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Ablashi, D; Chatlynne, L; Cooper, H; Thomas, D; Yadav, M; Norhanom, AW; ... Boshoff, C; + view all (1999) Seroprevalence of human herpesvirus-8 (HHV-8) in countries of Southeast Asia compared to the USA, the Caribbean and Africa. BRIT J CANCER , 81 (5) 893 - 897.

Al-Azraqi, A; Angus, B; Gokul, S; Sinha, D; Calvert, AH; Lunec, J; (1999) Bcl-2 expression is a potential prognostic co-factor with P53-mutation status in epithelial ovarian carcinoma. BRIT J CANCER , 80 73 - 73.

Allford, SL; Harrison, P; Cohen, H; Mackie, IJ; Machin, SJ; (1999) Platelet activation in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. In: THROMB HAEMOSTASIS. (pp. 361 - 361). F K SCHATTAUER VERLAG GMBH

Allford, SL; Harrison, P; Mackie, IJ; Cohen, H; Machin, SJ; (1999) Platelet activation markers in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Anthony, A; Dhillon, AP; Pounder, RE; Wakefield, AJ; (1999) The colon mesenteric margin is most susceptible to injury in an experimental model of colonic ulceration. ALIMENT PHARM THER , 13 (4) 531 - 535.

Anthony, A; Sim, R; Dhillon, AP; Guillaume, JL; Strosberg, AD; Pounder, RE; Wakefield, AJ; (1999) Beta(3)-adrenoceptors co-localise with somatostatin-positive D-cells in human pancreatic islets and duodenal neuroendocrine cells. GUT , 44 A48 - A48.

Anthony, A; Sim, R; Dhillon, AP; Pounder, RE; Wakefield, AJ; (1999) Granulomatous vasculitis in Crohn's disease: An association with the extramural mesenteric vasculature. GUT , 44 A43 - A43.

Ardeshna, KM; Addison, IE; Pizzey, AR; Linch, DC; Devereux, S; Khwaja, A; (1999) P38 stress-activated protein kinase activity is required for the lipopolysaccharide-induced maturation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 105 33 - 33.

Ardeshna, KM; Linch, DC; Devereux, S; Khwaja, A; (1999) p38 stress-activated protein kinase and NF-kappa B activity are required for lipopolysaccharide-induced maturation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells. BLOOD , 94 (10) 214A - 214A.

Ardeshna, KM; Pizzey, AR; Thomas, NSB; Linch, DC; Devereux, S; (1999) Proliferative capacity and susceptibility to retroviral transduction of CD34 and monocyte derived dendritic cells. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 105 29 - 29.

Arnold, J; Holmes, Z; Pickering, W; Regan, L; Cohen, H; (1999) Prevalence of anti-beta 2 glycoprotein 1 IgG antibodies in women with recurrent miscarriage. In: THROMB HAEMOSTASIS. (pp. 535 - 536). F K SCHATTAUER VERLAG GMBH

Arnold, J; Holmes, Z; Pickering, W; Regan, L; Cohen, H; (1999) Prevalence of anti-beta 2 glycoprotein 1 IgG antibodies in women with recurrent miscarriage. In: BRIT J HAEMATOL. (pp. 45 - 45). BLACKWELL SCIENCE LTD


Bagdi, E; Diss, TC; Munson, P; Isaacson, PG; (1999) Mucosal intra-epithelial lymphocytes in enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma, ulcerative jejunitis, and refractory celiac disease constitute a neoplastic population. Blood , 94 (1) 260 - 264.

Barnouin, K; Fredersdorf, S; Eddaoudi, A; Mittnacht, S; Pan, LX; Du, MQ; Lu, X; (1999) Antiproliferative function of p27(kip1) is frequently inhibited in highly malignant Burkitt's lymphoma cells. ONCOGENE , 18 (46) 6388 - 6397.

