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Al-Azraqi, A; Angus, B; Gokul, S; Sinha, D; Calvert, AH; Lunec, J; (1999) Bcl-2 expression is a potential prognostic co-factor with P53-mutation status in epithelial ovarian carcinoma. British Journal of Cancer , 80 178 - ?.

Al-Mufti, RAM; Pedley, RB; Marshall, D; Begent, RHJ; Winslet, MCAH; K, EF; (1999) In vitro assessment of lipiodol targeted radiotherapy for primary and metastatic liver cancers. British Journal of Cancer , 79 1665 - 1671.

Arris, CE; Boyle, FT; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; Dewsbury, PJ; Endicott, JA; ... Schultz, R; + view all (1999) In vitro growth activity of novel purine- and pyrimidine-based CDK1 and CDK2 inhibitors. British Journal of Cancer , 80 110 - ?.


Batey, MA; Wright, JG; Simmonds, D; Proctor, M; Chapman, F; Fishwick, K; ... Boddy, AV; + view all (1999) Population pharmacokinetics of CMF in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer. British Journal of Cancer , 80 259 - ?.

Brooks, N; Mchugh, PJ; Lee, M; Hartley, JA; (1999) Repair of DNA damage produced by sequence specific minor groove alkylating agent. PROC AM ASSOC CANCER RES , 40 4118 - 4118.

Burcombe, RJ; Ostler, PJ; Ayoub, AW; Hoskin, PJ; (1999) Staging CT scans in prostate cancer treatment: A retrospective audit. British Journal of Cancer , 80 157 - 157.


Calabrese, CR; Thomas, HD; Batey, MA; Boritzki, T; Zhang, K; White, AW; ... Newell, DR; + view all (1999) Preclinical pharmacology of novel substituted benzimidazoles - potent inhibitors of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase. Clinical Cancer Research , 5 543 - ?.

Calvert, AH; Hughes, AN; Calvert, PM; Plummer, RE; Highley, MS; (1999) MTA (LY231514) demonstrates clinical activity against malignant mesothelioma in a phase I combination trial with carboplatin. European Journal of Cancer , 35 1146 - ?.

Calvert, AH; Sessa, C; Hughes, A; Jochim, U; Calvert, P; Ghielmini, M; ... Gallant, G; + view all (1999) Pharmacokinetics (PK) of BMS-184476, a new taxane analog, given weekly in patients with advanced malignancies. European Journal of Cancer , 35 1147 - ?.

Calvert, H; (1999) MTA, a novel multitargeted antifolate, from preclinical to phase I and beyond: summary and conclusions. Semin Oncol , 26 (2 Suppl 6) 105 - 108.

Calvert, PM; Highley, MS; Hughes, AN; Plummer, ER; Azzabi, AST; Verrill, MW; ... Calvert, AH; + view all (1999) A phase I study of a novel, trinuclear, platinum analogue, BBR3464, in patients with advanced solid tumors. Clinical Cancer Research , 5 333 - ?.

Chang, J; Powles, TJ; Allred, DC; Ashey, SE; Clark, GM; Makris, A; ... Dowsett, M; + view all (1999) Biologic markers as predictors of clinical outcome from systemic therapy for primary operable breast cancer. Journal Of Clinical Oncology , 17 3058 - 3063.

Chester, KA; Melton, RG; Hawkins, RR; (1999) Phage technology for producing antibody enzyme fusion proteins. In: Melton, RG and Fox, RJ, (eds.) Enzyme-Prodrug Strategies for Cancer Therapy. Klewer Academic/Plenum Press

Cooke, SP; Pedley, RB; Boden, R; Holliger, P; Winter, G; Begent, RHJ; Chester, KA; (1999) Tumour targeting using MFE-23::TNF alpha fusion protein. British Journal of Cancer , 80 228 - 228.

Cooke, SP; Pedley, RBB; R, H; P, W; G, B; R H J and Chester, KA; (1999) Tumour targeting using MFE::TNF fusion protein. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings BACR, Br J Cancer. (pp. 85 - ?).

Cooooke, SP; Pedley, RB; Boden, R; Holliger, P; Winter, G; Begent, RHJ; Chester, KA; (1999) Tumour targeting using MFE-23::TNF alpha fusion protein. In: (Proceedings) British Journal of Cancer. (pp. 228 - 228).

