAPY. (pp. 991 - 991). MARY ANN LIEBERT INC


Fife, MS; Gathercole, L; Ogilvie, EM; Stock, CJW; Mack, LF; Donn, RP; ... Woo, P; + view all (2007) No evidence for genetic association of interferon regulatory factor 1 in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. ARTHRITIS RHEUM , 56 (3) 972 - 976. 10.1002/art.22425.


Goodrum, F; Reeves, M; Sinclair, J; High, K; Shenk, T; (2007) Human cytomegalovirus sequences expressed in latently infected individuals promote a latent infection in vitro. Blood , 110 (3) 937 - 945. 10.1182/blood-2007-01-070078.

Groppelli, E; Belsham, GJ; Roberts, LO; (2007) Identification of minimal sequences of the Rhopalosiphum padi virus 5' untranslated region required for internal initiation of protein synthesis in mammalian, plant and insect translation systems. J Gen Virol , 88 (Pt 5) 1583 - 1588. 10.1099/vir.0.82682-0.

Grove, J; Huby, T; Stamataki, Z; Vanwolleghem, T; Meuleman, P; Farquhar, M; ... McKeating, JA; + view all (2007) Scavenger receptor BI and BII expression levels modulate hepatitis C virus infectivity. Journal of Virology , 81 , Article 7.


Janovy, J; Bolek, MG; Detwiler, J; Schwank, S; Knipes, A; Langford, GJ; (2007) Gregarina niphandrodes (Eugregarinorida : septatorina): Oocyst surface architecture. J PARASITOL , 93 (3) 714 - 716.

Janovy, J; Detwiler, J; Schwank, S; Bolek, MG; Knipes, AK; Langford, GJ; (2007) New and emended descriptions of gregarines from flour beetles (Tribolium spp. and Palorus subdepressus: Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae). J PARASITOL , 93 (5) 1155 - 1170.

Jolly, C; Mitar, I; Sattentau, QJ; (2007) Adhesion molecule interactions facilitate human immunodeficiency virus type 1-induced virological synapse formation between T cells. Journal of Virology , 81 (24) 13916-21 - ?. 10.1128/JVI.01585-07.

Jolly, C; Mitar, I; Sattentau, QJ; (2007) Requirement for an intact T-cell actin and tubulin cytoskeleton for efficient assembly and spread of human immunodeficiency virus type 1. Journal of Virology , 81 (11) 5547-5560 - ?. 10.1128/JVI.01469-06..

Jolly, C; Sattentau, QJ; (2007) Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 assembly, budding, and cell-cell spread in T cells take place in tetraspanin-enriched plasma membrane domains. J Virol , 81 (15) 7873 - 7884. 10.1128/JVI.01845-06.

Jolly, C; Sattentau, QJ; (2007) Regulated secretion from CD4+ T cells. Trends in Immunology , 28 (11) 474 - 481. 10.1016/j.it.2007.08.008.


Karwacz, K; Apolonia, L; Escors, D; Lopes, L; Collins, MK; (2007) Non-integrating lentiviral vectors for immunization. In: HUMAN GENE THERAPY. (pp. 1019 - 1019). MARY ANN LIEBERT INC

Kevans, D; Farrell, G; Hopkins, S; Mahmud, N; White, B; Norris, S; Bergin, C; (2007) Haematological support during peg-interferon therapy for HCV-infected haemophiliacs improves virological outcomes. Haemophilia , 13 (5) 593 - 598. 10.1111/j.1365-2516.2007.01489.x.

Khalil, H; Williams, RJ; Stenbeck, G; Henderson, B; Meghji, S; Nair, SP; (2007) Invasion of bone cells by Staphylococcus epidermidis. MICROBES INFECT , 9 (4) 460 - 465. 10.1016/j.micinf.2007.01.002.

Kundu, S; Faulkes, CG; (2007) A tangled history: patterns of major histocompatibility complex evolution in the African mole-rats (Family : Bathyergidae). BIOL J LINN SOC , 91 (3) 493 - 503.


Lacy-Hulbert, A; Smith, AM; Savill, JS; Crowley, D; Hynes, RO; Tissire, H; ... Roes, JT; + view all (2007) Ulcerative colitis and autoimmunity induced by loss of myeloid αv integrins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , 104 (40) 15823 - 15828. 10.1073/pnas.0707421104.

