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Airaksinen, MS; Koltzenburg, M; Lewin, GR; Masu, Y; Helbig, C; Wolf, E; ... Meyer, M; + view all (1996) Specific subtypes of cutaneous mechanoreceptors require neurotrophin-3 following peripheral target innervation. NEURON , 16 (2) 287 - 295.

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Cauquil, AS; Day, BL; (1996) Influence of voluntary movement on the lateral tilt of body segments induced by galvanic vestibular stimulation in man. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON. (pp. P66 - P66). CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS

Clow, A; Higuchi, K; Lambert, S; Hucklebridge, F; Rothwell, JC; (1996) Salivary sIgA production can be differentially modulated by left and right transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of the temporal-parietooccipital (T-P-O) cortex in man. J PHYSIOL-LONDON , 491P P73 - P74.

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