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Arbour, N; Day, R; Newcombe, J; Talbot, PJ; (2000) Neuroinvasion by human respiratory coronaviruses. J VIROL , 74 (19) 8913 - 8921.


Bajramovic, JJ; Plomp, AC; van der Goes, A; Koevoets, C; Newcombe, J; Cuzner, ML; van Noort, JM; (2000) Presentation of alpha B-crystallin to T cells in active multiple sclerosis lesions: An early event following inflammatory demyelination. J IMMUNOL , 164 (8) 4359 - 4366.

Banati, RB; Newcombe, J; Gunn, RN; Cagnin, A; Turkheimer, F; Heppner, F; ... Myers, R; + view all (2000) The peripheral benzodiazepine binding site in the brain in multiple sclerosis - Quantitative in vivo imaging of microglia as a measure of disease activity. BRAIN , 123 2321 - 2337.

Bitsch, A; Hadjiolov, N; Klöhn, PC; Bergmann, O; Zwirner-Baier, I; Neumann, HG; (2000) Dose response of early effects related to tumor promotion of 2-acetylaminofluorene. Toxicol Sci , 55 (1) 44 - 51.

Black, JA; Dib-Hajj, S; Baker, D; Newcombe, J; Cuzner, ML; Waxman, SG; (2000) Sensory neuron-specific sodium channel SNS is abnormally expressed in the brains of mice with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis and humans with multiple sclerosis. P NATL ACAD SCI USA , 97 (21) 11598 - 11602.


Carmalt, CJ; Morrison, DE; Parkin, IP; (2000) Liquid-mediated metathetical synthesis of binary and ternary transition-metal pnictides. POLYHEDRON , 19 (7) 829 - 833.

Copelman, CA; Cuzner, ML; Groome, N; Diemel, LT; (2000) Temporal analysis of growth factor mRNA expression in myelinating rat brain aggregate cultures: Increments in CNTF, FGF-2, IGF-I, and PDGF-AA mRNA are induced by antibody-mediated demyelination. GLIA , 30 (4) 342 - 351.


Garlick, PB; Parkes, HG; Cave, AC; (2000) A new system for the metabolic investigation of the isolated, perfused rat heart. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology , 32 853 - 858.

Giovannoni, G; Silver, NC; Good, CD; Miller, DH; Thompson, EJ; (2000) Immunological time-course of gadolinium-enhancing MRI lesions in patients with multiple sclerosis. EUR NEUROL , 44 (4) 222 - 228.

Gomez-Anson, B; MacManus, DG; Parker, GJM; Davie, CA; Barker, GJ; Moseley, IF; ... Miller, DH; + view all (2000) In vivo H-1-magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the spinal cord in humans. NEURORADIOLOGY , 42 (7) 515 - 517.

Green, AJE; Giovannoni, G; Hall-Crags, MA; Thompson, EJ; Miller, RF; (2000) Cerebrospinal fluid tau concentrations in HIV infected patients with suspected neurological disease. SEX TRANSM INFECT , 76 (6) 443 - 446.

Gveric, D; Newcombe, J; Hanemaaijer, R; Cuzner, ML; (2000) u-PA/u-PAR complex in the activation of the plasmin/MMP cascade in MS lesions. FASEB J , 14 (6) A1107 - A1107.


Hall, SM; Redford, EJ; Smith, KJ; (2000) Tumour necrosis factor-alpha has few morphological effects within the dorsal columns of the spinal cord, in contrast to its effects in the peripheral nervous system. J Neuroimmunol , 106 (1-2) 130 - 136.


Illes, Z; Kondo, T; Newcombe, J; Oka, N; Tabira, T; Yamamura, T; (2000) Differential expression of NK T cell V alpha 24J alpha Q invariant TCR chain in the lesions of multiple sclerosis and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. J IMMUNOL , 164 (8) 4375 - 4381.


Jouvet, P; Rustin, P; Taylor, DL; Pocock, JM; Felderhoff-Mueser, U; Mazarakis, ND; ... Mehmet, H; + view all (2000) Branched chain amino acids induce apoptosis in neural cells without mitochondrial membrane depolarization or cytochrome c release: Implications for neurological impairment associated with maple syrup urine disease. MOL BIOL CELL , 11 (5) 1919 - 1932.


Kingham, PJ; Pocock, JM; (2000) Microglial apoptosis induced by chromogranin a is mediated by mitochondrial depolarisation and the permeability transition but not by cytochrome c release. J NEUROCHEM , 74 (4) 1452 - 1462.


Leary, SM; Brex, PA; MacManus, DG; Parker, GJM; Barker, GJ; Miller, DH; Thompson, AJ; (2000) A H-1 magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of aging in parietal white matter: implications for trials in multiple sclerosis. MAGN RESON IMAGING , 18 (4) 455 - 459.

Leary, SM; McLean, BN; Thompson, EJ; (2000) Local synthesis of IgA in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with neurological diseases. Journal of Neurology , 247 (8) 609 - 615.

Liddle, AC; Pocock, JM; (2000) Microglial signalling in ischaemia. In: (Proceedings) American Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting. (pp. 767.8 - ?).

Liddle, AC; Pocock, JM; (2000) Multiple signalling pathways in energy-depleted microglia. In: (Proceedings) IV European meeting on glial cell function in health and disease..

