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Aleksov, B; (2009) Denial and Repression of Antisemitism: Post-Communist Remembrance of the Serbian Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic. AM HIST REV , 114 (5) 1568 - 1569.

Aleksov, B; (2009) Religion and the conceptual boundary in Central and Eastern Europe: Encounters of faiths. Slavonica , 15 (1) 85 - 86.

Aleksov, B; (2009) Taming Balkan Nationalism: The Habsburg 'Civilizing Mission' in Bosnia, 1878-1914. SLAVON E EUR REV , 87 (3) 561 - 563.

Aleksov, B; (2009) The Macedonian question. Britain and the Southern Balkans 1939-1949. Suedost-Forschungen: Internationale Zeitschrift fuer Geschichte, Kultur und Landeskunde Suedosteuropas , 68 685 - 687.

Bailey, AS; Bertaglia, M; Fraser, IM; Sharma, A; Douarin, E; (2009) Integrated pest management portfolios in UK arable farming: Results of a farmer survey. Pest Management Science , 65 (9) 1030 - 1039.

Bogatyrev, S; (2009) Between Saints and Demons: Observations on the Posthumous Fate of Those Condemned by Tsar Ivan the Terrible. KRITIKA , 10 (2) 353 - 361.

Bogatyrev, S; (2009) Pre-Modern Russia and its World: Essays in Honor of Thomas S. Noonan. SLAVON E EUR REV , 87 (2) 355 - 359.

Bracewell, W; (2009) Aspects of Balkan Culture: Social, Political, and Literary Perceptions. SLAVIC REV , 68 (1) 160 - 161.

Bracewell, W; (2009) Izabela Kalinowska, Between East and West: Polish and Russian Nineteenth-Century Travel to the Orient (University of Rochester Press, 2004). European History Quarterly , 39 (1) 154 - 155.

Bracewell, W; (2009) Untitled Response. SLAVIC REV , 68 (3) 740 - 741.

Bruno, RL; Stampini, M; (2009) Joinging Panel Data with Cross-Sections for Efficiency Gains. Giornale degli Economisti, GDE (Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia) , 68(2) 149 - 173.

Buccellato, T; Mickiewicz, T; (2009) Oil and Gas: A Blessing for the Few. Hydrocarbons and Inequality within Regions in Russia. EUROPE-ASIA STUD , 61 (3) 385 - 407. 10.1080/09668130902753275.

Burns, FM; Mercer, CH; Evans, AR; Gerry, CJ; Mole, R; Hart, GJ; (2009) Increased attendances of people of eastern European origin at sexual health services in London. SEX TRANSM INFECT , 85 (1) 75 - 78. 10.1136/sti.2007.029546.

Burns, FM; Mercer, CH; Evans, AR; Gerry, CJ; Mole, R; Hart, GJ; (2009) Increased attendances of people of eastern European origin at sexual health services in London. Sexually Transmitted Infections , 85 (1) 75 - 78. 10.1136/sti.2007.029546.

Butterwick, R; (2009) Jak nie doszło do schizmy. Rzeczpospolita a Stolica Apostolska w czasie Sejmu Czteroletniego [How was a schism avoided? The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Holy See during the Four Years' Sejm]. Kwartalnik Historyczny , 116 (3) 73 - 90.

Cavendish, P; (2009) 1963: Georgii Daneliia, "I Walk Around Moscow" (Ia shagaiu po Moskve). Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema , 3 (1) 80 - 81.


Charemza, W; Makarova, S; Prytula, Y; Raskina, J; Vymyatnina, Y; (2009) A small forward-looking inter-country model (Belarus, Russia and Ukraine). ECON MODEL , 26 (6) 1172 - 1183. 10.1016/j.econmod.2009.05.005.

Ciuta, F; (2009) Security and the problem of context: a hermeneutical critique of securitisation theory. REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES , 35 (2) 301 - 326. 10.1017/S0260210509008535.

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Davidson, P; (2009) The Archaeology of Anxiety: The Russian Silver Age and Its Legacy. SLAVIC REV , 68 (3) 716 - 717.

Davidson, P; (2009) The Legacy of Ancient Rome in the Russian Silver Age. MOD LANG REV , 104 618 - 620.

Duncan, PJS; (2009) Authoritarian Backlash: Russian Resistance to Democratization in the Former Soviet Union. DEMOCRATIZATION , 16 (5) 1027 - 1029.

Evans, AR; Parutis, V; Hart, G; Mercer, CH; Gerry, C; Mole, R; ... Burns, F; + view all (2009) The sexual attitudes and lifestyles of London's Eastern Europeans (SALLEE Project): design and methods. BMC Public Health , 9 , Article 399. 10.1186/1471-2458-9-399. Green and gold open access

Graffy, J; (2009) 1956: Leonid Lukov. Different fates (Raznye sud´by). Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema , 3 (1) 73 - 74.

Graffy, J; (2009) Gardens in Autumn. SIGHT SOUND , 19 (1) 65 - 65.

Graffy, J; (2009) Lev Kuleshov: Proekt Inzhenera Praita/Engineer Prite's Project (1918), 30 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 1 (2 DVDs); Hyperkino commentary by Nikolai Izvolov and Natascha Drubek-Meyer Sergei Eisenstein [Eizenshtein]: Oktiabr', Ili Desiat' Dnei, Kotorye Potriasli Mir/October, Or Ten Days That Shook The World (1927), 115 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 2 (2 DVDs); Hyperkino commentary by Iurii Tsiv'ian Lev Kuleshov: Velikii Uteshitel' (O. Genri V Tiur'me)/The Great Consoler (O Henry In Prison) (1933), 91 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 3 (2 DVDs); Hyperkino commentary by Ekaterina Khokhlova Sergei Eisenstein [Eizenshtein]: Stachka/The Strike (1924), 94 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 4 (2 DVDs). Hyperkino commentary by Nataliia Riabchikova Aleksandr Medvedkin: Schast'e (Stiazhateli)/Happiness (The Money Grubbers) (1934), 62 Minutes Ruscico: Kino Academia 5 (2 DVDs). Hyperkino commentary by Nikolai Izvolov. Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema , 4 (3) , Article 5.