Bateman, A; Murphy, S; Emiliusen, L; Ruchatz, A; Melcher, A; Fielding, A; ... Vile, RG; + view all (1999) Fusogenic membrane glycoproteins - A novel class of cytotoxic genes with immunostimulatory properties. GENE THERAPY , 6 S6 - S6.

Bates, AW; (1999) Ethics of human reproductive cloning. J ROY SOC MED , 92 (3) 157 - 158.

Bates, AW; Dodd, SM; (1999) Anomalies in cephalothoracopagus synotus twins and their implications for morphogenesis in conjoined twins. PEDIATR DEVEL PATHOL , 2 (5) 464 - 472.

Bates, AW; Feakins, RM; Scheimberg, I; (1999) Congenital gastro-intestinal stromal tumour: a comparison with similar tumours in adult subjects. J PATHOL , 187 19A - 19A.

Bates, AW; Norton, A; Baithun, SI; (1999) Clinical and pathological features of primary and secondary lymphomas of the urinary bladder. J PATHOL , 187 35A - 35A.

Batey, MA; Wright, JG; Simmonds, D; Proctor, M; Chapman, F; Fishwick, K; ... Boddy, AV; + view all (1999) Population pharmacokinetics of CMF in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer. BRIT J CANCER , 80 93 - 93.

Bay, JO; Uhrhammer, N; Pernin, D; Presneau, N; Tchirkov, A; Vuillaume, M; ... Bignon, YJ; + view all (1999) High incidence of cancer in a family segregating a mutation of the ATM gene: Possible role of ATM heterozygosity in cancer. HUM MUTAT , 14 (6) 485 - 492.

Beck, S; Geraghty, D; Inoko, H; Rowen, L; Aguado, B; Bahram, S; ... MHC Sequencing Consortium,; + view all (1999) Complete sequence and gene map of a human major histocompatibility complex. NATURE , 401 (6756) 921 - 923.

Beck, S; Olek, A; Walter, J; (1999) From genomics to epigenomics: a loftier view of life. NAT BIOTECHNOL , 17 (12) 1144 - 1144.

Beck, S; Trowsdale, J; (1999) Sequence organisation of the class II region of the human MHC. IMMUNOL REV , 167 201 - 210.

Begent, RHJ; (1999) Targeting cancer therapy. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER. (pp. 104 - 109). CHURCHILL LIVINGSTONE

Bentzen, SM; Saunders, MI; Dische, S; (1999) Repair halftimes estimated from observations of treatment-related morbidity after CHART or conventional radiotherapy in head and neck cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology , 53 219 - 226.

Berkenstadt, H; Rosenthal, T; Segal, E; Peleg, E; Ben-Ari, G; Perel, A; Hackshaw, A; (1999) Elevated plasma atrial natriuretic peptide levels after occlusion of the thoracic aorta. Chest , 115 (1) 130 - 134.

Bodmer, JG; Marsh, SGE; Albert, ED; Bodmer, WF; Bontrop, RE; Dupont, B; ... P, I; + view all (1999) Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, 1998. Vox Sanguinis , 77 164 - 191.

Bodmer, JG; Marsh, SGE; Albert, ED; Bodmer, WF; Bontrop, RE; Dupont, B; ... P, I; + view all (1999) Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, 1998. Tissue Antigens , 53 407 - 446.

Borthwick, NJ; Wickremasinghe, RG; Lewin, J; Fairbanks, LD; Bofill, M; (1999) Activation-associated necrosis in human immunodeficiency virus infection. J INFECT DIS , 179 (2) 352 - 360.

Boshoff, C; (1999) Human herpesvirus-8 encoded chemokines. In: EUROPEAN CYTOKINE NETWORK. (pp. 292 - 295). JOHN LIBBEY EUROTEXT LTD

Boshoff, C; (1999) Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus. CANCER SURV , 33 157 - 190.

Bourboulia, D; Boshoff, C; Sitas, F; (1999) HHV-8 peripheral-blood viral load and the titer of antibodies against HHV-8 - Reply. NEW ENGL J MED , 341 (16) 1242 - 1242.

