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Agius, E; Lacy, K; Vukmanovic-Stejic, M; Hall, S; Klein, N; Rustin, M; Akbar, AN; (2008) Endothelial activation is impaired in old skin secondary cutaneous memory immune responses in vivo. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY. (pp. 886 - 887). BLACKWELL PUBLISHING

Agius, E; Lacy, K; Vukmanovic-Stejic, M; Papageorgiou, AP; Curnow, I; Greenwood, J; ... Akbar, AN; + view all (2008) Decreased endothelial activation results in defective secondary T cell immunity in aging skin. In: JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY. (pp. S172 - S172). NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP

Agius, E; Lacy, K; Vukmanovic-Stejic, M; Papageorgiou, AP; Hall, S; Reed, JR; ... Akbar, AN; + view all (2008) Decreased secondary cutaneous memory immune response in old skin due to lack of endothelial activation. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY. (pp. 2 - 2). BLACKWELL PUBLISHING

Ahmadi, M; Emery, D; Morgan, D; (2008) PGE2 over-producing tumor cells prevent activation of anti-tumor specific CD8+ T cell responses. In: (Proceedings) British Society for Immunology. British Society for Immunology

Ahmadi, M; Emery, DC; Morgan, DJ; (2008) Prevention of both direct and cross-priming of antitumor CD8+ T-cell responses following overproduction of prostaglandin E2 by tumor cells in vivo. Cancer Research , 68 7520 - 7529. 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-1060.

Antoniou, AN; Powis, SJ; (2008) Pathogen evasion strategies for the major histocompatibility complex class I assembly pathway. IMMUNOLOGY , 124 (1) 1 - 12. 10.1111/j.1365-2567.2008.02804.x.

Arce, F; Rowe, H; Lopes, L; Escors, D; Chain, B; Collins, MK; (2008) Sustained antigen presentation after lentiviral immunization. In: HUMAN GENE THERAPY. (pp. 1141 - 1142). MARY ANN LIEBERT INC


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Birmelin, J; Salzer, U; Grimbacher, B; Bussel, J; (2008) Polymorphisms in TNFRSF13B are not associated with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 188 - 188). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC

Boztug, K; Appaswamy, G; Ashikov, A; Schaffer, AA; Salzer, U; Diestelhorst, J; ... Klein, C; + view all (2008) A novel clinical syndrome associating severe congenital neutropenia and complex developmental aberrations caused by deficiency of G6PC(3). In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 206 - 207). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC

Boztug, K; Appaswamy, G; Ashikov, A; Schaffer, AA; Salzer, U; Diestelhorst, J; ... Klein, C; + view all (2008) A Novel Clinical Syndrome Associating Severe Congenital Neutropenia and Complex Developmental Aberrations Caused by Deficiency of G6PC3. In: BLOOD. (pp. 4 - 4). AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY

Broides, A; Shubinsky, G; Parvari, R; Grimbacher, B; Somech, R; Garty, BZ; Levy, J; (2008) MHC Class 2 deficiency and X Linked agammaglobulinemia in a consanguineous extended family. In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 132 - 133). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC

Buchan, SL; Chaise, C; Rice, J; Marquet, J; Rouard, H; Kuentz, M; ... Stevenson, FK; + view all (2008) DNA vaccination induces WT1-specific T-cell responses with potential clinical relevance. In: IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 54 - 54). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC


Chain, BM; Noursadeghi, M; Gardener, M; Tsang, J; Wright, E; (2008) HIV blocking antibodies following immunisation with chimaeric peptides coding a short N-terminal sequence of the CCR5 receptor. VACCINE , 26 (45) 5752 - 5759. 10.1016/j.vaccine.2008.08.025. Gold open access

Chaise, C; Buchan, SL; Rice, J; Marquet, J; Rouard, H; Kuentz, M; ... Stevenson, FK; + view all (2008) DNA vaccination induces WT1-specific T-cell responses with potential clinical relevance. BLOOD , 112 (7) 2956 - 2964. 10.1182/blood-2008-02-137695.

Chapel, H; Lucas, M; Lee, M; Bjorkander, J; Webster, D; Grimbacher, B; ... Hammarstrom, L; + view all (2008) Common variable immunodeficiency disorders: division into distinct clinical phenotypes. BLOOD , 112 (2) 277 - 286. 10.1182/blood-2007-11-124545.

Chiang, CLL; Ledermann, JA; Aitkens, E; Benjamin, E; Katz, DR; Chain, BM; (2008) Oxidation of ovarian epithelial cancer cells by hypochlorous acid enhances immunogenicity and stimulates T cells that recognize autologous primary tumor. CLIN CANCER RES , 14 (15) 4898 - 4907. 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-07-4899.

