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Agar, JE; (2005) Essay review: media history and history of technology. Journal of Contemporary History , 40 (4) 793 - 803.

Agar, JE; (2005) Identity cards in Britain: past experience and policy implications. History & Policy , Article 33.

Armstrong, V; (2005) Hard Bargaining on the Hard Drive: Gender in the Music Technology Classroom. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Barnett, R; (2005) A horse named 'Twilight Sleep': the language of obstetric anaesthesia in 20th century Britain. INT J OBSTET ANESTH , 14 (4) 310 - 315. 10.1016/j.ijoa.2004.12.011.

Barnett, R; (2005) Obesity. LANCET , 366 (9490) 984 - 984.

Barnett, R; (2005) Obesity. Lancet , 365 (9474) 1843 - ?. 10.1016/S0140-6736(05)66604-4.

Bultitude, K; (2005) Physics to Go! (Invited Presentation). Presented at: Association of Science Education Teachers & Technicians Meeting, Bristol, UK.

Bultitude, K; (2005) Walking with Robots. Presented at: RoboFesta Annual Conference, Milton Keynes, UK.

Bultitude, K; Grant, L; (2005) Innovative Engagement Methods: Electronic Voting. Presented at: British Interactive Group (BIG) Annual Event, Newcastle, UK.

Bultitude, K; Johnson, B; (2005) Communicating Physics (Invited Presentation). Presented at: British Council workshop, Samara, Russia.

Bultitude, K; Johnson, B; Burnet, F; Evans, D; Winfield, A; (2005) Robot Thought - A Dialogue Event for Family Audiences. In: Proceedings of the Symposium of Robotics, Machatronics and Animatronics in the Creative and Entertainment Industries and Arts, AISB Convention 2005.

Burnet, F; Johnson, B; Bultitude, K; (2005) Graphical Science. In: Proceedings of the Beijing PCST Working Symposium.

Burnet, F; Johnson, B; Bultitude, K; (2005) Hot Topics. In: Proceedings of the Beijing PCST Working Symposium.


Cain, J; (2005) Ape to Man. UNSPECIFIED

Cain, J; (2005) Joseph Henry Woodger (1894-1981) Papers at University College London. Mendel Newsletter , 14 (March) 7 - 8.

Cain, J; (2005) review. Edward J. Larson. Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory. Journal of the history of biology , 38 (1) 172 - 174.

Cain, J; (2005) Teaching through objects: a user's perspective. NatSCA News Newsletter , 7 2 - 7.

Cantor, GN; (2005) Quakers, Jews, and science: Religious responses to modernity and the sciences, 1650-1900. Oxford University Press

Chang, H; (2005) A case for old-fashioned observability, and a reconstructed constructive empiricism. PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE , 72 (5) 876 - 887. Green open access

Chang, H; (2005) Turning an Undergraduate Class into a Professional Research Community. Teaching in Higher Education , 10 387 - 394.

Chang, H; Leonelli, S; (2005) Infrared metaphysics: radiation and theory-choice. Part 2. STUD HIST PHILOS SCI , 36A (4) 686 - 705. 10.1016/j.shpsc.2005.09.003.

Chang, H; Leonelli, S; (2005) Infrared metaphysics: the elusive ontology of radiation. Part 1. STUD HIST PHILOS SCI , 36A (3) 477 - 508. 10.1016/j.shpsa.2005.06.010.

Chang, H; Yi, SW; (2005) The Absolute and Its Measurement: William Thomson on Temperature. Annals of Science , 62 (3) 281 - 308. 10.1080/00033790410001712246.

Chang, H; Yi, SW; (2005) The absolute and its measurement: William Thomson on temperature. ANN SCI , 62 (3) 281 - 308. 10.1080/0003790410001712246.


Gregory, JE; (2005) Fred Hoyle's Universe. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Gregory, J; (2005) Material World, BBC Radio 4. UNSPECIFIED

Gregory, J; (2005) Woman's Hour. UNSPECIFIED

Gillies, D; (2005) An action-related theory of causality. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science , 56 (4) 826 - 842. 10.1093/bjps/axi141. Green open access

Gillies, DA; (2005) An Action-Related Theory of Causality. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science , 56 (4) 823 - 842. 10.1093/bjps/axi141.

Gillies, DA; (2005) Hempelian and Kuhnian approaches in the philosophy of medicine: the Semmelweis case. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences , 36 (1) 159 - 181. 10.1016/j.shpsc.2004.12.003. Green open access

Gillies, DA; (2005) Heuristics and Mathematical Discovery: the Case of Bayesian Networks. In: Cellucci, C and Gillies, D, (eds.) Mathematical Reasoning and Heuristics. (87 - 118). King's College Publications: London. Green open access

Gooneratne, S.; (2005) The white dwarf affair: Chandrasekhar, Eddington and the limiting mass. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Gregory, A; (2005) Aristarchus of Samos. In: O'Grady, P, (ed.) Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece. (179 - 185). Ashgate

Gregory, A; (2005) Eudoxus of Knidus. In: O'Grady, P, (ed.) Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece. (143 - 151). Ashgate

Gregory, A; (2005) Hippocrates of Cos. In: O'Grady, P, (ed.) Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece. (105 - 109). Ashgate

Gregory, J; Agar, J; Lock, S; Harries, S; (2005) Social Science and Science-based Business: Report to the ESRC from the project Science, Citizenship and the Market. Royal Society of Arts: London.

Gregory, J; Lock, S; Agar, J; Harries, S; (2005) What's there to talk about? Public engagement and science-based business. Report of the project 'Science, Citizenship and the Market. Royal Society of Arts: London.