Boxer, G; Stuart-Smith, S; Flynn, A; Green, A; Begent, R; (1999) Radioimmunoluminography: a tool for relating tissue antigen concentration to clinical outcome. Br J Cancer , 80 (5-6) 922 - 926. 10.1038/sj.bjc.6690443.

Bridgewater, JA; Nelstrop, AE; Rustin, GJ; Gore, ME; McGuire, WP; Hoskins, WJ; (1999) Comparison of standard and CA-125 response criteria in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer treated with platinum or paclitaxel. J Clin Oncol , 17 (2) 501 - 508.

Brimmell, M; Burns, JS; Munson, P; McDonald, L; O'Hare, MJ; Lakhani, SR; Packham, G; (1999) High level expression of differentially localized BAG-1 isoforms in some oestrogen receptor-positive human breast cancers. BRIT J CANCER , 81 (6) 1042 - 1051.

Brock, CS; Davies, C; Ledermann, JA; Stein, RC; (1999) A pilot study of infusional chemotherapy FMM (5-fluorouracil, mitoxantrone, methotrexate) in advanced breast cancer. BRIT J CANCER , 80 103 - 103.

Brooks, N; McHugh, PJ; Lee, M; Hartley, JA; (1999) The role of base excision repair in the repair of DNA adducts formed by a series of nitrogen mustard-containing analogues of distamycin of increasing binding site size. ANTI-CANCER DRUG DES , 14 (1) 11 - 18.

Buckley, CD; Pilling, D; Henriquez, NV; Parsonage, G; Threlfall, K; Scheel-Toellner, D; ... Salmon, M; + view all (1999) RGD peptides induce apoptosis by direct caspase-3 activation. 534 - 539.

Byrne, E; (1999) Medicine at the beginning of the 21st century: a personal viewpoint - a peripatetic overview. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine , 29 (6) 819 - 821.

Byrne, E; (1999) New advances in myopathies : overview from the IX International Congress on Neuromuscular Disease. Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh , 29 (4) 280 - 283.


Calvert, AH; Ghokul, S; Al-Azraqi, A; Wright, J; Lind, M; Bailey, N; ... Fenwick, J; + view all (1999) Carboplatin and paclitaxel, alone and in combination: Dose escalation, measurement of renal function, and role of the p53 tumor suppressor gene. SEMINARS IN ONCOLOGY , 26 (1) 90 - 94.

Calvert, H; (1999) An overview of folate metabolism: Features relevant to the action and toxicities of antifolate anticancer agents. SEMINARS IN ONCOLOGY , 26 (2) 3 - 10.

Calvert, H; (1999) MTA, a novel multitargeted antifolate, from preclinical to phase I and beyond: summary and conclusions. Semin Oncol , 26 (2 Suppl 6) 105 - 108.

Calvert, H; (1999) MTA: Summary and conclusions. SEMIN ONCOL , 26 (2) 105 - 108.

Calvert, PM; Highley, MS; Hughes, AN; Plummer, ER; Azzabi, AST; Verrill, MW; ... Calvert, AH; + view all (1999) A phase I study of a novel, trinuclear, platinum analogue, BBR3464, in patients with advanced solid tumors. CLIN CANCER RES , 5 3796S - 3796S.

Cannell, E; Mittnacht, S; (1999) Viral encoded cyclins. Semin Cancer Biol , 9 (3) 221 - 229. 10.1006/scbi.1999.0090.

Caplin, ME; Clarke, P; Grimes, S; Dhillon, AP; Khan, K; Savage, K; ... Watson, SA; + view all (1999) Demonstration of new sites of expression of the CCK-B/gastrin receptor in pancreatic acinar AR42J cells using immunoelectron microscopy. REGUL PEPTIDES , 84 (1-3) 81 - 89.

Cardigan, RA; Crook, M; Mackie, IJ; Machin, SJ; (1999) Increased levels of activated factor XII (FXIIa) in hyperlipidaemia. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS 729 - 729.

