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Abola, EE; Bairoch, A; Barker, WC; Beck, S; Benson, DA; Berman, H; ... CODATA Task Grp Biological Macromo,; + view all (2000) Quality control in databanks for molecular biology. BIOESSAYS , 22 (11) 1024 - 1034.

Ahmed, F; Watts, MJ; Ings, SJ; Flynn, M; Linch, DC; (2000) Poor viability of freshly apheresed PBSC harvests: Implications for overnight storage before cryopreservation or additional manipulative procedures. BLOOD , 96 (11) 380A - 380A.

Al Saffar, N; Revell, PA; (2000) Differential expression of transforming growth factor-alpha and macrophage colony-stimulating factor/colony-stimulating factor-1R (c-fms) by multinucleated giant cells involved in pathological bone resorption at the site of orthopaedic implants. Journal of Orthopaedic Research , 18 (5) 800 - 807.

Aleong, IC; Bates, AW; Baithun, SI; (2000) Secondary neoplasms of the kidney: a clinico-pathological review of 443 cases. J PATHOL , 190 42A - 42A.

Alison, MR; Poulsom, R; Jeffery, R; Dhillon, AP; Quaglia, A; Jacob, J; ... Wright, NA; + view all (2000) Cell differentiation - Hepatocytes from nonhepatic adult stem cells. NATURE , 406 (6793) 257 - 257.

Alison, MR; Poulsom, R; Jeffery, R; Dhillon, AP; Quaglia, A; Jacob, J; ... Wright, NA; + view all (2000) Hepatocytes from non-hepatic adult stem cells. Nature , 406 (6793) 257 - ?. 10.1038/35018642.

Alison, MR; Poulsom, R; Jeffrey, R; Dhillon, AP; Quaglia, A; Jacob, J; ... Wright, NA; + view all (2000) Plasticity of human haemopoietic stem cells: Differentiation to hepatocytes after liver and bone marrow transplantation. J PATHOL , 192 2A - 2A.

Allen, AJR; Gale, RE; Harrison, CN; Machin, SJ; Linch, DC; (2000) Lack of pathogenic mutations in the 5 ' UTR of the thrombopoietin gene in patients with non-familial essential thrombocythaemia. BLOOD , 96 (11) 742A - 742A.

Allford, SL; Harrison, P; Lawrie, AS; Mackie, IJ; Machin, SJ; Liesner, R; (2000) von Willebrand factor-cleaving protease activity in congenital thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. British Journal of Haematology , 111 (4) 1215 - 1222. 10.1046/j.1365-2141.2000.02503.x.

Ancliff, PJ; Gale, RE; Liesner, R; Hann, IM; Linch, DC; (2000) Mutations in ELA2 encoding for neutrophil elastase are a frequent finding in sporadic but not familial severe congenital neutropenia. BLOOD , 96 (11) 445A - 445A.

Anderson, FM; O'Hare, CC; Hartley, JA; Robins, DJ; (2000) Synthesis of new homochiral bispyrrolidines as potential DNA cross-linking antitumour agents. ANTI-CANCER DRUG DES , 15 (2) 119 - 126.

Anderson, L; Porter, JB; Wonke, B; Walker, JM; Holden, S; Davis, BA; ... Pennell, DJ; + view all (2000) Cardiac iron deposition is not predicted by conventional markers of iron overload in homozygous beta-thalassaemia. BLOOD , 96 (11) 606A - +.

Anderson, L; Porter, JB; Wonke, B; Walker, JM; Holden, S; Davis, BA; ... Pennell, DJ; + view all (2000) Relationship of myocardial iron overload to right and left ventricular function in homozygous beta-thalassemia. BLOOD , 96 (11) 605A - +.

Anderson, LJ; Holden, S; Davis, BA; Prescott, E; Charrier, C; Bunce, NH; ... Pennell, DJ; + view all (2000) A novel method of cardiac iron measurement using magnetic resonance T2*imaging in thalassemia: Validation and clinical application. CIRCULATION , 102 (18) 403 - 403.

Anthony, A; Pounder, RE; Dhillon, AP; Wakefield, AJ; Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study G,; (2000) Similarities between ileal Crohn's disease and indomethacin experimental jejunal ulcers in the rat. ALIMENT PHARM THER , 14 (2) 241 - 245.

