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Barber, L; Whitelegg, A; on, M; igal, J; Banner, N; olas, R; (2004) Detection of vimentin-specific autoreactive CD8+ T cells in cardiac transplant patients. TRANSPLANTATION , 77 (10) 1604 - 1609.

Blundell, M; Ancliff, P; Cory, G; Jones, G; de Botton, S; Vainchanker, W; Thrasher, AJ; (2004) Unregulated activation of the actin cytoskeleton through WASp promoters cell death and genomic instability. In: ESID Versailles, October 2004. (pp. 127 - ?).


Dearling, J.L.J.; Flynn, A.A.; Sutcliffe-Goulden, J.; Petrie, I.A.; Boden, R.; Green, A.J.; ... Pedley, R.B.; + view all (2004) Analysis of the regional uptake of radiolabeled deoxyglucose analogs in human tumor xenografts. The Journal of Nuclear Medicine , 45 (1) pp. 101-107.

Dunham, A.; Matthews, L.H.; Burton, J.; Ashurst, J.L.; Howe, K.L.; Ashcroft, K.J.; ... Ross, M.T.; + view all (2004) The DNA sequence and analysis of human chromosome 13. Nature , 428 (6982) pp. 522-528. 10.1038/nature02379.


Eward, KL; Obermann, EC; Shreeram, S; Loddo, M; Fanshawe, T; Williams, C; ... Williams, GH; + view all (2004) DNA replication licensing in somatic and germ cells. J CELL SCI , 117 (24) 5875 - 5886. 10.1242/jcs.01503. Green open access


García, O; Cox, ST; Sandoval, R; Little, AM; Marsh, SG; Madrigal, JA; Argüello, JR; (2004) A novel HLA-A allele: A*0257. TISSUE ANTIGENS , 63 (1) 85 - 87.

Garcia, CA; Robinson, J; Madrigal, AJ; Marsh, SGE; (2004) Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR). In: The EBMT handbook: Haemopoitic Stem Cell Transplantation. (48 - 55). European School of Haematology: Paris.


Hartley, J.A.; Spanswick, V.J.; Brooks, N.; Clingen, P.H.; McHugh, P.J.; Hochhauser, D.; ... Thurston, D.E.; + view all (2004) SJG-136 (NSC 694501), a novel rationally designed DNA minor groove interstrand cross-linking agent with potent and broad spectrum antitumor activity. Cancer Research , 64 (18) pp. 6693-6699.


Irshad, S.; Pedley, R.B.; Anderson, J.; Latchman, D.S.; Budhram-Mahadeo, V.; (2004) The Brn-3b transcription factor regulates the growth, behavior, and invasiveness of human neuroblastoma cells in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 279 (20) pp. 21617-21627. 10.1074/jbc.M312506200. Gold open access

Irshad, S.; Pedley, R.B.; Anderson, J.; Latchman, D.S.; Budhram-Mahadeo, V.; (2004) The Brn-3b transcription factor regulates the growth, behavior, and invasiveness of human neuroblastoma cells in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 279 (20) p. 21617. 10.1074/jbc.M312506200. Gold open access


Jakupovic, I.; Grandage, V.L.; Linch, D.C.; Khwaja, A.; (2004) Lack of effect of the human GM-CSF analog E21R on the survival of primary human acute myeloid leukemia cells. Blood , 103 (8) pp. 3230-3232. 10.1182/blood-2003-06-1985. Green open access


Mayor, NP; Cox, ST; McWhinnie, AJ; Arguello, JR; Shaw, BE; Little, A-M; ... Marsh, SGE; + view all (2004) Sequence of a novel HLA-A*0301 intronic variant (A*03010103). TISSUE ANTIGENS , 65 107 - 109.

Moon, LD; Brenner, C; Ancliff, P; McHugh, K; de Bruyn, R; (2004) Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma presenting with uterine and renal enlargement in a young girl. Pediatric Radiology , 34 (3) 277 - 279.

Morris, E.; Thomson, K.; Craddock, C.; Mahendra, P.; Milligan, D.; Cook, G.; ... Mackinnon, S.; + view all (2004) Outcomes after alemtuzumab-containing reduced-intensity allogeneic transplantation regimen for relapsed and refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Blood , 104 (13) pp. 3865-3871. 10.1182/blood-2004-03-1105. Green open access

Munker, R; Schmid, C; Madrigal, JA; Kolb, HJ; (2004) An update on graft-versus-host and graft-versus-leukemia reactions: a summary of the sixth International Symposium held in Schloss Ellmau, Germany, January 22-24, 2004. BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION , 34 (9) 767 - 780.


Paston, SJ; Dodi, IA; Madrigal, JA; (2004) Progress made towards the development of a CMV peptide vaccine. HUM IMMUNOL , 65 (5) 544 - 549.


Roberts, CH; Robinson, J; Dodi, IA; Madrigal, JA; Marsh, SGE; (2004) The European searchable tumour cell line database (ESTDAB). Genes and Immunity , 5 44 - ?.

Rusakiewicz, S; Dodi, IA; Loconto, J; Travers, PJ; Madrigal, JA; (2004) Can BCR/ABL breakpoint fusion peptides be used as a target for GVL immunotherapy by expanding peptide specific T cells in patients in vivo? Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases , 33 (3) 191 - 191.


Sainsbury, R; Shetty, A; Loddo, M; Stoeber, K; Williams, G; (2004) DNA replication licensing proteins and breast cancer - a novel class of prognostic markers? In: BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT. (pp. S23 - S23). SPRINGER

Shaw, BE; Barber, LD; Madrigal, JA; Cleaver, S; Marsh, SGE; (2004) Scoring for HLA matching? A clinical test of HistoCheck. BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION , 34 (4) 367 - 368.

Shaw, BE; Maldonaldo, H; Madrigal, JA; Smith, C; Petronzelli, F; Mayor, NP; ... Marsh, SGE; + view all (2004) Polymorphisms in the TNFA gene promoter region show evidence of strong linkage disequilibrium with HLA and are associated with delayed neutrophil engraftment in unrelated donor hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. TISSUE ANTIGENS , 63 (5) 401 - 411.

Shetty, A; Sainsbury, R; Loddo, M; Stoeber, K; London, WG; (2004) DNA replication licensing proteins predict response to hormonal treatment in breast cancer. In: BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT. (pp. S233 - S234). SPRINGER


Vineis, P.; Alavanja, M.; Buffler, P.; Fontham, E.; Franceschi, S.; Gao, Y.T.; ... Doll, R.; + view all (2004) Tobacco and cancer: recent epidemiological evidence. CancerSpectrum Knowledge Environment , 96 (2) pp. 99-106. 10.1093/jnci/djh014.


Zal, B; am, K; Juan, A; Gavin, A; Julius, X; Qingbo, C; ... Baboonian, C; + view all (2004) Heat-shock protein 60-reactive CD4+CD28null T cells in patients with acute coronary syndromes. CIRCULATION , 109 (10) 1230 - 1235.

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