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Maxwell, N; (2006) Knowledge to Wisdom: We Need a Revolution. Philosophia , 34 377 - 378.

Agar, J.; (2006) What difference did computers make? Social Studies of Science , 36 (6) pp. 869-907. 10.1177/0306312706073450.

Agar, JE; (2006) What difference did computers make to science? Social Studies of Science , 36 (6) 869 - 907. 10.1177/0306312706073450.

Balmer, BL; (2006) A Secret Formula, A Rogue Patent and Public Knowledge About Nerve Gas: Secrecy as a Spatial-Epistemic Tool. Social Studies of Science , 36 (5) 691 - 722. 10.1177/0306312706063786.

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Bultitude, K; (2006) Science Communication. Catalyst , 17 (2) 6 - 7.

Bultitude, K; Grant, L; (2006) Demonstration Lectures. Physics Education , 41 (3) 195 - 197.

Cain, J; (2006) Lonesome George: The life and loves of a conservation icon. PUBLIC UNDERST SCI , 15 (4) 499 - 501. 10.1177/0963662506071192.

Cain, J; (2006) Review [H. Nicholls. 2006. Lonesome George: The Life and Loves of a Conservation Icon]. Public Understanding of Science , 15 499 - 501.

Melin, H; Miller, S; Stallard, T; Smith, C; Grodent, D; (2006) Estimated energy balance in the jovian upper atmosphere during an auroral heating event. ICARUS , 181 (1) 256 - 265. 10.1016/j.icarus.2005.11.004.

Miller, S; Stallard, T; Smith, C; Millward, G; Melin, H; Lystrup, M; Aylward, A; (2006) H-3(+): the driver of giant planet atmospheres. PHILOS T R SOC A , 364 (1848) 3121 - 3137. 10.1098/rsta.2006.1877.

Morris, N; Balmer, B; (2006) Are you sitting comfortably? Perspectives of the researchers and the researched on ‘being comfortable'. Accountability in Research , 13 111 - 133.

Morris, N; Balmer, B; (2006) Are You Sitting Comfortably? Perspectives of the Researchers and the Researched on ‘being comfortable’. Accountability in Research , 13 (2) 111 - 133.

Morris, N; Balmer, B; (2006) Volunteer human subjects’ understandings of their participation in a biomedical research experiment. Social Science and Medicine , 62 (4) 998 - 1008.

Morris, N; Rip, A; (2006) Scientists’ coping strategies in an evolving research system: the case of life scientists in the UK. Science and Public Policy , 33 (4) 253 - 263.

Sharma, A; Machen, K; Clarke, B; Howard, D; (2006) Is undergraduate otorhinolaryngology teaching relevant to junior doctors working in accident and emergency departments? Journal of Laryngology and Otology , 120 (11) 949 - 951. 10.1017/S0022215106002246. Green open access

Tang, J.; Critchley, H.D.; Glaser, D.E.; Dolan, R.J.; Butterworth, B.; (2006) Imaging informational conflict: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study of numerical stroop. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience , 18 (12) pp. 2049-2062. 10.1162/jocn.2006.18.12.2049. Green open access

Taylor, G; (2006) Unification Achieved: William Cullen’s Theory of Heat and Phlogiston as an example of his Philosophical Chemistry. The British Journal for the History of Science , 39 (04) 477 - 501. Green open access


Cantor, GN and Swetlitz, M (Eds). (2006) Jewish tradition and the challenge of Darwinism. University Of Chicago Press

MacLehose, WF; (2006) A Tender Age: Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries. Columbia University Press: New York.

Parker, SE; (2006) Robert Edmond Grant (1793-1874) and his Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy. Grant Museum Special Publication Series, UCL. London.. UCL Grant Museum of Zoology: London.

Stilgoe, J; Irwin, A; Jones, K; Demos Organization London, E; (2006) The received wisdom: Opening up expert advice. Demos

Thorpe, CR; (2006) Oppenheimer: The Tragic Intellect. University of Chicago Press: Chicago, London.

Book chapter

Maxwell, N; (2006) Learning to Live a Life of Value. In: Merchey, JA, (ed.) Living a Life of Value. (383 - 395). Values of the Wise Press

Balmer, B; (2006) The British Program. In: Wheelis, M and Rozsa, L and Dando, M, (eds.) Deadly Cultures: Biological Weapons Since 1945. (47 - 83). Harvard University Press: Cambridge, Mass.

Darden, L; Cain, J; (2006) Selection Type Theories. In: Darden, L, (ed.) Reasoning in Biological Discoveries: Essays on Mechanisms, Interfield Relations, and Anomaly Resolution. (182 - 206). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Gillies, D; (2006) Keynes and Probability. In: Backhouse, R and Bateman, B, (eds.) The Cambridge Companion to Keynes. (199 - 216). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Sao Paulo.

Gillies, D.; (2006) Kuhn on discovery and the case of Penicillin. In: Gonzalez, W.J. and Alcolea, J., (eds.) Contemporary Perspectives in Philosophy and Methodology of Science. (pp. 47-64). Netbiblo: A Coruña, Spain. Green open access

MacLehose, WF; (2006) "Theories of Conception", "Infants and Infanticide" and "Aristotle on Women". In: Schaus, M and Mosher Stuard, S and Izbicki, T, (eds.) Women and Gender in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia. Routledge

Maxwell, N; (2006) Special Relativity, Time, Probabilism and Ultimate Reality. In: Dieks, D, (ed.) Philosophy and the Foundations of Physics: The Ontology of Spacetime. (229 - 245). Elsevier B. V.: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Maxwell, N; (2006) The Enlightenment Programme and Karl Popper. In: Jarvie, I and Milford, K and Miller, D, (eds.) Karl Popper: A Centenary Assessment. Volume 1: Life and Times, Values in a World of Facts. (177 - 190). Ashgate: Aldershot, UK. Green open access

Maxwell, N; (2006) Practical Certainty and Cosmological Conjectures. In: Rahnfeld, M, (ed.) Gibt es sicheres Wissen? : aktuelle Beiträge zur Erkenntnistheorie. (44 - 59). Leipziger Unversitätsverlag: Leipzig, Germany. Green open access

Conference item

Bultitude, K; (2006) Public Engagement with Robotics. Presented at: British Interactive Group (BIG) Annual Event, Manchester, UK.

Bultitude, K; (2006) ZeroCarbonCity: Communicating Climate Change (Invited Presentation). Presented at: British Council workshops, Krasnoyarsk, St Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.


Gregory, J; (2006) Woman's Hour. UNSPECIFIED

Gregory, J; (2006) J.G. Crowther. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Gregory, J; (2006) US documentary about Tommy Gold. UNSPECIFIED

Proceedings paper

Jergovic, B; Khehar, A; Miller, S; (2006) A tale of two missions: UK newspaper reporting of the Beagle 2 and Casini/Huygens space missions. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology. (pp. PCST-0272 - ?). Korean Science Foundation: Seoul, Korea.


Taylor, G.N.L.; (2006) Variations on a theme: patterns of congruence and divergence among 18th century chemical affinity theories. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

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