Graffy, J; (2009) Writing about the Cinema of the Stalin Years The State of the Art. KRITIKA , 10 (4) 809 - 823.

Graham, S; (2009) Ermek Tursunov: Kelin (2009). KinoKultura (26)

Graham, S; (2009) Marat Sarulu: song from the southern seas (Pesn' iuzhnykh morei, 2008). KinoKultura (23)

Hanley, S; (2009) 'Caught in Crisis'. The World Today , 55 (5) 14 - 16.

Hanley, S; (2009) Existuje v CR autentická politická pravice. Kulturní noviny (November/December 2009) 4 - 5.

Hanley, S; (2009) Governing the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Between State Socialism and the European Union. DEMOCRATIZATION , 16 (4) 831 - 833.

Hanley, S; (2009) Handbook of Party Politics. PARTY POLITICS , 15 (2) 241 - 243. 10.1177/1354068808099983.

Hanley, S; (2009) Handbook of Party Politics. PARTY POLITICS , 15 (2) 241 - 243. 10.1177/1354068808099983.

Hanley, S; (2009) Local Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: Comparing Performance in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia. SOCIOLOGICKY CASOPIS-CZECH SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW , 45 (6) 1318 - 1322. Green and gold open access

Hanley, S; (2009) Review of John A. Scherpereel, Govering the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Between State Socialism and the European Union, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2009. Democratization , 16 (4) 825 - 839. 10.1080/13510340903083042. Green open access

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Hanley, S; (2009) Review of Pieter Vanuysse, Divide and Pacify: Strategic Social Policy and Political Protest in Post-Communist Democracies, CEU Press, 2006. Slavonic and East European Review , 87 (1) 179 - 181. Green open access

Hanley, S.; (2009) Global economc crisis: crunching Eastern Europe. The World Today , 65 (5) pp. 14-16.

Hjelm, T; Bogdan, H; Dyrendal, A; Petersen, J; (2009) Nordic Satanism and Satanism Scares: The Dark Side of the Secular Welfare State. Social Compass , 55 (4)

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Korosteleva, JA; (2009) Internationalization and high-potential entrepreneurship. Thunderbird International Business Review , 51 (3) 10.1002/tie.20267.

Ledeneva, A; (2009) Corruption in Postcommunist Societies in Europe--A Reexamination. Perspectives on European Politics and Society , 10 (1) 69 - 86.

Ledeneva, A; (2009) From Russia with Blat: Can Informal Networks Help Modernize Russia? SOCIAL RESEARCH , 76 (1) 257 - 288.

Ledeneva, A; (2009) Into the Red: The Birth of the Credit Card Market in Postcommunist Russia. SLAVIC REVIEW , 68 (4) 1010 - 1011.

Majcen, B; Radosevic, S; Rojec, M; (2009) Nature and determinants of productivity growth of foreign subsidiaries in Central and East European countries. Economic Systems , 33 (2) 168 - 184.

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Müller, P; (2009) Daniel Siemens. Metropole and Verbrechen. Die Gerichtsreportage in Berlin, Paris und Chicago 1919- 1933. Hsozkult

Müller, P; (2009) Doing Historical Research in the Early Nineteenth Century. Leopold Ranke, the Archive policy, and the Relazioni of the Venetian Republic. History of Historiography , 56 (2) 80 - 103.

Müller, P.; (2009) Doing historical research in the early nineteenth century. Leopold Ranke, the archive policy, and the relazioni of the Venetian Republic. Storia della Storiografia / History of Historiography , 56 pp. 81-103.

Mickiewicz, T; (2009) Hierarchy of Governance Institutions and the Pecking Order of Privatisation: Central-Eastern Europe and Central Asia Reconsidered. Post-Communist Economies , 21 (4) 399 - 425. 10.1080/14631370903339823.

Milutinovic, Z; (2009) ‘Nesporazum je pravilo, razumevanje je izuzetak i čudo: Travnička hronika Ive Andrića’(Serbian/Croatian translation of ‘Misunderstanding is a Rule, Understanding is a Miracle: Ivo Andrić’s Bosnian Chronicle’). Sveske Zaduzbine Ive Andrica (26) 119 - 159. Green open access

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Radošević, S.; (2009) Policies for promoting technological catch up: a post-Washington approach. International Journal of Institutions and Economies , 1 (1) pp. 23-52. Green open access

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Wigzell, F.; (2009) Traditional magic or European occultism? Commercial fortune-telling and magic in post-Soviet Russia and their relationship to Russian tradition. Folklorica: Journal of the Slavic and East European Folklore Association , XIV pp. 57-90. Green open access

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Book chapter

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Conference item

Hjelm, T; (2009) From Demonic to Genetic: The Rise and Fall of Religion in Vampire Film. Presented at: American Academy of Religion, Montreal.

Hjelm, T; (2009) Religion in Our Times: Zeitdiagnose as a Sociological Genre. Presented at: International Society for the Sociology of Religion, Santiago de la Compostela.

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Digital scholarly resource

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Journal (full / special issue)

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Proceedings paper

Bogatyrev, S; (2009) Ceremonial Headgear and Dynastic Politics under Ivan the Terrible. In: (Proceedings) BASEES Annual conference.

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