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Ancliff, PJ; Davies, EG; Hann, IM; Hassan, A; Chessells, JM; (2000) Immunoregulatory disorders in association with myelodysplasia in childhood. Leukemia , 14 (5) 967 - 967.

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Bogunia-Kubik, K; Perez-Cruz, I; Fallen, PR; Madrigal, JA; Cohen, SBA; (2000) Cord blood lymphocytes have a low frequency of cytokine producing T cells due to a high threshold for activation. IMMUNOL LETT , 72 (3) 145 - 146.


Cohen, SB; Woolley, J; Bogunia-Kubik, K; Natarajan, P; Kotecha, R; Belaramani, L; ... Madrigal, JA; + view all (2000) Macrophage colony stimulating factor (M-CSF) within cord blood sera may be partially responsible for the reduced proliferation of cord blood T cells. European Cytokine Network , 11 (4) 608 - 617.

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Corell, A; Pay, AL; Little, AM; Hoddinott, MA; Argüello, JR; Borton, M; ... Marsh, SG; + view all (2000) Reference strand mediated conformation analysis resolves HLA-DRB1 typing ambiguities when matching for unrelated bone marrow transplantation. Tissue Antigens , 56 (1) 82 - 86.

Cox, ST; Hossain, E; McWhinnie, A; Prokupek, B; Madrigal, JA; Little, AM; (2000) HLA-B*8202 identified in a Caucasoid potential bone marrow donor. Tissue Antigens , 56 (2) 188 - 191.

Cox, ST; McWhinnie, A; Prokupek, B; Madrigal, JA; Little, AM; (2000) HLA-B*4413 identified in a UK Caucasoid potential bone marrow donor. Tissue Antigens , 55 (2) 185 - 187.


Dodi, IA; Morgan, CL; Madrigal, JA; (2000) The significance of HLA matching in cord blood stem cell transplantation. In: Cohen, SBA and Gluckman, E and Rubinstein, P and Madrigal, JA, (eds.) Cord Blood Transplantation. (205 - 238). Martin Dunitz Ltd: London.


Fischer, G; Perez-Rodriguez, M; Arguello, JR; Cox, ST; McWhinnie, A; Travers, PJ; Madrigal, JA; (2000) Three novel MICB alleles. Tissue Antigens , 55 (2) 166 - 170.


Groot De, NG; Otting, N; Watkins, DI; Doxiadis, GM; Arguello, R; Madrigal, JA; Bontrop, RE; (2000) MHC class I diversity in a West-African chimpanzee population: implications for HIV research. Immunogenetics , 51 398 - 409.


Hoddinott, MA; Cox, ST; McWhinnie, AJ; Marsh, SG; Ogilvie, H; Madrigal, JA; Little, AM; (2000) A new allele, HLA-B*1555, identified in an African patient awaiting bone marrow transplantation. Tissue Antigens , 55 (5) 463 - 466.


Khakoo, SI; Ling, R; Scott, I; Dodi, AI; Harrison, TJ; Dusheiko, GM; Madrigal, JA; (2000) Cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses and CTL epitope escape mutation in HBsAg, anti-HBe positive individuals. Gut , 47 (1) 137 - 143.


Madrigal, JA; Shaw, BE; Brookes, P; Potter, M; Prentice, HG; Goldman, JM; ... Pay, AL; + view all (2000) The genetic factors which affect the outcome of unrelated bone marrow transplantation. Blood , 96 (11) 1792 - ?.

McGreavey, L; se, F; en, P; Ethel, M; Potter, M; Prentice, HG; ... Madrigal, JA; + view all (2000) Analysis of reconstitution the T-cell compartment in patients undergoing stem cell transplantation. HUM IMMUNOL , 61 (Suppl) 497A - ?.


Perez-Cruz, I; Fallen, P; Madrigal, JA; Cohen, SBA; (2000) Naive T cells from cord blood have the capacity to make Types 1 and 2 cytokines. IMMUNOL LETT , 75 (1) 85 - 88.

Perez-Rodriguez, M; Corell, A; Arguello, JR; Cox, ST; McWhinnie, A; Marsh, SGE; Madrigal, JA; (2000) A new MICA allele with ten alanine residues in the exon 5 microsatellite. Tissue Antigens , 55 (2) 162 - 165.


Ramon, D; Scott, I; Cox, ST; Pesoa, S; Vullo, C; Little, AM; Madrigal, JA; (2000) HLA-A*6817, identified in the Kolla Amerindians of North-West Argentina possesses a novel nucleotide substitution. Tissue Antigens , 55 (5) 453 - 454.

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