Anthony, A; Sim, R; Dhillon, AP; Pounder, RE; Wakefield, AJ; (2000) Granulomatous vasculitis in Crohn's disease: Associated with the extra-mural vasculature. GASTROENTEROLOGY , 118 (4) A340 - A340.

Anthony, A; Sim, R; Guillaume, JL; Strosberg, AD; Dhillon, AP; Pounder, RE; Wakefield, AJ; (2000) Beta(beta)(3)-adrenergic receptors in human pancreatic islet and duodenal somatostatin neuroendocrine cells. ALIMENT PHARM THERAP , 14 (5) 579 - 585.

Antoniou, AN; Blackwood, SL; Mazzeo, D; Watts, C; (2000) Control of antigen presentation by a single protease cleavage site. IMMUNITY , 12 (4) 391 - 398.

Ardeshna, KM; Corney, CP; Ings, SJ; Watts, MJ; Linch, DC; Devereux, S; (2000) A clinically applicable method for the ex vivo generation of antigen-presenting cells from CD34(+) progenitors. VOX SANG , 79 (1) 46 - 52.

Ardeshna, KM; Pizzey, AR; Devereaux, S; Khwaja, A; (2000) The PI3 kinase, p38 SAP kinase, and NF-kappa B signal transduction pathways are involved in the survival and maturation of lipopolysaccharide-stimulated human monocyte-derived dendritic cells. BLOOD , 96 (3) 1039 - 1046.

Ardeshna, KM; Pizzey, AR; Thomas, NSB; Orr, S; Linch, DC; Devereux, S; (2000) Monocyte-derived dendritic cells do not proliferate and are not susceptible to retroviral transduction. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 108 (4) 817 - 824.

Ardeshna, KM; Walker, SJ; Devereux, S; Linch, DC; Khwaja, A; (2000) The p38 stress activated protein kinase mediates the increased responsiveness of mature dendritic cells to macrophage inhibitory protein 3 beta (MIP3 beta) and secondary lymphoid chemokine (SLC). BLOOD , 96 (11) 33A - 33A.

Arkenau, H-T; Hegglin, I; Luthi, U; Gebbers, J-O; (2000) Trichosporonose. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift , 130 (49) 1914 - 1914.

Arkenau, H-T; Lüthi, U; (2000) Seifenblasenläsionen. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift , 130 (51-52) 2017 - 2017. Gold open access

Arkenau, H-T; Luthi, U; Gebbers, J-O; (2000) Amyloidome. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift , 130 (35) 1244 - 1244.

Arkenau, HT; Hegglin, I; Lüthi, U; (2000) [Trichosporosis]. Schweiz Med Wochenschr , 130 (49) 1914 - ?.

Arkenau, HT; Lüthi, U; (2000) [Amyloidoma]. Schweiz Med Wochenschr , 130 (35) 1244 - ?.

Arris, CE; Boyle, FT; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; Endicott, JA; Garman, EF; ... Yu, W; + view all (2000) Identification of novel purine and pyrimidine cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors with distinct molecular interactions and tumor cell growth inhibition profiles. J MED CHEM , 43 (15) 2797 - 2804.

Ashford, P; Gozzard, D; Jones, J; Revill, J; Wallis, J; Bruce, M; ... British Committee for Standards in Haematology Blood Transfusion Task, F; + view all (2000) Guidelines for blood bank computing. Transfusion medicine , 10 307 - 314.

Austin, L; Bower, JJ; Bennett, TM; Lynch, GS; Kapsa, R; White, JD; ... Byrne, E; + view all (2000) Leukemia inhibitory factor ameliorates muscle fiber degeneration in the mdx mouse. Muscle & Nerve , 23 (11) 1700 - 1705.

Baddeley, H; Brodrik, PM; Taylor, NJ; Abdelatti, MO; Jordan, LC; Vasudevan, AS; ... Hoskin, PJ; + view all (2000) Gas exchange parameters in radiotherapy patients during breathing of 2%, 3.5% and 5% carbogen gas mixtures. British Journal of Radiology , 73 (874) 1100 - 1104.

Baker, RJ; Hart, SM; Mehta, AB; Wickremasinghe, RG; Prentice, HG; Hoffbrand, AV; ... Ganeshaguru, K; + view all (2000) Expression of breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) in malignant cells from patients with B-chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B-CLL) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). BLOOD , 96 (11) 824A - 824A.