Cummins, D; Hoskin, P; Young, J; Goodman, IL; Coupe, MO; Halil, O; Foy, CJ; (1999) Is a man's facial appearance predictive of how he will die? International Journal of Clinical Practice , 53 140 - 141.

Curtin, NJ; Kyle, S; Wang, LZ; Durkacz, BW; White, AJ; Srinivasan, S; ... Hostomsky, Z; + view all (1999) Potentiation of temozolomide and topotecan growth inhibition by novel potent benzimidazole poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors. Clinical Cancer Research , 5 520 - ?.


Deighton, A; Winfield, EA; Venables, K; Aird, EGA; Hoskin, PJ; (1999) Variation in dose distribution for breast radiotherapy: A trial based quality assurance programme in the UK. European Journal of Cancer , 35 342 - 342.

Delaney, CA; Wang, LZ; Kyle, LZ; Srinivasan, S; White, AW; Curtin, NJ; ... Newell, DR; + view all (1999) Potentiation of temozolomide and topotecan cytotoxicity by PARP inhibitors in a panel of human cancer cell lines. British Journal of Cancer , 80 62 - ?.

DeSilva, IU; Clingen, PH; Mchugh, PJ; Tilby, MJ; Gregson, SJ; Howard, P; ... Hartley, JA; + view all (1999) The role of nucleotide excision repair in the repair of DNA damage induced by mono- and bifunctional, major and minor groove alkylating agents. British Journal of Cancer , 80 55 - 55.

Dische, S; Saunders, MI; (1999) The CHART regimen and morbidity [Full text available, price (Pounds)16.45]. Acta Oncologica , 38 147 - 152.

Dowsett, M; Smith, IE; Powles, TJ; Salter, J; Ellis, PM; Johnston, SRD; ... Assersohn, L; + view all (1999) Biological studies in primary medical therapy of breast cancer: The Royal Marsden Hospital experience. In: Howell, A and Dowsett, M, (eds.) ESO Scientific Updates. (113 - 125). Elsevier Science


Gander, M; Hartley, JM; Spanswick, VJ; Webley, SD; Hochhauser, D; Hartley, JA; (1999) Measurment of DNA interstrand crosslinking in clinical samples using the single cell gel electrophoresis. PROCEEDINGS OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR CANCER RESEARCH , 40 3410 - 3410.

GlynneJones, R; Saunders, MI; Hoskin, P; Phillips, H; (1999) A pilot study of continuous, hyperfractionated, accelerated radiotherapy in rectal adenocarcinoma. Clinical Oncology , 11 334 - 339.

Goodchild, KA; Hill, SA; Hoskin, PJ; Saunders, MI; Chaplin, DJ; (1999) Low dose nicotinamide and carbogen improve human tumour blood flow. British Journal of Cancer , 80 244 - 244.

Griffin, RJ; Barlow, HC; Curtin, NJ; Calvert, AH; Golding, BT; Newell, DR; Smith, PG; (1999) 2,6-Disubstituted-4,8-dibenzylaminopyrimido[5,4-d]pyrimidines as nucleoside transport inhibitors: Structure-activity relationships for binding to alpha(1)-acid glycoprotein (AGP). Clinical Cancer Research , 5 564 - ?.

Grimaldi, KA; Bingham, JP; Hartley, JA; (1999) PCR-Based Assys for Strand-Specific Measurement of DNA Damage and Repair I. In: Henderson, DS, (ed.) Methods in Molecular Biology. (227 - 241). Humana Press Inc

Grimaldi, KA; Mac Adam, SR; Hartley, JA; (1999) PCR-Based Assys for Strand-Specific Measurement of DNA Damage and Repair II. In: Henderson, DS, (ed.) Methods in Molecular Biology. (241 - 255). Humana Press


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Mchugh, PJ; Hartley, JA; (1999) The induction and repair of DNA doublestrand breaks in nitrogen mustard treated Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells. British Journal of Cancer , 80 54 - 54.


Newby, JC; Leonard, P; Fenwick, E; Harland, SJ; (1999) A phase II study of epirubicin, carboplatin and infusional 5-FU in hormone resistant prostate cancer. British Journal of Cancer , 80 158 - 158.