Harris, GJ; Lynas-Gray, AE; Miller, S; Tennyson, J; Barber, RJ; (2005) H-3(+) in cool, very metal poor stars. In: Favata, F and Hussain, GAJ and Battrick, B, (eds.) Proceedings of the 13th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun - Proceedings, Vols 1 and 2. (pp. 623 - 625). EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY


Maxwell, N; (2005) Science versus Realization of Value, not Determinism versus Choice: Response to “A Plain Person’s Free Will” by David Hodgson. Journal of Consciousness Studies , 12 (1) 53 - 58.

Massimi, M; (2005) Pauli’s Exclusion Principle. The Origin and Validation of a Scientific Principle. (1st ed.). Cambridge University Press

Massimi, M; (2005) "Oggettività e verità tra meccanica quantistica e filosofia della scienza". In: Borutti, S and Fonnesu, L, (eds.) La verita'. Scienza, filosofia, societa'. (35 - 62). Il Mulino: Bologna.

Maxwell, N; (2005) A Revolution for Science and the Humanities: From Knowledge to Wisdom. Dialogue and Universalism , XV (1-2) 29 - 57. Green open access

Maxwell, N; (2005) Is Science Neurotic? Philosophy Now (51) 30 - 33. Green open access

Maxwell, N; (2005) Philosophy Seminars for Five-Year-Olds. Learning for Democracy: An International Journal of Thought and Practice , 1 (2) 71 - 77. Green open access

Maxwell, N; (2005) Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos and Aim-Oriented Empiricism. Philosophia , 32 (1-4) 181 - 239. 10.1007/BF02641621. Green open access

Maxwell, N; (2005) Science under Attack. The Philosophers' Magazine (31) 37 - 41.

Meech, K; Barber, RJ; Miller, S; Stallard, T; (2005) Deep Impact: observations from a worldwide Earth-based campaign. Science , 310 265 - 269. 10.1126/science.1118978.

Meech, KJ; Ageorges, N; A'Hearn, MF; Arpigny, C; Ates, A; Aycock, J; ... Zucconi, JM; + view all (2005) Deep Impact: Observations from a worldwide Earth-based campaign. SCIENCE , 310 (5746) 265 - 269. 10.1126/science.1118978.

Melin, H; Miller, S; Stallard, T; Grodent, D; (2005) Non-LTE effects on H-3(+) emission in the jovian upper atmosphere. ICARUS , 178 (1) 97 - 103. 10.1016/j.icarus.2005.04.016.

Melin, H; Miller, S; Stallard, T; Grodent, D; (2005) Non-LTE effects on H<sub>3</sub><sup>+</sup> emission in the jovian upper atmosphere. Icarus , 178 97 - 103.

Miller, S; (2005) Science Communications in Europe: beyond the Two Cultures in Seamless Culture through Science Communication. In: (Proceedings) Tokyo: National Institute of Science and Technology Policy. (pp. 72 - 89).

Miller, S; (2005) Os cientistas e a compreensao publica de ciencia. In: Massarani, L and Turney, J and de Castro Moreira, I, (eds.) Terra Incongnita: a interface entre ciencia e publico. (115 - 132). Casa de Ciencia: Rio de Janeiro.

Miller, S; Aylward, A; Millward, G; (2005) Giant planet ionospheres and thermospheres: The importance of ion-neutral coupling. SPACE SCIENCE REVIEWS , 116 (1-2) 319 - 343. 10.1007/s11214-005-1960-4.

Miller, S; Barber B, STS; Tennyson J, TLM; (2005) UKIRT observations of the Deep Impact/Comet Tempel-1 encounter. In: Bulletins of American Astronomical Society. (pp. 43.08 - ?).

Millward, G; Miller, S; Stallard, T; Achilleos, N; Aylward, AD; (2005) On the dynamics of the jovian ionosphere and thermosphere. IV. Ion-neutral coupling. ICARUS , 173 (1) 200 - 211. 10.1016/j.icarus.2004.07.027.


Smith, CGA; Aylward, AD; Miller, S; Muller-Wodarg, ICF; (2005) Polar heating in Saturn's thermosphere. ANN GEOPHYS-GERMANY , 23 (7) 2465 - 2477. Gold open access

Smith, CGA; Miller, S; Aylward, AD; (2005) Magnetospheric energy inputs into the upper atmospheres of the giant planets. ANN GEOPHYS-GERMANY , 23 (5) 1943 - 1947. Gold open access

Stilgoe, J; (2005) Controlling mobile phone health risks in the UK: A fragile discourse of compliance. Science and Public Policy , 32 (1) 55 - 64.


Thorpe, CR; (2005) The scientist in mass society: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the postwar liberal imagination. In: Carson, C and Hollinger, DA, (eds.) Reappraising Oppenheimer: Centennial Studies and Reflections. (293 - 314). Office for History of Science and Technology, University of California Berkeley: Berkeley, California.

Trafton, L; Geballe, T; Miller, S; Stallard, T; (2005) On the Mapping Efficiency of Integral Fields vs Longslit Spectrographs: Comparison of the UIST/IFU and CGS4 at UKIRT using Uranus in the K-L Bands. (UKIRT Technical Report ).


Wilsdon, J; Wynne, B; Stilgoe, J; (2005) The Public Value of Science. Or how to ensure that science really matters.


Yelle, R; Miller, S; (2005) Jupiter’s ionosphere and magnetosphere. In: Bagenal, F and Dowling, T, (eds.) (Proceedings) Jupiter: the planet, satellites and magnetosphere. (pp. 185 - 218).

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