Barlow, HC; Bowman, KJ; Curtin, NJ; Calvert, AH; Golding, BT; Huang, B; ... Griffin, RJ; + view all (2000) Resistance-modifying agents. Part 7: 2, 6-disubstituted-4,8-dibenzylaminopyrimido[5,4-d]pyrimidines that inhibit nucleoside transport in the presence of alpha(1)-acid glycoprotein (AGP). BIOORG MED CHEM LETT , 10 (6) 585 - 589.

Bates, AW; (2000) Birth defects described in Elizabethan ballads. J ROY SOC MED , 93 (4) 202 - 207.

Bates, AW; Baithun, SI; (2000) Secondary neoplasms of the bladder are histological mimics of nontransitional cell primary tumours: clinicopathological and histological features of 282 cases. HISTOPATHOLOGY , 36 (1) 32 - 40.

Bates, AW; Feakins, RM; Scheimberg, I; (2000) Congenital gastrointestinal stromal tumour is morphologically indistinguishable from the adult form, but does not express CD117 and carries a favourable prognosis. HISTOPATHOLOGY , 37 (4) 316 - 322.

Bates, AW; Norton, AJ; Baithun, SI; (2000) Malignant lymphoma of the urinary bladder: a clinicopathological study of 11 cases. J CLIN PATHOL , 53 (6) 458 - 461.

Beck, S; Trowsdale, J; (2000) The human major histocompatibility complex: Lessons from the DNA sequence. ANNU REV GENOM HUM G , 1 117 - 137.

Bench, AJ; Nacheva, EP; Hood, TL; Holden, JL; French, L; Swanton, S; ... Green, AR; + view all (2000) Chromosome 20 deletions in myeloid malignancies: reduction of the common deleted region, generation of a PAC/BAC contig and identification of candidate genes. UK Cancer Cytogenetics Group (UKCCG). Oncogene , 19 (34) 3902 - 3913. 10.1038/sj.onc.1203728.

Bench, AJ; Nacheva, EP; Hood, TL; Holden, JL; French, L; Swanton, S; ... UK Canc Cytogenetics Grp,; + view all (2000) Chromosome 20 deletions in myeloid malignancies: reduction of the common deleted region, generation of a PAC/BAC contig and identification of candidate genes. ONCOGENE , 19 (34) 3902 - 3913.

Bentzen, SM; Saunders, MI; Dische, S; Parmar, MK; (2000) Updated data for chart in NSCLC: Further analyses. Radiotherapy And Oncology , 55 (1) 86 - 87.

Bhatia, J; Sharma, SK; Chester, KA; Pedley, RB; Boden, RW; Read, DA; ... Begent, RH; + view all (2000) Catalytic activity of an in vivo tumor targeted anti-CEA scFv::carboxypeptidase G2 fusion protein. Int J Cancer , 85 (4) 571 - 577.

Bhatia, J; Sharma, SK; Chester, KA; Pedley, RB; Boden, RW; Read, DA; ... Begent, RHJ; + view all (2000) Catalytic activity of an in vivo tumor targeted anti-CEA scFv :: carboxypeptidase G2 fusion protein. INT J CANCER , 85 (4) 571 - 577.

Boehm, MK; Corper, AL; Wan, T; Sohi, MK; Sutton, BJ; Thornton, JD; ... Perkins, SJ; + view all (2000) Crystal structure of the anti-(carcinoembryonic antigen) single-chain Fv antibody MFE-23 and a model for antigen binding based on intermolecular contacts. Biochem J , 346 Pt 2 519 - 528.

Boehm, MK; Corper, AL; Wan, T; Sohi, MK; Sutton, BJ; Thornton, JD; ... Perkins, SJ; + view all (2000) Crystal structure of the anti-(carcinoembryonic antigen) single-chain Fv antibody MFE-23 and a model for antigen binding based on intermolecular contacts. BIOCHEM J , 346 519 - 528.

Botchway, ANS; Flores, NA; Sheridan, DJ; Cohen, H; (2000) Storage pool defect in pooled huffy coat platelet concentrates within the shelf-life period. CLIN LAB HAEMATOL , 22 (1) 21 - 27.

