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Chong, C; Harazi, E; Tian, T; Darch, T; Wells, J; Morgan, MY; (2009) Alcoholic liver disease: the south Indian dimension. In: Gut. (pp. A15 - ?).

Choy, M; Lythgoe, MF; Wells, JA; Proctor, E; Thomas, DL; Gadian, DG; Scott, R; (2009) PERFUSION MRI CHANGES DURING STATUS EPILEPTICUS IN THE RAT PILOCARPINE MODEL. EPILEPSIA , 50 376 - 376.


Fewtrell, MS; Bishop, NJ; Edmonds, CJ; Isaacs, EB; Lucas, A; (2009) Aluminium exposure from intravenous feeding solutions and later bone health: 15 year follow-up of a randomised trial in preterm infants. In: BONE. (pp. S97 - S98). ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC

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Haroun, D; Croker, H; Viner, RM; Williams, JE; Darch, TS; Fewtrell, MS; ... Wells, JCK; + view all (2009) Validation of BIA in Obese Children and Adolescents and Re-evaluation in a Longitudinal Study. OBESITY , 17 (12) 2245 - 2250. 10.1038/oby.2009.98.


Luca, D; Minucci, A; Zecca, E; Piastra, M; Pietrini, D; Carnielli, V; ... Capoluongo, E; + view all (2009) Bile acids cause secretory phospholipase A2 activity enhancement, revertible by exogenous surfactant administration. Intensive Care Medicine , 35 (2) 321 - 326.


Ong, KK; Emmett, P; Northstone, K; Golding, J; Rogers, I; Ness, AR; ... Dunger, DB; + view all (2009) Infancy Weight Gain Predicts Childhood Body Fat and Age at Menarche in Girls. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism , 94 (5) 1527 - 1532.


Reichert, FF; Baptista Menezes, AM; Wells, JC; Carvalho Dumith, S; Hallal, PC; (2009) Physical activity as a predictor of adolescent body fatness: a systematic review. Sports Med , 39 (4) 279 - 294.

Reichert, FF; Menezes, AMB; Wells, JCK; Ekelund, U; Rodrigues, FM; Hallal, PC; (2009) A Methodological Model for Collecting High-Quality Data on Physical Activity in Developing Settings-The Experience of the 1993 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort Study. J PHYS ACT HEALTH , 6 (3) 360 - 366.

Reilly, JJ; Dorosty, AR; Ghomizadeh, NM; Sherriff, A; Wells, JC; Ness, AR; (2009) Comparison of waist circumference percentiles versus body mass index percentiles for diagnosis of obesity in a large cohort of children. International Journal of Pediatric Obesity , 4 1 - 6.

Reilly, JJ; Gerasimidis, K; Paparacleous, N; Sherriff, A; Carmichael, A; Ness, AR; Wells, JC; (2009) Validation of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry and foot-foot impedance against deuterium dilution measures of fatness in children. International Journal of Pediatric Obesity , 29 1 - 5.


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Wells, JCK; (2009) The concept of phenotypic induction ("prgramming") and implications for gowth. In: Preedy, VR, (ed.) The Handbook of Growth and Growth Monitoring in Health and Disease. Springer

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Williams, JE; Wilson, CM; Biassoni, L; Fewtrell, MS; (2009) Are DXA and quantative ultrasound (QUS) interchangeable in diagnosing abnormal bones in children? In: BONE. (pp. S110 - S111). ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC

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