Newell, DR; Arris, CE; Boyle, FT; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; Dewsbury, P; ... Schultz, R; + view all (1999) Antiproliferative cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors with distinct molecular interactions and tumor cell growth inhibition profiles. Clinical Cancer Research , 5 124 - ?.


Osborne, M; GlynneJones, R; Galbraith, S; Burcombe, R; Makris, A; (1999) Squamous cell carcinoma antigen as a marker of epidermoid carcinoma of the anal canal. British Journal of Cancer , 80 117 - 117.

Osborne, M; GlynneJones, R; Hoskin, P; Saunders, M; Makris, A; (1999) Continuous hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy +/-concurrent infusional 5FU in advanced rectal cancer. British Journal of Cancer , 80 114 - 114.

Osbourn, JK; McCafferty, J; Derbyshire, EJ; Waibel, R; Chester, K; Boxer, G; Allen, D; (1999) Isolation of a panel of human anti-CEA single chain Fv from a large phage display library. Tumor Targeting , 4 150 - 157.


Paniwnyk, Z; Pors, K; TeesdaleSpittle, PH; Potter, GA; Plumb, J; Hartley, JA; Patterson, LH; (1999) Novel inhibitor of topo II is effective against resistant ovarian cancer cells. British Journal of Cancer , 80 69 - 69.

Parkinsoin, MC; Harland, SJ; (1999) Testis cancer. In: Mundy, AR and Fitzpatrick, JM and Neal, DE and George, NJR, (eds.) Scientific Basis of Urology. (375 - 394). Isis Medical Media Ltd: Oxford, UK.


Shamash, J; Lee, SM; Deakin, DP; Scarffe, JH; Morgenstern, GR; Chang, J; ... Lister, TA; + view all (1999) High dose chemotherapy (HDCT) with autologous haematopoietic support in recurrent or refractory Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL). In: (Proceedings) British Cancer Research Meeting, Edinburgh.. (pp. 18 - ?). British Journal of Cancer

Short, S; (1999) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) The Royal College of Radiologists Annual Scientific Meeting.

Short, S; (1999) The response of human glioma cells to low dose radiation. International journal of radiation biology , 75 1341 - 1348.

Short, S; Mayes, C; Woodcock, M; Joiner, MC; (1999) Low-dose hypersensitivity in the T98G glioblastoma cell line. International journal of radiation biology , 75 847 - 855.

Smith, PG; Barlow, HC; Loughlin, P; Huang, B; Bowman, KJ; Calvert, AH; ... Newell, DR; + view all (1999) Novel dipyridamole analogues potentiate the in vitro activity of MTA (LY231514) in the presence of alpha(1)-acid glycoprotein. British Journal of Cancer , 80 82 - ?.

Smith, PG; Bewley, J; Gogel, JA; Calvert, AH; Newell, DR; Curtin, NJ; Chen, VJ; (1999) MTA (LY231514) induced intracellular dNTP pool pertubations are alleviated by salvage of pre-formed purines and pyrimidines. British Journal of Cancer , 80 83 - ?.

Spencer, DIR; Robson, L; Bhatia, J; Sharma, SK; Michael, NP; Whitelegg, NR; ... Begent, RHJ; + view all (1999) Identifying immunogenic sites on adept enzymes CPG2 using a SCFV phage library & SELDI (TM)-AMS. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER. (pp. 94 - 94).

Summers, Y; Middleton, MR; Calvert, H; Lee, SM; Rustin, R; Newell, DR; Thatcher, N; (1999) Effect of temozolomide (TMZ) on central nervous system relapse in patients with advanced melanoma. In: (Proceedings) 1999 ASCO Annual Meeting/35th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.. (pp. 531a - ?). Proceedings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology


Vanhaesebroeck, B; Higashi, K; Raven, C; Welham, M; Anderson, S; Brennan, P; ... Waterfield, MD; + view all (1999) Autophosphorylation of p110delta phosphoinositide 3-kinase: a new paradigm for the regulation of lipid kinases in vitro and in vivo. The EMBO Journal , 18 (5) 1292 - 1302.

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