Casey, JL; Pedley, RB; King, DJ; Boden, R; Chapman, AP; Yarranton, GT; Begent, RHJ; (1999) Improved tumour targeting of di-Fab ' fragments modified with polyethylene glycol. TUMOR TARGET , 4 (4) 235 - 244.

Casey, JL; Pedley, RB; King, DJ; Green, AJ; Yarranton, GT; Begent, RH; (1999) Dosimetric evaluation and radioimmunotherapy of anti-tumour multivalent Fab' fragments. Br J Cancer , 81 (6) 972 - 980. 10.1038/sj.bjc.6690795.

Casey, JL; Pedley, RB; King, DJ; Green, AJ; Yarranton, GT; Begent, RHJ; (1999) Dosimetric evaluation and radioimmunotherapy of anti-tumour multivalent Fab' fragments. BRIT J CANCER , 81 (6) 972 - 980.

Chakraverty, RK; Hickson, ID; (1999) Defending genome integrity during DNA replication: a proposed role for RecQ family helicases. Bioessays , 21 (4) 286 - 294. 10.1002/(SICI)1521-1878(199904)21:4<286::AID-BIES4>3.0.CO;2-Z.

Chitolie, A; Mackie, IJ; Lawrie, AS; Donohue, S; Cohen, H; Machin, SJ; (1999) Evidence of ongoing thrombin generation in patients with prothrombin G -> A 20210 mutation. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS 551 - 552.

Collins, S; McKelvie, P; Dennett, X; Byrne, E; (1999) Idiopathic granulomatous myositis: does the clinical spectrum include polymyalgia rheumatica? Journal of Clinical Neuroscience , 6 (3) 255 - 259.

Cooke, SP; Pedley, RB; Boden, R; Holliger, P; Winter, G; Begent, RHJ; Chester, KA; (1999) Tumour targeting using MFE-23 :: TNF alpha fusion protein. BRIT J CANCER , 80 85 - 85.

Crawford, J; Ianzano, L; Savino, M; Whitmore, S; Cleton-Jansen, AM; Settasatian, C; ... Savoia, A; + view all (1999) The PISSLRE gene: Structure, exon skipping, and exclusion as tumor suppressor in breast cancer. GENOMICS , 56 (1) 90 - 97.

Crawley, CR; Hinchliffe, SJ; Reid, ED; Lomas, DA; (1999) Early supported discharge as an alternative to long stay hospital admission in exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. THORAX , 54 A44 - A44.

Cullen, M; Hancock, BW; Gregory, WM; Hudson, GV; Burton, A; Selby, P; ... Linch, DC; + view all (1999) Ch1VPP/PABIOE is superior to PABIOE: Interim results of the British national lymphoma investigation/central lymphoma group randomised trial in advanced Hodgkin's disease. BRIT J CANCER , 80 18 - 18.

Curtin, NJ; Bowman, KJ; Turner, RN; Huang, B; Loughlin, PJ; Calvert, AH; ... Newell, DR; + view all (1999) Potentiation of the cytotoxicity of thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibitors by dipyridamole analogues with reduced alpha(1)-acid glycoprotein binding. BRIT J CANCER , 80 (11) 1738 - 1746.

Curtin, NJ; Kyle, S; Wang, LZ; Durkacz, BW; White, AJ; Srinivasan, S; ... Hostomsky, Z; + view all (1999) Potentiation of temozolomide and topotecan growth inhibition by novel potent benzimidazole poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors. CLIN CANCER RES , 5 3834S - 3834S.


D'Sa, S; Verfuerth, S; Vyas, P; Langabeer, S; Perry, A; Peniket, A; Mackinnon, S; (1999) Early PCR-negativity after allogeneic BMT in adults with t(4;11) ALL in the absence of acute or chronic GVHD. BONE MARROW TRANSPL , 23 (7) 695 - 696.

