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Aubert, G; Hassan-Walker, AF; Madrigal, JA; Emery, VC; Morte, C; Grace, S; ... Travers, PJ; + view all (2001) Cytomegalovirus-specific cellular immune responses and viremia in recipients of allogeneic stem cell transplants. The Journal of Infectious Diseases , 184 (8) 955 - 963.


Borras, FE; Matthews, NC; Lowdell, MW; Navarrete, CV; (2001) Identification of both myeloid CD11c(+) and lymphoid CD11c(-) dendritic cell subsets in cord blood. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 113 (4) 925 - 931.

Borràs, FE; Matthews, NC; Navarrete, CV; Lowdell, MW; (2001) Both lymphoid and myeloid subsets of dendritic cells are present in cord blood. European Journal of Immunogenetics , 28 (2) 259 - 259.


Chen, FE; Rawlings, E; Haque, T; Madrigal, JA; Amlot, P; (2001) Lytic antigen specificity of anti-EBV cytotoxic T cells arising in vivo during post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease parallels generation of anti-EBV specific CTL generated in vitro. Blood , 98 (11) 1688 - ?.

Clark, RE; Dodi, IA; Hill, SC; Lill, JR; Aubert, G; Macintyre, AR; ... Madrigal, JA; + view all (2001) Direct evidence that leukemic cells present HLA-associated immunogenic peptides derived from the BCR-ABL b3a2 fusion protein. Blood , 98 (10) 2887 - 2893.

Cooke, S.P.; Boxer, G.M.; Lawrence, L.; Pedley, R.B.; Spencer, D.I.R.; Begent, R.H.J.; Chester, K.A.; (2001) A strategy for antitumor vascular therapy by targeting the vascular endothelial growth factor. Cancer Research , 61 (9) pp. 3653-3659.

Cox, ST; McWhinnie, AJ; Baker, FA; Stubbins, MJ; Allen, CJ; Holman, R; ... Little, AM; + view all (2001) Identification of HLA-A*2306. Tissue Antigens , 57 (1) 73 - 75.

Cox, ST; McWhinnie, AJ; Koester, RP; Heine, U; Holman, R; Madrigal, JA; Little, AM; (2001) Further diversity at HLA-A and -B loci identified in Afro- Caribbean potential bone marrow donors. Tissue Antigens , 57 (1) 70 - 72.

Cox, ST; Tavarozzi, F; McWhinnie, A; Hoddinott, MA; Calvert, A; Baker, F; ... Little, AM; + view all (2001) HLA-B*4034 identified in a UK Caucasoid potential bone marrow donor. Immunogenetics , 53 (1) 43 - 44.

Creaser, CS; Lill, JR; Bonner, PLR; Hill, SC; Rees, RC; Christmas, SC; ... Madrigal, JA; + view all (2001) Characterisation of HLA-A3 restricted peptide from the BCR-ABL fusion protein of the Philadelphia Chromosome using Nano-electrospray ion trap mass spectrometry. Advances in Mass Spectrometry , 15 637 - 638.


Gricks, CS; Rawlings, E; Foroni, L; Madrigal, JA; Amlot, PL; (2001) Somatically mutated regions of immunoglobulin on human B-cell lymphomas code for peptides that bind to autologous major histocompatibility complex class I, providing a potential target for cytotoxic T cells. CANCER RES , 61 (13) 5145 - 5152.


Hennessy, B; North, J; Deru, A; Llewellyn-Smith, N; Lowdell, MW; (2001) Use of Leu3a/3b for the accurate determination of CD4 subsets for measurement of intracellular cytokines. CYTOMETRY , 44 (2) 148 - 152.

Hennessy, B; North, J; Deru, A; Lowdell, MW; Llewellyn-Smith, N; (2001) Measurement of CD2 expression levels of IFN-α-treated fibrosarcomas using cell tracking velocimetry. Cytometry , 44 (2) 137 - 147. 10.1002/1097-0320(20010601)44:2<137::AID-CYTO1093>3.0.CO;2-D.


Little, AM; Cox, ST; Hoddinott, MA; Ogilvie, H; Bohan, EM; Mufti, GJ; Madrigal, JA; (2001) Identification of HLA-B*0722. Tissue Antigens , 57 (2) 167 - 168.

Lowdell, MW; (2001) Allogeneic immunotherapy of acute leukaemia. CME Bulletin Haematology , 3 (3) 63 - 66.

Lowdell, MW; (2001) Data analysis in flow cytometry. In: McCarthy, D and Macey, MG, (eds.) Cytometric Analysis of Cell Phenotype and Function. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Lowdell, MW; Lamb, L; Hoyle, C; Velardi, A; Prentice, HG; (2001) Non-MHC-restricted cytotoxic cells: Their roles in the control and treatment of leukaemias. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 114 (1) 11 - 24.


Mainwaring, P.N.; Cunningham, D.; Gregory, W.; Hoskin, P.; Hancock, B.; Norton, A.J.; ... Linch, D.; + view all (2001) Mitoxantrone is superior to doxorubicin in a multiagent weekly regimen for patients older than 60 with high-grade lymphoma: results of a BNLI randomized trial of PAdriaCEBO versus PMitCEBO. Blood , 97 (10) pp. 2991-2997. 10.1182/blood.V97.10.2991. Green open access


Orleans-Lindsay, JK; Barber, LD; Prentice, HG; Lowdell, MW; (2001) Acute myeloid leukaemia cells secrete a soluble factor that inhibits T and NK cell proliferation but not cytolytic function - implications for the adoptive immunotherapy of leukaemia. CLIN EXP IMMUNOL , 126 (3) 403 - 411.


Pay, AL; Little, AM; Madrigal, JA; (2001) Donor selection in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. In: Carella, AG and Daley, GQ and Eaves, CJ and Goldman, JM and Hehlmann, R, (eds.) Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Biology and Treatment. (421 - 250). Martin Dunitz Ltd: London.

Pedley, R.B.; Hill, S.A.; Boxer, G.M.; Flynn, A.A.; Boden, R.; Watson, R.; ... Begent, R.H.; + view all (2001) Eradication of colorectal xenografts by combined radioimmunotherapy and combretastatin A-4 3-O-phosphate. Cancer Research , 61 (12) pp. 4716-4722.

Plunkett, FJ; Soares, MVD; Annels, N; Hislop, A; Ivory, K; Lowdell, M; ... Akbar, AN; + view all (2001) The flow cytometric analysis of telomere length in antigen-specific CD8(+) T cells during acute Epstein-Barr virus infection. BLOOD , 97 (3) 700 - 707.


Reynard, MP; Turner, D; Navarrete, CV; Lowdell, M; (2001) Cytokine gene polymorphisms associated with outcome of bone marrow transplantation. European Journal of Immunogenetics , 28 (2) 241 - 241.


Shaw, BE; Madrigal, JA; Potter, M; (2001) Improving the outcome of unrelated donor stem cell transplantation by molecular matching. BLOOD REV , 15 167 - 174.

Szmania, S; Galloway, A; Bruorton, M; Musk, P; Aubert, G; Arthur, A; ... Van Rhee, F; + view all (2001) Isolation and expansion of cytomegalovirus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes to clinical scale from a single blood draw using dendritic cells and HLA-tetramers. Blood , 98 (3) 505 - 512.

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