Brady, CS; Bartholomew, JS; Burt, DJ; Duggan-Keen, MF; Glenville, S; Telford, N; ... Stern, PL; + view all (2000) Multiple mechanisms underlie HLA dysregulation in cervical cancer. Tissue Antigens , 55 (5) 401 - 411.

Brooks, N; McHugh, PJ; Lee, M; Hartley, JA; (2000) Alteration in the choice of DNA repair pathway with increasing sequence selective DNA alkylation in the minor groove. CHEM BIOL , 7 (9) 659 - 668.

Byrne, E; (2000) Aetiological considerations on some conditions in the borderlands of neurology: chronic fatigue syndrome, pan allergy syndrome and repetitive strain injury - a personal view. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience , 7 (1) 9 - 12.

Byrne, E; (2000) The current state of evidence-based medicine. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine , 30 (3) 309 - 310.

Byrne, E; (2000) The post concussional syndrome after mild head injury: some practical considerations. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience , 7 (6) 473 - 474.

Calabrese, CR; Curtin, NJ; Canan-Koch, SS; Batey, MA; Thomas, HD; Kyle, S; ... Newell, DR; + view all (2000) Design and evaluation of novel potent inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase. CLIN CANCER RES , 6 4496S - 4496S.

Calvert, H; Sessa, C; Carmichael, J; Calvert, P; Zucchetti, M; Marsoni, S; ... Camboni, G; + view all (2000) An intermittent phase I and pharmacokinetic study of BBR3464, a novel cationic triplatinum complex. ANN ONCOL , 11 132 - 132.

Calvert, PM; O'Neill, V; Azzabi, A; Hughes, A; Plummer, R; Twelves, C; ... Calvert, AH; + view all (2000) A phase I clinical and pharmacokinetic study of EPO906 (epothilone B) in patients with advanced solid tumours. CLIN CANCER RES , 6 4581S - 4581S.

Caplin, ME; Hilson, AJ; Hochhauser, D; Burroughs, AK; Tibbals, J; Watkinson, AF; ... Buscombe, JR; + view all (2000) High dose indium-111 octreotide therapy for disseminated carcinoid tumour. GUT , 46 A74 - A74.

Caplin, ME; Hilson, AJ; Hochhauser, D; Burroughs, AK; Tibbals, J; Watkinson, AF; ... Buscombe, JR; + view all (2000) High dose indium-III octreotide therapy for disseminated carcinoid tumor. GASTROENTEROLOGY , 118 (4) A516 - A516.

Cerone, MA; Marchetti, A; Bossi, G; Blandino, G; Sacchi, A; Soddu, S; (2000) p53 is involved in the differentiation but not in the differentiation-associated apoptosis of myoblasts. Cell Death Differ , 7 (5) 506 - 508. 10.1038/sj.cdd.4400676.

Charalambous, BM; Feavers, IM; (2000) Peptide mimics elicit antibody responses against the outer-membrane lipooligosaccharide of group B Neisseria meningitidis. FEMS MICROBIOL LETT , 191 (1) 45 - 50.

Chatterjee, R; Andrews, HO; McGarrigle, HH; Kottaridis, PD; Lees, WR; Mackinnon, S; ... Goldstone, AH; + view all (2000) Cavernosal arterial insufficiency is a major component of erectile dysfunction in some recipients of high-dose chemotherapy/chemoradiotherapy for haematological malignancies. BONE MARROW TRANSPL , 25 (11) 1185 - 1189.

Chatterjee, R; Gemidjioglu, ME; Davis, BA; Helal, MA; Cullum, I; Porter, JB; (2000) Longitudinal evaluation of the contribution of hypogonadism to the severity of osteoporosis in homozygous beta-thalassemia. BLOOD , 96 (11) 23B - 23B.

Chatterjee, R; Kottaridis, PD; McGarrigle, HH; Mackinnon, S; Goldstone, AH; (2000) Patterns of Leydig cell insufficiency in adults following bone marrow transplantation for hematological malignancies. BLOOD , 96 (11) 403A - 403A.

Chilcott, IT; Margara, R; Cohen, H; Rai, R; Skull, J; Pickering, W; Regan, L; (2000) Pregnancy outcome is not affected by antiphospholipid antibody status in women referred for in vitro fertilization. FERTIL STERIL , 73 (3) 526 - 530.