Dafforn, TR; Mahadeva, R; Elliott, PR; Sivasothy, P; Lomas, DA; (1999) A kinetic mechanism for the polymerization of alpha1-antitrypsin. J Biol Chem , 274 (14) 9548 - 9555. Gold open access

Dattani, MT; Martinez-Barbera, JP; Thomas, PQ; Brickman, JM; Gupta, R; Wales, JKH; ... Robinson, ICAF; + view all (1999) HESX1: a novel gene implicated in a familial form of septo-optic dysplasia. ACTA PAEDIATRICA , 88 49 - 54.

Davis, RL; Shrimpton, AE; Holohan, PD; Bradshaw, C; Feiglin, D; Collins, GH; ... Lomas, DA; + view all (1999) Familial dementia caused by polymerization of mutant neuroserpin. Nature , 401 (6751) 376 - 379. 10.1038/43894.

Davis, RL; Shrimpton, AE; Holohan, PD; Bradshaw, C; Feiglin, D; Collins, GH; ... Lomas, DA; + view all (1999) Familial dementia caused by polymlerization of mutant neurosergin. NATURE , 401 (6751) 376 - 379. 10.1038/43897.

De Silva, IU; Clingen, PH; McHugh, PJ; Tilby, MJ; Gregson, SJ; Howard, P; ... Hartley, JA; + view all (1999) The role of nucleotide excision repair in the repair of DNA damage induced by mono- and bifunctional, major and minor groove alkylating agents. BRIT J CANCER , 80 42 - 42.

Delaney, CA; Wang, LZ; Kyle, LZ; Srinivasan, S; White, AW; Curtin, NJ; ... Newell, DR; + view all (1999) Potentiation of temozolomide and topotecan cytotoxicity by PARP inhibitors in a panel of human cancer cell lines. BRIT J CANCER , 80 44 - 44.

Delassus, S; Titley, I; Enver, T; (1999) Functional and molecular analysis of hematopoietic progenitors derived from the aorta-gonad-mesonephros region of the mouse embryo. BLOOD , 94 (5) 1495 - 1503.

DeMartini, JC; Halsey, W; Boshoff, C; York, D; Howell, MD; (1999) Comparison of a maedi-visna virus CA-TM fusion protein ELISA with other assays for detecting sheep infected with North American ovine lentivirus strains. VET IMMUNOL IMMUNOP , 71 (1) 29 - 40.

Devereux, S; Corney, C; Macdonald, C; Watts, M; Ward, M; Bank, A; Linch, DC; (1999) Multi-drug resistance (MDR-1) gene transfer in patients with poor prognosis lymphoma undergoing high dose therapy and CD34 selected peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT). BONE MARROW TRANSPL , 23 S85 - S85.

Dische, S; Saunders, MI; Sealy, R; Werner, ID; Verma, N; Foy, C; Bentzen, SM; (1999) Carcinoma of the cervix and the use of hyperbaric oxygen with radiotherapy: a report of a randomised controlled trial. Radiotherapy and Oncology , 53 93 - 98.

Donohoe, S; Geary, M; Kingdom, JCP; Jauniaux, E; Purdy, G; Mackie, IJ; (1999) Maternal cardiolipin, beta(2)-glycoprotein-I and prothrombin antibody expression in high-risk pregnancies with bilateral abnormal uterine artery Doppler waveforms. ULTRASOUND OBST GYN , 13 (5) 317 - 322.

Donohoe, S; Kingdom, J; Mackie, I; Jauniaux, E; Machin, S; (1999) beta(2)GPI and Annexin V in normal and APS villous placenta. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 105 28 - 28.

Donohoe, S; Kingdom, JCP; Mackie, IJ; (1999) Affinity purified human antiphospholipid antibodies bind normal term placenta. LUPUS , 8 (7) 525 - 531.

Donohoe, S; Mackie, I; Kingdom, J; Jauniaux, E; Machin, S; (1999) Placental expression of beta(2)GPI and annexin V in normal and APS pregnancies. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS 66 - 66.

