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Berta, P; (2001) Two faces of the culture of death: Relationship between grief work and Hungarian peasant soul beliefs. Journal of Personal and Interpersonal Loss , 6 (2) 83 - 114.

Cavendish, PJ; (2001) Russia on reels: The Russian idea in post-Soviet cinema. SLAVON E EUR REV , 79 (2) 333 - 338.

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Graffy, J; (2001) Stand until death: Jean-Jacques Annaud's 'Enemy at the Gates' revisits the imagery of Soviet heroism. SIGHT SOUND , 11 (4) 28 - 30.

Graffy, J; (2001) The 'Circle'. SIGHT SOUND , 11 (10) 44 - +.

Graffy, J; (2001) Urban legends: Moscow - Russian cinema in the 1920s (Shaping the new Soviet citizens). SIGHT SOUND , 11 (6) 26 - 29.

Hanley, SL; (2001) Are the Exceptions Really the Rule? Questioning the Application of 'Electoral-Professional' Type Models of Party Organization in East Central Europe. Perspectives on European Politics and Society , 2 (3) 453 - 479. 10.1163/156802501753510029. Green open access

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Ledeneva, A; (2001) Review of Osokina, Elena, Our Daily Bread: Socialist Distribution and the Art of Survival in Stalin's Russia, 1927-1941. American Historical Review , 106 (5) 1907 - 1908.

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Mickiewicz, T; (2001) 'Wplyw prywatyzacji i polityki fiskalnej na produkcje i zatrudnienie w okresie transformacji'. Ekonomista (6)

Mickiewicz, T; (2001) review of Gabrisch,H.,Pohl,R. (1999)(eds.), EU Enlargement and its Macroeconomic Effects in Eastern Europe. Basingstoke: Macmillan. Slavonic and East European Review , 79 (1) 590 - 592.

Pynsent, R; (2001) 'Historiography as Artifice: the Place of Milan Durica in Postcommunist Slovak Culture'. Slavica Occidentalis , 57 235 - 248.

Radosevic, S; (2001) One hundred and thirty years of catching up with the west: A comparative perspective on Hungarian industry, science and technology policy-making since industrialization. PUBLIC UNDERST SCI , 10 (2) 248 - 249.

Rubins, M; (2001) Depictions: Slavic studies in the narrative and visual arts in honor of William E. Harkins. RUSS REV , 60 (4) 650 - 650.

Sealey Rahman, K; (2001) Aleksandr Ostrovsky and The Storm. Katya Kabanova


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Ledeneva, A.; (2001) Unwritten rules: how Russia really works. Centre for European Reform: London, UK.

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Book chapter

Duijzings, G; (2001) "Islam op de Balkan: tussen mythe en realiteit". In: Douwes, D, (ed.) Naar een Europese Islam? Essays. (201 - 219). Mets & Schilt: Amsterdam.

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Hughes, LAJ; (2001) "For the Health of the sons of Ivan Mikhailovich": I M Golovin and Peter the Great's Mock Court. In: Klein, J and Dixon, S, (eds.) Reflections on Russia in the Eighteenth Century. (43 - 51). B”hlau: Cologne, Weimar, Vienna.

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Mickiewicz, T; Radosevic, S; Varblane, U; (2001) 'FDI in Central Europe: Short-Run Effects in Manufacturing'. In: Fabry, N and Zeghni, S, (eds.) Transition in Asia and Eastern and Central Europe. (31 - 53). Nova Science Publishers: New York.

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Pynsent, R; (2001) Dekadentn¡ sliznice. Krafft-Ebing, dekadence a Sezimova Passiflora. In: Vojtîch, D, (ed.) Cesk  literatura na konci tiscilet¡. (301 - 316). UCL AVCR: Prague.

Radosevic, S; (2001) Integration through industrial networks in the wider europe: An assessment based on survey of research. In: Koschatzky, K and Kulicke, M and Zenker, A, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED (153 - 174). PHYSICA-VERLAG GMBH & CO

Schwandner-Sievers, S; (2001) 'The Enactment of 'Tradition': Albanian Constructions of Identity, Violence and Power in Times of Crisis'. In: Schmidt, BE and Schroeder, IW, (eds.) Anthropology of Violence and Conflict. (97 - 120). Routledge: London.

Siani-Davies, P; (2001) 'The revolution after the revolution'. In: Phinnemore, D and Light, D, (eds.) Post-communist Romania: coming to terms with transition. (15 - 34). Palgrave: London.

Young, S.J.; (2001) Картина Гольбейна “Христос в могиле” в структуре романа “Идиот”. In: Kasatkina, T.A., (ed.) Роман Ф. М. Достоевского «Идиот»: Современное состояние изучения: Сборник работ отечественных и зарубежных ученых. (pp. 28-41). Наследие: Moscow, Russia.

Proceedings paper

Ledeneva, A; (2001) UNSPECIFIED In: Visions and Divisions: Supplement to the abstract book. The 5th Conference of European Sociological Association: Helsinki.

Ledeneva, A; (2001) UNSPECIFIED In: EBRD: The Next Ten Years, The 2001 Annual Meeting and Business Forum. (pp. 62 - 64). : London.

Tahiraj, E; (2001) Mind the Gap of data! In: (Proceedings) Women in post-communist transition.. OSI, NY


Mickiewicz, T; (2001) 'The Polish Economy: Budget Crisis and Beyond'. (The Stockholm Report on Transition, Nov 2001 ). SITE, Stockholm School of Economics

Mickiewicz, T; Bishop, K; (2001) 'Poland: Staying the Course?'. (The Stockholm Report on Transition ).

Mickiewicz, T; Radosevic, S; (2001) Innovation capabilities of the six EU candidate countries: comparative data based analysis.

Radosevic, S; Mickiewicz, T; (2001) Innovation capabilities of the seven EU candidate countries. (Study Commissioned by the Directorate General for Enterprise - European Commission ).

Schwandner-Sievers, S; La Cava, G; (2001) 'Conflict and Change in Kosovo: Impact on Institutions and Society'. (Report for World Bank, Environmental and Socially Sustainable Development ECSSD ). Worldbank: Washington.

Tahiraj, E; (2001) Albania Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy. The World Bank


Borden, M.S.M.; (2001) The politics of nationalism under communism in Bulgaria: myths, memories and minorities. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Working / discussion paper

Bishop, K.; (2001) The first phase of the internationalisation process: export determinants in firms of the Former Soviet Union. (Economics Working Papers 2). Centre for the Study of Economic and Social Change in Europe, SSEES, UCL: London, UK. Green open access

Filatotchev, I; Mickiewicz, T; (2001) Ownership Concentration, 'Private Benefits of Control' and Debt Financing. (Economics Working Papers 4). Centre for the Study of Economic and Social Change in Europe, UCL: London, UK. Green open access

Mickiewicz, T; Zalewska, A; (2001) Deindustrialisation and Structural Change During the PostCommunist Transition. (William Davidson Institute Working Paper ). William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan Green open access

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