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Almihmadi, M.M.; (2011) Understanding the phonetics of neutralisation: a variability-field account of vowel/zero alternations in a Hijazi dialect of Arabic. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Becker, M; Ketrez, N; Nevins, A; (2011) The surfeit of the stimulus: analytic biases filter lexical statistics in Turkish laryngeal alternations. Language , 87 (1) 84 - 125. 10.1353/lan.2011.0016.

Breheny, R; (2011) Experimentation-Based Pragmatics. In: Bublitz, W and Norrick, N, (eds.) Handbook of Pragmatics: Volume 1 Foundations of Pragmatics. Mouton – de Gruyter (In press).

Brody, M; Szendroi, K; (2011) A kimeríto felsorolás értemezésu fókusz válasz. [Exhaustive focus is an answer]. In: Bartos, H, (ed.) Új irányok és eredmények a mondattani kutatásban -- Kiefer Ferenc 80. szuletesnapja alkalmabol[New directions and results in syntactic research -- In honour of Ferenc Kiefer's 80th birthday]. (? - ?). Akademiai Kiado/ Academic Press: Budapest, Hungary.


Carston, RA; (2011) Review of M. Ariel 2008. Pragmatics and Grammar, Cambridge University Press. Language , 87 (3) 625 - 628. (In press).

Carston, RA; Wearing, C; (2011) Metaphor, hyperbole and simile: A pragmatic approach. Language and Cognition , 3 (2) 283 - 312.


Daland, R; Hayes, B; White, J; Garellek, M; Davis, A; Norrmann, I; (2011) Explaining sonority projection effects. Phonology , 28 (02) 197 - 234. 10.1017/S0952675711000145.


Falkum, I.L.; (2011) The semantics and pragmatics of polysemy: a relevance-­theoretic account. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Ferguson, HJ; Breheny, R; (2011) Eye movements reveal the time-course of anticipating behaviour based on complex, conflicting desires. Cognition , 119 (2) 179 - 196. 10.1016/j.cognition.2011.01.005.


Goubier, F; Pouscoulous, N; (2011) Virtus sermonis and the semantics-pragmatics distinction. Vivarium (49) 214 - 239. 10.1163/156853411X590507.


Harris, J; (2011) Deletion. In: van Oostendorp, M and Ewen, CJ and Hume, EV and Rice, K, (eds.) The Blackwell Companion to Phonology. (1597 - 1621). Wiley-Blackwell: Oxford, UK.


Kechagias, A.; (2011) Regulating word order in modern Greek: verb initial and non-verb initial orders & the conceptual-intentional interface. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Klinedinst, N; (2011) Quantified conditionals and conditional excluded middle. Journal of Semantics , 28 (1) 149 - 170. 10.1093/jos/ffq015.

KLINEDINST, N; Rothschild, D; (2011) Exhaustivity in questions with non-factives. Semantics and Pragmatics , 4 10.3765/sp.4.2.

Kotek, H; Sudo, Y; Howard, E; Hackl, M; (2011) 'Most' meanings are superlative. In: Syntax and Semantics 37: Experiments at the Interfaces. Academic Press: New York.


Nevins, A; (2011) Convergent Evidence for Rolling Up Catalan Adjectives. Linguistic Inquiry , 42 339 - 345.

Nevins, A; (2011) Marked Triggers vs. Marked Targets and Impoverishment of the Dual. Linguistic Inquiry , 42 413 - 444.

Nevins, A; (2011) Prospects and challenges for a clitic analysis of (A)SL agreement. Theoretical Linguistics , 37 (3) 173 - 187.

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Nevins, A; Sandalo, F; (2011) Markedness and Morphotactics in Kadiweu [+participant] agreement. Morphology , 21 (2) 351 - 378. 10.1007/s11525-010-9165-2.

Nevins, A; Singerman, A; (2011) Review of K. D. Harrison's "When Languages Die". Language , 87 (2) 398 - 402.

Nevins, AI; Moore, D; (2011) The repair problem: diagnostics and competing orthographic subsystems in Suruí. In: Austin, PK and Bond, O and Marten, L and Nathan, D, (eds.) Proceedings of Conference on Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 3. (193 - 198). SOAS: London..


Pouscoulous, N; (2011) Metaphor: For adults only? Belgian Journal of Linguistics (25) 51 - 79. 10.1075/bjl.25.04pou.

Przedlacka, J; Ashby, M; (2011) Acoustic correlates of glottal articulations in Southern British English. Presented at: 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Hong Kong.


Rodrigues, C; Hornstein, N; (2011) Epicene agreement and Inected In nitives when the data is \under control". In: Syntax.


Scott, KJ; (2011) Procedural Meaning. In: Escandell-Vidal, V and Leonetti, M and Ahern, A, (eds.) Procedural meaning: problems and perspectives. (183 - 203). Emerald Group Publishing

Silveira, M.; (2011) Specific Language Impairment (SLI) revisited: evidence from a psycholinguistic investigation of grammatical gender abilities in Brazilian Portuguese-speaking children. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Velegrakis, N.; (2011) The syntax of Greek polydefinites. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Vigliocco, G; Vinson, DP; Druks, J; Barber, H; Cappa, SF; (2011) Nouns and verbs in the brain: A review of behavioural, electrophysiological, neuropsychological and imaging studies. NEUROSCI BIOBEHAV R , 35 (3) 407 - 426. 10.1016/j.neubiorev.2010.04.007.


Yip, M; (2011) Lateral Consonants. In: van Oostendorp, M and Ewen, C and Hume, E and Rice, K, (eds.) The Blackwell Companion to Phonology. Wiley-Blackwell: Malden, Mass and Oxford.


Ziobronowicz, J; Ashby, M; Przedlacka, J; (2011) An accelerometric investigation into nasality in Polish: a preliminary study. Presented at: Accents. Fifth International Conference on Native and Non-native Accents of English, Łódź.

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