Chopra, R; Eaton, JD; Bowyer, K; Grassi, A; Finazzi, G; Barbui, T; ... Iacobelli, M; + view all (2000) Defibrotide for the treatment of hepatic veno-occlusive disease: Results of the European compassionate-use study. British Journal of Haematology , 111 (4) 1122 - 1129. 10.1046/j.1365-2141.2000.02475.x.

Cirinna, M; Trotta, R; Salomoni, P; Kossev, P; Wasik, M; Perrotti, D; Calabretta, B; (2000) Bcl-2 expression restores the leukemogenic potential of a BCR/ABL mutant defective in transformation. BLOOD , 96 (12) 3915 - 3921.

Clingen, PH; Denholm, EE; De Silva, IU; Hockey, A; Hartley, JA; CRC Drug DNA Interaction Res Grp,; (2000) Response of human DNA repair defective cell lines to DNA interstrand agents. BRIT J CANCER , 83 63 - 63.

Cooke, SP; Boxer, GM; Spencer, DIR; Lawrence, L; Pedley, RB; Chester, KA; Begent, RHJ; (2000) Tumour vascular targeting using a novel anti-vascular endothelial cell growth factor (VEGF) scFv antibody. BRIT J CANCER , 83 11 - 11.

Cox, ST; Hossain, E; McWhinnie, A; Prokupek, B; Madrigal, JA; Little, AM; (2000) HLA-B*8202 identified in a Caucasoid potential bone marrow donor. Tissue Antigens , 56 (2) 188 - 191.

Cox, ST; McWhinnie, A; Prokupek, B; Madrigal, JA; Little, AM; (2000) HLA-B*4413 identified in a UK Caucasoid potential bone marrow donor. Tissue Antigens , 55 (2) 185 - 187.

Cross, TG; Scheel-Toellner, D; Henriquez, NV; Deacon, E; Salmon, M; Lord, JM; (2000) Serine/threonine protein kinases and apoptosis. Exp Cell Res , 256 (1) 34 - 41. 10.1006/excr.2000.4836.

Curtin, NJ; Calvert, AH; Canan-Koch, S; Durkacz, BW; Griffin, RJ; Golding, BT; ... Yu, XH; + view all (2000) Chemopotentiation studies with two classes of potent (polyADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors in human lung and colon carcinoma cell lines. CLIN CANCER RES , 6 4507S - 4507S.

Dattani, MT; Martinez-Barbera, JP; Thomas, PQ; Brickman, JM; Gupta, R; Wales, JKH; ... Robinson, ICAF; + view all (2000) Molecular genetics of septo-optic dysplasia. HORMONE RESEARCH , 53 26 - 33.

Davis, BA; O'Sullivan, C; Eliahoo, J; Jarritt, P; Porter, JB; (2000) Long-term prognostic value of serial measurement of ventricular function in the management of homozygous beta-thalassemia. BLOOD , 96 (11) 23B - 23B.

Davis, BA; Porter, JB; (2000) Long-term outcome of continuous 24-hour deferoxamine infusion via indwelling intravenous catheters in high-risk beta-thalassemia. BLOOD , 95 (4) 1229 - 1236.

De Silva, IU; McHugh, PJ; Clingen, PH; Hartley, JA; (2000) Defining the roles of nucleotide excision repair and recombination in the repair of DNA interstrand cross-links in mammalian cells. MOL CELL BIOL , 20 (21) 7980 - 7990.

Delaney, CA; Wang, LZ; Kyle, S; White, AW; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; ... Newell, DR; + view all (2000) Potentiation of temozolomide and topotecan growth inhibition and cytotoxicity by novel poly(adenosine diphosphoribose) polymerase inhibitors in a panel of human tumor cell lines. CLIN CANCER RES , 6 (7) 2860 - 2867.

Demetris, A; Adams, D; Bellamy, C; Blakolmer, K; Clouston, A; Dhillon, AP; ... Yamabe, H; + view all (2000) Update of the International Banff Schema for Liver Allograft Rejection: working recommendations for the histopathologic staging and reporting of chronic rejection. An International Panel. Hepatology , 31 (3) 792 - 799. 10.1002/hep.510310337.