Dunham, I; Shimizu, N; Roe, BA; Chissoe, S; Dunham, I; Hunt, AR; ... O'Brien, KP; + view all (1999) The DNA sequence of human chromosome 22. NATURE , 402 (6761) 489 - 495.

Duro, D; Schulze, A; Vogt, B; Bartek, J; Mittnacht, S; Jansen-Dürr, P; (1999) Activation of cyclin A gene expression by the cyclin encoded by human herpesvirus-8. J Gen Virol , 80 ( Pt 3) 549 - 555.

Dutt, N; Bates, AW; Baithun, SI; (1999) Secondary tumours of the testis: a clinico-pathological study of 31 cases. J PATHOL , 189 18A - 18A.


Elliott, PR; Abrahams, JP; Lomas, DA; (1999) Crystal structure of wildtype alpha(1)-antitrypsin. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE , 159 (3) A192 - A192.

Ellis, M; Chew, YP; Fallis, L; Freddersdorf, S; Boshoff, C; Weiss, RA; ... Mittnacht, S; + view all (1999) Degradation of p27(Kip) cdk inhibitor triggered by Kaposi's sarcoma virus cyclin-cdk6 complex. EMBO J , 18 (3) 644 - 653.

Enver, T; (1999) B-cell commitment: Pax5 is the deciding factor. CURR BIOL , 9 (24) R933 - R935.

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Falzetti, D; Vermeesch, JR; Hood, TL; Nacheva, EP; Matteucci, C; Martelli, MF; ... Mecucci, C; + view all (1999) Identification of multiple copies of a 20q-chromosome in a case of myelodysplastic syndrome: a FISH study. LEUKEMIA RES , 23 (4) 407 - 413.

Fielding, A; Bateman, A; Vile, R; Cosset, FL; Russell, S; (1999) Targeting the cytotoxicity of a fusogenic gibbon ape leukaemia virus envelope glycoprotein by ligand display. GENE THERAPY , 6 S8 - S8.

Fierabracci, A; Hammond, L; Lowdell, M; Chiovato, L; Goode, AW; Bottazzo, GF; Mirakian, R; (1999) The effect of staphylococcal enterotoxin B on thyrocyte HLA molecule expression. J Autoimmun , 12 (4) 305 - 314. 10.1006/jaut.1999.0279.

Flynn, AA; Green, AJ; Boxer, G; Pedley, RB; Begent, RH; (1999) A comparison of image registration techniques for the correlation of radiolabelled antibody distribution with tumour morphology. Phys Med Biol , 44 (7) N151 - N159.

Flynn, AA; Green, AJ; Boxer, G; Pedley, RB; Begent, RHJ; (1999) A comparison of image registration techniques for the correlation of radiolabelled antibody distribution with tumour morphology. PHYS MED BIOL , 44 (7) N151 - N159.

Flynn, AA; Green, AJ; Boxer, GM; Casey, JL; Pedley, RB; Begent, RHJ; (1999) A novel technique, using radioluminography, for the measurement of uniformity of radiolabelled antibody distribution in a colorectal cancer xenograft model. INT J RADIAT ONCOL , 43 (1) 183 - 189.

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Gan, TJ; Bennett-Guerrero, E; Phillips-Bute, B; Wakeling, H; Moskowitz, DM; Olufolabi, Y; ... Hextend Study Grp,; + view all (1999) Hextend (R), a physiologically balanced plasma expander for large volume use in major surgery: A randomized phase III clinical trial. In: ANESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA. (pp. 992 - 998). LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

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Goodchild, K; Hoskin, P; Dische, S; Pigott, K; Powell, M; Saunders, M; (1999) A feasibility study of continuous hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy (CHART) and brachytherapy in patients with early oral or oropharyngeal carcinomas. Radiotherapy and Oncology , 50 29 - 31.

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Gray, E; Mackie, I; Greaves, M; (1999) A strategy for improving the quality of lupus anticoagulant testing: Establishment of the 1st British Reference Plasmas Panel for Lupus Anticoagulant. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS 67 - 67.

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