Lamb, R; Thomson, W; Donn, R; Ogilvie, EM; Abinun, M; Becker, M; ... Wyatt, S; + view all (2007) Positive association of SLC26A2 gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Arthritis and Rheumatism , 56 (4) 1286 - 1291. 10.1002/art.22444.


McCann, LJ; Woo, P; (2007) Biologic therapies in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Why and for whom? ACTA REUMATOL PORT , 32 (1) 17 - +.

McCann, LJ; Woo, P; (2007) Biologic therapies in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: why and for whom? Acta Reumatol.Port. , 32 (1) 15 - 26.

McKnight, A; Aasa-Chapman, MMI; (2007) Clade specific neutralising vaccines for HIV: An appropriate target? CURR HIV RES , 5 (6) 554 - 560.

McNerney, R; Mallard, K; Urassa, HMR; Lemma, E; Donoghue, HD; (2007) Colorimetric phage-based assay for detection of rifampin-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Clinical Microbiology , 45 (4) 1330 - 1332. 10.1128/JCM.02028-06. Green open access

Menendez, MC; Buxton, RS; Evans, JT; Gascoyne-Binzi, D; Barlow, REL; Hinds, J; ... Closton, MJ; + view all (2007) Genome analysis shows a common evolutionary origin for the dominant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a UK South Asian community. TUBERCULOSIS , 87 (5) 426 - 436. 10.1016/j.tube.2007.05.017.

Mens, H; Pedersen, AG; Jorgensen, LB; Hue, S; Yang, YZ; Gerstoft, J; Katzenstein, TL; (2007) Investigating signs of recent evolution in the pool of proviral HIV type 1 DNA during years of successful HAART. AIDS RES HUM RETROV , 23 (1) 107 - 115. 10.1089/aid.2006.0089.

Mullen, LM; Nair, SP; Ward, JM; Rycroft, AN; Williams, RJ; Henderson, B; (2007) Comparative functional genomic analysis of Pasteurellaceae adhesins using phage display. VET MICROBIOL , 122 (1-2) 123 - 134. 10.1016/j.vetmic.2006.12.022.

Murray, K; Pilkington, C; Woo, P; (2007) Paediatric Rheumatology. In: Strobel, S and Marks, SD and Smith, PK and El Habbal, MH and Sputz, L, (eds.) Great Ormond Street Colour Handbook of Paediatrics and Child Health. (467 - 480). Manson Publishing: London.


Nolan, LS; Jagutpal, SS; Cadge, BA; Woo, P; Dawson, SJ; (2007) Identification and functional analysis of common sequence variants in the DFNA15 gene, Brn-3c. GENE , 400 (1-2) 89 - 97. 10.1016/j.gene.2007.05.023.


Ogilvie, EM; Khan, A; Hubank, M; Kellam, P; Woo, P; (2007) Specific gene expression profiles in systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Arthritis and Rheumatism , 56 (6) 1954 - 1965. 10.1002/art.22644.


Pai, M; Dheda, K; Cunningham, J; Scano, F; O'Brien, R; (2007) T-cell assays for the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection: moving the research agenda forward. The Lancet Infectious Diseases , 7 428 - 438.

Pai, M; Mohan, A; Dheda, K; Leung, CC; Yew, WW; Christopher, DJ; Sharma, SK; (2007) Lethal interaction: the colliding epidemics of tobacco and tuberculosis. Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy , 5 (3) 385 - 391. 10.1586/14787210.5.3.385.

Peacock, CS; Seeger, K; Harris, D; Murphy, L; Ruiz, JC; Quail, MA; ... Berriman, M; + view all (2007) Comparative genomic analysis of three Leishmania species that cause diverse human disease. Nat Genet , 39 (7) 839 - 847. 10.1038/ng2053.


Quin, G; Len, AC; Billson, FA; Gillies, MC; (2007) Proteome map of normal rat retina and comparison with the proteome of diabetic rat retina: new insight in the pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy. Proteomics , 7 (15) 2636 - 2650. 10.1002/pmic.200600486.


Reeves, MB; Davies, AA; McSharry, BP; Wilkinson, GW; Sinclair, JH; (2007) Complex I binding by a virally encoded RNA regulates mitochondria-induced cell death. Science , 316 (5829) 1345 - 1348. 10.1126/science.1142984.

Roes, J; (2007) Conditional mutagenesis reveals immunological functions of widely expressed genes: activation thresholds, homeostatic mechanisms and disease models. Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology , 178 289 - 314.