Demuth, I; Wlodarski, M; Tipping, AJ; Morgan, NV; de Winter, JP; Thiel, M; ... Digweed, M; + view all (2000) Spectrum of mutations in the Fanconi anaemia group G gene, FANCG/XRCC9. EUR J HUM GENET , 8 (11) 861 - 868.

Dey, A; McCloskey, EV; Taube, T; Cox, R; Pande, KC; Ashford, RU; ... Kanis, JA; + view all (2000) Metacarpal morphometry using a semi-automated technique in the assessment of osteoporosis and vertebral fracture risk. Osteoporos Int , 11 (11) 953 - 958. 10.1007/s001980070034.

Di Francesco, AM; Hargreaves, RHJ; Wallace, TW; Mayalarp, SP; Hazrati, A; Hartley, JA; Butler, J; (2000) Anti-tumour properties of novel diaziridinylquinones. BRIT J CANCER , 83 66 - 66.

Di Francesco, AM; Hargreaves, RHJ; Wallace, TW; Mayalarp, SP; Hazrati, A; Hartley, JA; Butler, J; (2000) Anti-tumour properties of novel diaziridinylquinones. CLIN CANCER RES , 6 4527S - 4527S.

Di Francesco, AM; Hargreaves, RHJ; Wallace, TW; Mayalarp, SP; Hazratis, A; Hartley, JA; Butler, J; (2000) The abnormal cytotoxicities of 2,5-diaziridinyl-1,4-benzoquinone-3-phenyl esters. ANTI-CANCER DRUG DES , 15 (5) 347 - 359.

Diaz, RM; Bateman, A; Emiliusen, L; Fielding, A; Trono, D; Russell, SJ; Vile, RG; (2000) A lentiviral vector expressing a fusogenic glycoprotein for cancer gene therapy. Gene Ther , 7 (19) 1656 - 1663. 10.1038/sj.gt.3301277.

Ding, GR; Yaguchi, H; Yoshida, M; Miyakoshi, J; (2000) Increase in X-ray-induced mutations by exposure to magnetic field (60 Hz, 5 mT) in NF-kappaB-inhibited cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun , 276 (1) 238 - 243. 10.1006/bbrc.2000.3455.

Donohoe, S; Kingdom, JCP; Mackie, IJ; Burrell, S; Quenby, S; Jauniaux, E; Machin, SJ; (2000) Ontogeny of beta 2 glycoprotein I and annexin V in villous placenta of normal and antiphospholipid syndrome pregnancies. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS , 84 (1) 32 - 38.

Donohoe, S; Mackie, IJ; Machin, SJ; Kingdom, JCP; Burrell, S; Jauniaux, E; Quenby, S; (2000) Ontogeny of beta 2 glycoprotein I and annexin V in villous placenta of normal and antiphospholipid syndrome pregnancies. Thrombosis and Haemostasis , 84 (1) 32 - 38.

Duchesne, GM; Bolger, JJ; Griffiths, GO; Trevor Roberts, J; Graham, JD; Hoskin, PJ; ... Parmar, MK; + view all (2000) A randomized trial of hypofractionated schedules of palliative radiotherapy in the management of bladder carcinoma: results of medical research council trial BA09. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys , 47 (2) 379 - 388.

Dutt, N; Bates, AW; Baithun, SI; (2000) Secondary neoplasms of the male genital tract with different patterns of involvement in adults and children. HISTOPATHOLOGY , 37 (4) 323 - 331.

Ehlers, A; Beck, S; Forbes, SA; Trowsdale, J; Volz, A; Younger, R; Ziegler, A; (2000) MHC-linked olfactory receptor loci exhibit polymorphism and contribute to extended HLA/OR-haplotypes. GENOME RES , 10 (12) 1968 - 1978.

El Hamidi, A; Kocjan, G; Du, MQ; (2000) Cervical smear: A PCR-based clonality analysis. J PATHOL , 192 25A - 25A.

Elliott, PR; Pei, XY; Dafforn, TR; Lomas, DA; (2000) Topography of a 2.0 A structure of alpha1-antitrypsin reveals targets for rational drug design to prevent conformational disease. Protein Sci , 9 (7) 1274 - 1281. 10.1110/ps.9.7.1274.