Chua, I; Lagos, M; Charalambous, BM; Workman, S; Tarzi, M; Chee, R; Grimbacher, B; (2008) Using pathogen-specific antibody levels to monitor the adequacy of immunoglobulin replacement in antibody deficient patients. In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 117 - 118). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC

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Clough, LE; Wang, CJ; Schmidt, EM; Booth, G; Hou, TZ; Ryan, GA; Walker, LS; (2008) Release from regulatory T cell-mediated suppression during the onset of tissue-specific autoimmunity is associated with elevated IL-21. J Immunol , 180 (8) 5393 - 5401.

Couper, KN; Blount, DG; Wilson, MS; Hafalla, JC; Belkaid, Y; Kamanaka, M; ... Riley, EM; + view all (2008) IL-10 from CD4(+)CD25(-)Foxp3(-)CD127(-) adaptive regulatory T cells modulates parasite clearance and pathology during malaria infection. PLOS PATHOG , 4 (2) , Article e1000004. 10.1371/journal.ppat.1000004. Green and gold open access


Das, A; Hoare, M; Davies, N; Lopes, AR; Dunn, C; Kennedy, PTF; ... Maini, MK; + view all (2008) Functional skewing of the global CD8 T cell population in chronic hepatitis B virus infection. J EXP MED , 205 (9) 2111 - 2124. 10.1084/jem.20072076. Gold open access

Delves, PJ; (2008) Global Day of Immunology 2008. Immunology News , 15 (3) 18 - 19.

Delves, PJ; (2008) Immunological contraception: Can gonadotropins still be considered viable candidates for anti-fertility vaccines? In: Procedings of the 2nd International Conference on Gonadotropins and their Receptors (ICGR2). (pp. 6:3 - ?).

Diehl, L; Schurich, A; Grochtmann, R; Hegenbarth, S; Chen, L; Knolle, PA; (2008) Tolerogenic maturation of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells promotes B7-homolog 1-dependent CD8(+) T cell tolerance. HEPATOLOGY , 47 (1) 296 - 305. 10.1002/hep.21965.




Efklidou, S; Bailey, R; Field, N; Noursadeghi, M; Collins, MK; (2008) vFLIP from KSHV inhibits anoikis of primary endothelial cells. J CELL SCI , 121 (4) 450 - 457. 10.1242/jcs.022343.

Engelhardt, KR; Woellner, C; Schaffer, AA; Gertz, EM; Hagena, T; Salzer, U; ... Grimbacher, B; + view all (2008) Identification of genes mutated in autosomal-recessive hyper-IgE syndrome. In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 53 - 53). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC


Fussell, H; Nesbeth, D; Lenart, I; Campbell, EC; Lynch, S; Santos, S; ... Antoniou, AN; + view all (2008) Novel Detection of In Vivo HLA-B27 Conformations Correlates With Ankylosing Spondylitis Association. ARTHRITIS RHEUM , 58 (11) 3419 - 3424. 10.1002/art.23990.


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Grimbacher, B; Hennigs, A; Nabavi, M; Glocker, EO; Schaffer, A; Woellner, C; ... Rezaei, N; + view all (2008) Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis is associated with a homozygous mutation in CARD9. In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 213 - 213). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC


Hart, DP; Thomas, S; Xue, S; Stauss, HJ; Morris, EC; (2008) LMP2-specific TCR gene therapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma. In: BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION. (pp. S56 - S56). NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP

Hart, DP; Xue, SA; Thomas, S; Cesco-Gaspere, M; Tranter, A; Willcox, B; ... Stauss, HJ; + view all (2008) Retroviral transfer of a dominant TCR prevents surface expression of a large proportion of the endogenous TCR repertoire in human T cells. GENE THER , 15 (8) 625 - 631. 10.1038/sj.gt.3303078.

Henson, SM; Macaulay, R; Kiani-Alikhan, S; Akbar, AN; (2008) The Use of the Inhibitory Receptors for Modulating the Immune Responses. CURR PHARM DESIGN , 14 (26) 2643 - 2650.



Jamal, S; Warnatz, K; Tahami, F; Grimbacher, B; (2008) Enumeration of novel T-cell subsets in combined variable immune deficiency (CVID). In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 64 - 64). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC


Kimmig, LM; Thiel, J; Salzer, U; Grudzien, M; Hagena, T; Drager, R; ... Schlesier, M; + view all (2008) Furtger insights into human CD21 deficiency. In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 221 - 221). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC

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Kottaridis, P; Thomson, K; Cassoni, A; Pearce, R; Chakraverty, R; Morris, E; ... Mackinnon, S; + view all (2008) Myeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplantation with unrelated donors for high-risk acute myeloid leukaemia: no increase in relapse with alemtuzumab-depleted grafts. In: BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION. (pp. S73 - S73). NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP


Leisegang, M; Engels, B; Meyerhuber, P; Kieback, E; Sommermeyer, D; Xue, SA; ... Uckert, W; + view all (2008) Enhanced functionality of T cell receptor-redirected T cells is defined by the transgene cassette. J MOL MED-JMM , 86 (5) 573 - 583. 10.1007/s00109-008-0317-3.