Liney, GP; Tozer, DJ; van Hulten, HB; Beerens, EGJ; Gibbs, P; Turnbull, LW; (2000) Bilateral open breast coil and compatible intervention device. J MAGN RESON IMAGING , 12 (6) 984 - 990.


Molyneux, PD; Kappos, L; Polman, C; Pozzilli, C; Barkhof, F; Filippi, M; ... European Study Grp Interferon Bet,; + view all (2000) The effect of interferon beta-1b treatment on MRI measures of cerebral atrophy in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. BRAIN , 123 2256 - 2263.

Morgan, SC; Pocock, JM; (2000) The survival-enhancing effects of microglial conditioned medium on cerebellar granule cells in culture. In: (Proceedings) American Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting. (pp. 699.6 - ?).

Morgan, SC; Pocock, JM; (2000) The survival-enhancing effects of microglial-conditioned medium on cerebellar granule neurones in culture. In: (Proceedings) IV European meeting on glial cell function in health and disease..


Nolte, UG; Finsterbusch, J; Frahm, J; (2000) Rapid isotropic diffusion mapping without susceptibility artifacts: Whole brain studies using diffusion-weighted single-shot STEAM MR imaging. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine , 44 (5) 731 - 736. 10.1002/1522-2594(200011)44:5<731::AID-MRM11>3.0.CO;2-1.


Pandey, V; Morgan, SC; Taylor, DL; Pocock, JM; Bolsover, SR; (2000) Neuronal calcium transients evoked by HIV coat protein GP120 depend on culture conditions and are not essential for neurotoxicity. In: (Proceedings) American Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting. (pp. 771.15 - ?).

Parkes, HG; Guillet, G; Thompson, E; Surtees, R; Gadian, DG; (2000) High resolution 1H NMR analysis of cerebrospinal fluid: applications to diseases affecting the brain. Proceedings of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine , 8 1146 - 1146.

Pocock, JM; (2000) Chromogranin A-induced microglial activation. In: (Proceedings) Neuropeptides 2000; 10th Annual Meeting of the European neuropeptide club.. (pp. 78 - ?). Regulatory Peptides

Pocock, JM; Crompton, M; (2000) Cyclophilins modulate apoptosis of microglia and cerebellar granule neurons. In: (Proceedings) FENS 2000.

Pocock, JM; Evans, GJO; (2000) Single cell fluorescence imaging to investigate signalling in primary cultured neurones. In: Pochet, R, (ed.) Calcium: the molecular basis of calcium action in biology and medicine. (683 - 697). Kluwer Academic Publishers: The Netherlands.

Pocock, JM; Kingham, PJ; Liddle, AC; (2000) Activated microglial signalling to neurones; implications for Alzheimer's disease and stroke. In: (Proceedings) IV European meeting on glial cell function in health and disease..


Rook, GAW; Ristori, G; Salvetti, M; Giovannoni, G; Thompson, EJ; Stanford, JL; (2000) Bacterial vaccines for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. IMMUNOL TODAY , 21 (10) 503 - 508.


Simpson, J; Rezaie, P; Newcombe, J; Cuzner, ML; Male, D; Woodroofe, MN; (2000) Expression of the beta-chemokine receptors CCR2, CCR3 and CCR5 in multiple sclerosis central nervous system tissue. J NEUROIMMUNOL , 108 (1-2) 192 - 200.

Simpson, JE; Newcombe, J; Cuzner, ML; Woodroofe, MN; (2000) Expression of the interferon-gamma-inducible chemokines IP-10 and Mig and their receptor, CXCR3, in multiple sclerosis lesions. Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol , 26 (2) 133 - 142.

Smith, KJ; Felts, PA; John, GR; (2000) Effects of 4-aminopyridine on demyelinated axons, synapses and muscle tension. Brain , 123 ( Pt 1) 171 - 184.


Taylor, DL; Pocock, JM; (2000) Modulation of metabotrpic glutamate receptors prevents microglial death. In: (Proceedings) IV European meeting on glial cell function in health and disease..

Taylor, DL; Pocock, JM; (2000) Modulation of metabotrpic glutamate receptors prevents microglial death. In: (Proceedings) American Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting. (pp. 784.2 - ?).


Werring, DJ; Brassat, D; Droogan, AG; Clark, CA; Symms, MR; Barker, GJ; ... Miller, DH; + view all (2000) The pathogenesis of lesions and normal appearing white matter changes in multiple sclerosis: A serial diffusion magnetic resonance imaging study. NEUROLOGY , 54 (7) A122 - A122.

Werring, DJ; Brassat, D; Droogan, AG; Clark, CA; Symms, MR; Barker, GJ; ... Miller, DH; + view all (2000) The pathogenesis of lesions and normal-appearing white matter changes in multiple sclerosis - A serial diffusion MRI study. BRAIN , 123 1667 - 1676.

Werring, DJ; Bullmore, ET; Toosy, AT; Miller, DH; Barker, GJ; MacManus, DG; ... Thompson, AJ; + view all (2000) Recovery from optic neuritis is associated with a change in the distribution of cerebral response to visual stimulation: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study. J NEUROL NEUROSUR PS , 68 (4) 441 - 449.

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Wheeler-Kingshott, CAM; (2000) Novel measurements of diffusion in the central nervous system. In: Sharp, PF, (ed.) Physics and engineering in medicine in the new millennium. (118 - 126). Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

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