Emery, VC; (2000) Tuning to the right frequency: Cytotoxic T lymphocytes and cytomegalovirus. TRANSPLANTATION , 69 (11) 2241 - 2242.

Ezoe, S; Matsumura, I; Tanaka, H; Kawasaki, A; Machii, T; Enver, T; Kanakura, K; (2000) GATA-1 inhibits cytokine-dependent growth of hematopoietic cells through the inhibition of STAT3 and AP-1 activities. BLOOD , 96 (11) 680A - 680A.

Ezoe, S; Matsumura, I; Tanaka, H; Kawasaki, A; Machii, T; Enver, T; Kanakura, Y; (2000) GATA-2 down-regulates c-myc and affects cytokine-dependent growth of hematopoietic cells. BLOOD , 96 (11) 285A - 285A.

Farquharson, MJ; Bagshaw, AP; Porter, JB; Abeysinghe, RD; (2000) The use of skin Fe levels as a surrogate marker for organ Fe levels, to monitor treatment in cases of iron overload. PHYS MED BIOL , 45 (5) 1387 - 1396.

Fielding, AK; Chapel-Fernandes, S; Chadwick, MP; Bullough, FJ; Cosset, FL; Russell, SJ; (2000) A hyperfusogenic gibbon ape leukemia envelope glycoprotein: targeting of a cytotoxic gene by ligand display. Hum Gene Ther , 11 (6) 817 - 826. 10.1089/10430340050015437.

Flanagan, AM; Sarma, U; Steward, CG; Vellodi, A; Horton, MA; (2000) Study of the nonresorptive phenotype of osteoclast-like cells from patients with malignant osteopetrosis: A new approach to investigating pathogenesis. J BONE MINER RES , 15 (2) 352 - 360.

Flores, NA; Botchway, ANS; Turner, MA; Cohen, H; Sheridan, DJ; (2000) Products of the platelet release reaction influence cardiac electrophysiology independently of platelet-platelet interactions. PLATELETS , 11 (7) 415 - 417.

Francis, RJ; Sharma, SK; Sena, L; Springer, C; Green, AJ; Hope-Stone, LD; ... Begent, RHJ; + view all (2000) A phase I trial of antibody directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT) in patients with advanced colorectal carcinoma or other CEA producing tumours. BRIT J CANCER , 83 18 - 18.

Freeman, A; Morris, LS; Odell, E; Kocjan, G; Patterson, A; Marker, A; ... Coleman, N; + view all (2000) Improved detection of dysplastic and malignant cells in cytological preparations using antibodies against minichromosome maintenance proteins. J PATHOL , 190 45A - 45A.

Friedman, HS; Kerby, T; Calvert, H; (2000) Temozolomide and treatment of malignant glioma. CLIN CANCER RES , 6 (7) 2585 - 2597.

Gardiner, C; Mackie, IJ; Malia, RG; Jones, DW; Winter, M; Leeming, D; ... Greaves, M; + view all (2000) The importance of locally derived reference ranges and standardized calculation of dilute Russell's viper venom time results in screening for lupus anticoagulant. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 111 (4) 1230 - 1235.

Gibson, V; Anderson, RJ; Hartley, JA; McAdam, SR; Cairns, D; (2000) Anthraquinone-oligodeoxynucleotide conjugates as inhibitors of gene transcription. J PHARM PHARMACOL , 52 (6) 599 - 602.

Goldring, K; Jones, GE; Watt, DJ; (2000) A factor implicated in the myogenic conversion of nonmuscle cells derived from the mouse dermis. CELL TRANSPLANTATION , 9 (4) 519 - 529.

Gooptu, B; Hazes, B; Chang, WS; Dafforn, TR; Carrell, RW; Read, RJ; Lomas, DA; (2000) Inactive conformation of the serpin alpha(1)-antichymotrypsin indicates two-stage insertion of the reactive loop: implications for inhibitory function and conformational disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A , 97 (1) 67 - 72.

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Gribble, S; Andrews, K; Williams, D; Tillett, A; Bloxham, D; Proffit, J; ... Nacheva, E; + view all (2000) Fluorescence in situ hybridization detection of two telomeres on the short arm of a derived chromosome 16 in an infant with thrombocytopenia. Cancer Genet Cytogenet , 120 (2) 99 - 104.

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