Litzman, J; Freiberger, T; Grimbacher, B; Gathmann, B; Salzer, U; Pavlik, T; ... Thon, V; + view all (2008) Mannose-binding lectin gene polymorphic variants predispose to the development of bronchopulmonary complications but have no influence on other clinical and laboratory symptoms or signs of common variable immunodeficiency. CLIN EXP IMMUNOL , 153 (3) 324 - 330. 10.1111/j.1365-2249.2008.03700.x.

Litzman, J; Freiberger, T; Grimbacher, B; Gathmann, B; Salzer, U; Pavlik, T; ... Lokaj, J; + view all (2008) The influence of mannose-binding lectin gene polymorphic variants on phenotypic manifestation of common variable immunodeficiency. In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 46 - 47). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC

Lopes, AR; Kellam, P; Das, A; Dunn, C; Kwan, A; Turner, J; ... Maini, MK; + view all (2008) Bim-mediated deletion of anti gen-specific CD8(+) T cells in patients unable to control HBV infection. J CLIN INVEST , 118 (5) 1835 - 1845. 10.1172/JCI33402. Gold open access

Lopez-Herrera, G; Detkova, D; Schaffer, AA; Salzer, U; Pfeifer, D; Gertz, M; ... Grimbacher, B; + view all (2008) Genetic linkage in autosomal recessive common variable immunodeficiency. In: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY. (pp. 65 - 65). WILEY-BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, INC


Ma, CS; Chew, GYJ; Simpson, N; Priyadarshi, A; Wong, M; Grimbacher, B; ... Cook, MC; + view all (2008) Deficiency of Th17 cells in hyper IgE syndrome due to mutations in STAT3. J EXP MED , 205 (7) 1551 - 1557. 10.1084/jem.20080218.

Mackinnon, S; Morris, EC; Bloor, A; Cook, G; Milligan, D; Parker, A; ... Thomson, KJ; + view all (2008) Excellent long-term survival following reduced intensity allogeneic transplantation for multiply relapsed follicular lymphoma. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY. (pp. 119 - 119). BLACKWELL PUBLISHING

Mackinnon, S; Morris, EC; Bloor, A; Cook, G; Milligan, D; Parker, A; ... Thomson, KJ; + view all (2008) Favourable long-term survival following reduced intensity allogeneic transplantation for multiply relapsed aggressive non-Hodgkins lymphoma. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY. (pp. 121 - 121). BLACKWELL PUBLISHING

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McBride, JD; Gabriel, FG; Fordham, J; Kolind, T; Barcenas-Morales, G; Isenberg, DA; ... Roitt, IM; + view all (2008) Screening autoantibody profiles in systemic rheumatic disease with a diagnostic protein microarray that uses a filtration-assisted nanodot array luminometric immunoassay (NALIA). CLIN CHEM , 54 (5) 883 - 890. 10.1373/clinchem.2007.098418.

McLean, P; Kunjara, S; Greenbaum, AL; Gumaa, K; López-Prados, J; Martin-Lomas, M; Rademacher, TW; (2008) Reciprocal Control of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase and Phosphatase by Inositol Phosphoglycans: DYNAMIC STATE SET BY “PUSH-PULL” SYSTEM. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 283 (48) pp. 33428-33436. 10.1074/jbc.M801781200. Gold open access

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Nagao, Y; Kimura-Sato, M; Chavalitshewinkoon-Petmitr, P; Thongrungkiat, S; Wilairatana, P; Ishida, T; ... Looareesuwan, S; + view all (2008) Suppression of Plasmodium falciparum by serum collected from a case of Plasmodium vivax infection. Malaria Journal , 7 , Article 113. 10.1186/1475-2875-7-113. Green and gold open access

Noursadeghi, M; Tsang, J; Haustein, T; Miller, RF; Chain, BM; Katz, DR; (2008) Quantitative imaging assay for NF-kappa B nuclear translocation in primary human macrophages. J IMMUNOL METHODS , 329 (1-2) 194 - 200. 10.1016/j.jim.2007.10.015. Gold open access

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Orti, G; Peggs, K; Thomson, K; Morris, E; Lowdell, M; Mackinnon, S; Chakraverty, R; (2008) Phase I Study of Transfer of CD8 Depleted Donor Leukocytes after Allogencic Stem Cell Transplantation. In: BLOOD. (pp. 768 - 769). AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY


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Thomson, KJ; Peggs, KS; Smith, P; Cavet, J; Hunter, A; Parker A, PR; ... Mackinnon, S; + view all (2008) Superiority of reduced intensity allogeneic transplantation over conventional treatment for relapse of Hodgkin’s lymphoma following autologous stem cell transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplantation , 41 (9) 765 - 770.

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