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Abascal, F; Zardoya, R; Telford, MJ; (2010) TranslatorX: multiple alignment of nucleotide sequences guided by amino acid translations. Nucleic Acids Research , 38 (Web Server issue) W7-13. 10.1093/nar/gkq291. Green and gold open access

Akkoc, N; Sari, I; Akar, S; Binicier, O; Thomas, MG; Weale, ME; ... Plaster, CA; + view all (2010) Increased Prevalence of M694V in Patients With Ankylosing Spondylitis Additional Evidence for a Link With Familial Mediterranean Fever. ARTHRITIS RHEUM-US , 62 (10) 3059 - 3063. 10.1002/art.27598.

Arenas-Pinto, A; Weller, I; Ekong, R; Grant, A; Karstaedt, A; Telisinghe, L; ... Ingram, C; + view all (2010) Lack of association between mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms and didexoxynucleoside-induced hyperlactataemia in Black African HIV-1 infected patients. In: ANTIVIRAL THERAPY. (pp. A67 - A68). INT MEDICAL PRESS LTD

Augustin, H; Allen, MJ; Partridge, L; (2010) Electrophysiological recordings from the giant fiber pathway of D. melanogaster. Journal of Visualized Experiments (47)


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Belle, EMS; Shah, S; Parfitt, T; Thomas, MG; (2010) Y chromosomes of self-identified Syeds from the Indian subcontinent show evidence of elevated Arab ancestry but not of a recent common patrilineal origin. ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL SCIENCES , 2 (3) 217 - 224. 10.1007/s12520-010-0040-1.

Benedetto, A; Au, C; Avila, DS; Milatovic, D; Aschner, M; (2010) Extracellular Dopamine Potentiates Mn-Induced Oxidative Stress, Lifespan Reduction, and Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration in a BLI-3-Dependent Manner in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLOS GENET , 6 (8) , Article e1001084. 10.1371/journal.pgen.1001084. Green and gold open access

Bitton, DA; Smith, DL; Connolly, Y; Scutt, PJ; Miller, CJ; (2010) An Integrated Mass-Spectrometry Pipeline Identifies Novel Protein Coding-Regions in the Human Genome. PLOS ONE , 5 (1) , Article e8949. 10.1371/journal.pone.0008949. Green and gold open access

Bjedov, I; Toivonen, JM; Kerr, F; Slack, C; Jacobson, J; Foley, A; Partridge, L; (2010) Mechanisms of Life Span Extension by Rapamycin in the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster. Cell Metabolism , 11 (1) 35 - 46. 10.1016/j.cmet.2009.11.010. Green and gold open access

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Broughton, SJ; Slack, C; Alic, N; Metaxakis, A; Bass, TM; Driege, Y; Partridge, L; (2010) DILP-producing median neurosecretory cells in the Drosophila brain mediate the response of lifespan to nutrition. AGING CELL , 9 (3) 336 - 346. 10.1111/j.1474-9726.2010.00558.x.

Brown, KJ; Rüber, L; Bills, R; Day, JJ; (2010) Mastacembelid eels support lake tanganyika as an evolutionary hotspot of diversification. BMC Evolutionary Biology , 10 , Article 188. 10.1186/1471-2148-10-188. Green and gold open access

Brown, RP; Yang, Z; (2010) Bayesian Dating of Shallow Phylogenies with a Relaxed Clock. SYSTEMATIC BIOLOGY , 59 (2) 119 - 131. 10.1093/sysbio/syp082.

Browning, S.L.; (2010) Human genetic variation with implications for healthcare in Ethiopian populations. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Browning, SL; Tarekegn, A; Bekele, E; Bradman, N; Thomas, MG; (2010) CYP1A2 is more variable than previously thought: a genomic biography of the gene behind the human drug-metabolizing enzyme. PHARMACOGENET GENOM , 20 (11) 647 - 664. 10.1097/FPC.0b013e32833e90eb.

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Butchart, SHM; Walpole, M; Scharlemann, JPW; Almond, REA; Bomhard, B; Brown, C; ... Vié, J-C; + view all (2010) Global biodiversity: Indicators of recent declines. Science , 328 (5982) 1164 - 1168. 10.1126/science.1187512.

Byrne, E.H.; (2010) Molecular cloning and characterisation of the general control non-derepressible 2 protein kinase from Triticum aestivum. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


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Chatterjee, HJ; (2010) The Funky Gibbon. BBC Wildlife Magazine

Chatterjee, HJ; Duhs, R; (2010) Object Based Learning in Higher Education: Pedagogical perspectives on enhancing student learning through collections. [Digital scholarly resource].

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Counterman, BA; Araujo-Perez, F; Hines, HM; Baxter, SW; Morrison, CM; Lindstrom, DP; ... McMillan, WO; + view all (2010) Genomic hotspots for adaptation: The population genetics of Müllerian mimicry in Heliconius erato. PLoS Genetics , 6 (2) , Article e1000794. 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000794. Green and gold open access

Counterman, BA; Araujo-Perez, F; Hines, HM; Baxter, SW; Morrison, CM; Lindstrom, DP; ... McMillan, WO; + view all (2010) Genomic Hotspots for Adaptation: The Population Genetics of Mullerian Mimicry in Heliconius erato. PLOS GENET , 6 (2) , Article e1000796. 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000796. Green and gold open access

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de-Silva, DL; Day, JJ; Elias, M; Willmott, K; Whinnett, A; Mallet, J; (2010) Molecular phylogenetics of the neotropical butterfly subtribe Oleriina (Nymphalidae: Danainae: Ithomiini). MOL PHYLOGENET EVOL , 55 (3) 1032 - 1041. 10.1016/j.ympev.2010.01.010.

de-Silva, DL; Day, JJ; Whinnett, A; Mallet, J; Elias, M; Willmott, K; (2010) Molecular phylogenetics of the neotropical butterfly subtribe Oleriina (Nymphalidae: Danainae: Ithomiini). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution , 55 (3) 1032 - 1041. 10.1016/j.ympev.2010.01.010.

Dear, JW; Nicolai, MPJ; Catterson, JH; Huizinga, T; Dhaliwal, K; Bateman, DN; ... Simpson, K; + view all (2010) Cyclophilin A is a Key mediator of Paracetamol Poisoning. CLINICAL TOXICOLOGY , 48 (3) 266 - 267.

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Duboc, V; Lapraz, F; Saudemont, A; Bessodes, N; Mekpoh, F; Haillot, E; ... Lepage, T; + view all (2010) Nodal and BMP2/4 pattern the mesoderm and endoderm during development of the sea urchin embryo. DEVELOPMENT , 137 (2) 223 - 235. 10.1242/dev.042531.


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Exil, VJ; Avila, DS; Benedetto, A; Exil, EA; Adams, MR; Au, C; Aschner, M; (2010) Stressed-Induced TMEM135 Protein Is Part of a Conserved Genetic Network Involved in Fat Storage and Longevity Regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLOS ONE , 5 (12) , Article e14228. 10.1371/journal.pone.0014228. Green and gold open access


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Gill, MJ; Zöckler, C; McRae, L; Loh, J; Collen, B; (2010) The Arctic Species Trend Index: a barometer for Arctic wildlife. (Arctic Report card: update for 2010 ). Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna/NOAA

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