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Atkinson, TP; Schaffer, AA; Grimbacher, B; Schroeder, HW; Woellner, C; Zerbe, CS; Puck, JM; (2001) An immune defect causing dominant chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and thyroid disease maps to chromosome 2p in a single family. AM J HUM GENET , 69 (4) 791 - 803.

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Chies, MD; Martensen, PM; Simmons, C; Porakishvili, N; Justesen, J; Dougan, G; ... Lund, T; + view all (2001) Refocusing of B-cell responses following a single amino acid substitution in an antigen. IMMUNOLOGY , 103 (2) 172 - 178.

Cho, JY; Fox, DA; Horejsi, V; Sagawa, K; Skubitz, KM; Katz, DR; Chain, B; (2001) The functional interactions between CD98, beta 1-integrins, and CD147 in the induction of U937 homotypic aggregation. BLOOD , 98 (2) 374 - 382.

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Dean, GS; Anand, A; Blofeld, A; Isenberg, DA; Lydyard, PM; (2001) Functional characterisation of double negative T cells in systemic lupus erythematosus: measurement of spontaneous and mitogen stimulated in vitro interleukin 4 (IL4) production. RHEUMATOLOGY , 40 5 - 5.

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Elased, KM; Gumaa, KA; de Souza, JB; Rahmoune, H; Playfair, JHL; Rademacher, TW; (2001) Reversal of type 2 diabetes in mice by products of malaria parasites II. Role of inositol phosphoglycans (IPGs). MOL GENET METAB , 73 (3) 248 - 258. 10.1006/mgme.2001.3186.


Faint, JM; Annels, NE; Curnow, SJ; Shields, P; Pilling, D; Hislop, AD; ... Salmon, M; + view all (2001) Memory T cells constitute a subset of the human CD8(+)CD45RA(+) pool with distinct phenotypic and migratory characteristics. J IMMUNOL , 167 (1) 212 - 220.

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McGrath, Y; Burton, S; Samady, L; Maccormack, L; Lilley, C; Robinson, M; ... Coffin, R; + view all (2001) Herpes simplex virus vectors allowing high efficiency gene transfer to dendritic cells with dendritic cell activation: Development of vectors for the immunotherapy of cancer and infectious disease. CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH , 7 (11) 3757S - 3757S.

McGrath, Y; Burton, S; Samady, L; MacCormack, L; Lilley, CE; Robinson, M; ... Coffin, RS; + view all (2001) Herpes simplex virus vectors allowing high efficiency gene transfer to dendritic cells with dendritic cell activation: development of vectors for the immunotherapy of cancer and infectious disease. CANCER GENE THER , 8 S15 - S15.

McKnight, A; Griffiths, DJ; Dittmar, M; Clapham, P; Thomas, E; (2001) Characterization of a late entry event in the replication cycle of human immunodeficiency virus type 2. Journal of Virology , 75 (15) 6914 - 6922. 10.1128/JVI.75.15.6914-6922.2001.

Morris, E; Naik, P; Goldstone, A; Linch, D; Mackinnon, S; Singer, M; (2001) 5 year experience of intensive care for critically ill patients following chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation: Who should go to ICU? BLOOD , 98 (11) 432A - 433A.

Morris, E; Rebello, P; Thomson, K; Peggs, K; Kyriakou, C; Goldstone, A; ... Hale, G; + view all (2001) Pharmacokinetics of Campath-1H in vivo T cell depletion in non-myeloablative allogeneic transplants: Relevance for early adoptive immunotherapy. In: BLOOD. (pp. 478A - 478A). AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY

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Saleem, A; Porakishvili, N; Delves, P; Lydyard, PM; (2001) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Galactin-1 (GL-1) induces apoptosis of B-Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemic (B-CLL) cells. British Society of Immunology: Harrogate.

Saleem, A; Porakishvili, N; Delves, PJ; Lydyard, PM; (2001) Galectin-1 (GL-1) induces apoptosis of B-chronic lymphocytic leukaemic (B-CLL) cells. In: Immunology. (pp. 26 - ?).

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Stanislawski, T; Voss, RH; Lotz, C; Sadovnikova, E; Willemsen, RA; Kuball, J; ... Theobald, M; + view all (2001) Circumventing tolerance to a human MDM2-derived tumor antigen by TCR gene transfer. NAT IMMUNOL , 2 (10) 962 - 970.

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Tyrrell-Price, J; Lydyard, PM; Isenberg, DA; (2001) The effect of interletikin-10 and of interleukin-12 on the in vitro production of anti-double-stranded DNA antibodies from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. CLIN EXP IMMUNOL , 124 (1) 118 - 125.


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Youinou, P; Lydyard, PM; (2001) CD5+ B cells in nonorgan-specific autoimmune diseases: a fresh look. Lupus , 10 (8) 523 - 525.

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