Ruperto, N; Ravelli, A; Martini, A; Lovell, DJ; Giannini, EH; Cuttica, R; ... Mendelsohn, A; + view all (2007) A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of infliximab plus methotrexate for the treatment of polyarticular-course juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis and Rheumatism , 56 (9) 3096 - 3106. 10.1002/art.22838.


Selden, C; Mellor, N; Rees, M; Laurson, J; Kirwan, M; Escors, D; ... Hodgson, H; + view all (2007) Growth factors improve gene expression after lentiviral transduction in human adult and fetal hepatocytes. J GENE MED , 9 (2) 67 - 76. 10.1002/jgm.1000.

Smith, AJP; Cooper, J; Palmen, J; Saumel, J; Thompson, S; Woo, P; Humphries, SE; (2007) Functional IL6 polymorphism is associated with IL-6 serum levels but not CVD. In: ATHEROSCLEROSIS SUPPLEMENTS. (pp. 7 - 7). ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD


Thompson, SR; Novick, D; Stock, C; Rubinstein, M; Woo, P; Humphries, SE; Sanders, J; (2007) Variation within IL18 but not IL18BP influences free IL-18 levels at baseline and during post-operative stress. In: ATHEROSCLEROSIS SUPPLEMENTS. (pp. 52 - 52). ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD

Thompson, SR; Novick, D; Stock, CJ; Sanders, J; Brull, D; Cooper, J; ... Humphries, SE; + view all (2007) Free interleukin (IL)-18 levels, and the impact of IL18 and IL18BP genetic variation, in CHD patients and healthy men. ARTERIOSCL THROM VAS , 27 (12) 2743 - 2749. 10.1161/ATVBAHA.107.149245.


Veenstra, DL; Sullivan, SD; Dusheiko, GM; Jacobs, M; Aledort, JE; Lewis, G; Patel, KK; (2007) Cost-effectiveness of peginterferon alpha-2a compared with lamivudine treatment in patients with HBe-antigen-positive chronic hepatitis B in the United Kingdom. European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology , 19 (8) 631 - 638.


Weibel, L; Howell, KJ; Visentin, MT; Rudiger, A; Denton, CP; Zulian, F; ... Harper, JI; + view all (2007) Laser Doppler flowmetry for assessing localized scleroderma (morphoea) in children. In: JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY. (pp. S17 - S17). NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP

Weibel, L; Howell, KJ; Visentin, MT; Rudiger, A; Denton, CP; Zulian, F; ... Harper, JI; + view all (2007) Laser Doppler Flowmetry for assessing localized scleroderma in children. ARTHRITIS RHEUM , 56 (10) 3489 - 3495. 10.1002/art.22920.

Williams, JM; Pettitt, TR; Powell, W; Grove, J; Savage, COS; Wakelam, MJO; (2007) Antineutrophil cytoplasm antibody-stimulated neutrophil adhesion depends on diacylglycerol kinase-catalyzed phosphatidic acid formation. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN , 18 , Article 4.

Woo, P; (2007) Juvenile arthritis. In: Smolen, JS and Lipsky, PE, (eds.) Contemporary Targeted Therapies in Rheumatology. (425 - 434). Informa HealthCare

Woo, P; Laxer, RM; Sherry, DD; (2007) Pediatric rheumatology in clinical practice.


Zannin, ME; Martini, G; Vittadello, F; Zulian, F; Athreya, BH; Russo, R; ... Woo, P; + view all (2007) Ocular involvement in children with localised scleroderma: A multi-centre study. British Journal of Ophthalmology , 91 (10) 1311 - 1314. 10.1136/bjo.2007.116038.

Zulian, F; Martini, G; Cozzi, F; Woo, P; Athreya, BH; Laxer, RM; ... Foeldvari, I; + view all (2007) The Pediatric Rheumatology European Society/American College of Rheumatology/European League against rheumatism provisional classification criteria for juvenile systemic sclerosis. Arthritis Care and Research , 57 (2) 203 - 212. 10.1002/art.22551.

Zulian, F; Woo, P; Athreya, BH; Laxer, RM; Medsger, TA; Lehman, TJA; ... American Coll Rheumatology,; + view all (2007) The pediatric rheumatology European Society American College of Rheumatology European league against rheumatism provisional classification criteria for juvenile systemic sclerosis. ARTHRIT RHEUM-ARTHR , 57 (2) 203 - 212. 10.1002/art.22551.

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